Harvey S. Karten

Harvey S. Karten
If I am not for myself, who will be? If I am for myself only, what am I? - Hillel

Agrees with the Tomatometer 69% of the time.

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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
B 100%

Germans & Jews (2016)

"A talking heads documentary featuring intellectuals, both Christians and Jews, now living in Germany. Didactic more than it is compelling." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Jun 13, 2016
B 78%

Argentina (Zonda: folclore argentino) (2016)

"What's refreshing is that this doc about Argentina's rich folklore avoids cliché by covering every dance and song BUT the tango." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Jun 11, 2016
B 49%

Genius (2016)

"A theatrical piece with cinematic flair." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Jun 5, 2016
C- No Score Yet

Hitler's Folly (2016)

"A charmless, witless attempt to satirize the Nazi era, asking What if Hitler succeeded as a painter?" ‐ Compuserve
Posted Jun 3, 2016
B+ 79%

Unlocking the Cage (2016)

"The doc makes a strong case albeit without many animations and other effects that intelligent animals like chimps should be classified as legal persons." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Jun 2, 2016
B- 97%

The Fits (2016)

"An offbeat look at a pre-teen who wonders to what extent she should give up her individuality to fit in. The title could have a double meaning: epileptic-type spasms, or fitting in." ‐ Compuserve
Posted May 28, 2016
B 58%

Me Before You (2016)

"A saccharine, but quite watchable British romantic drama with a goofy principal character" ‐ Compuserve
Posted May 24, 2016
B 86%

Maggie's Plan (2016)

"Director Rebecca Miller explores her inner Woody Allen to goofy effects." ‐ Compuserve
Posted May 23, 2016
B- 30%

Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

"Destined to be looked over by awards groups for costumes, make-up, production design and effects, but all of this barely makes up for its lack of narrative coherence." ‐ Compuserve
Posted May 23, 2016
B 23%

Welcome To Happiness (2016)

"As with many feel-good comedy-dramas, Welcome to Happiness has quite a few dark moments, but then, Oliver Thompson shows himself to be the guy to watch for future fantasies of the Wes Anderson type." ‐ Shockya.com
Posted May 20, 2016
B+ 58%

Money Monster (2016)

"If only our Economics classes were as exciting as this darkly humorous look at high finance!" ‐ Compuserve
Posted May 11, 2016
B 98%

Love & Friendship (2016)

"Not among the best of Jane Austen's novels is given a decent adaptation." ‐ Compuserve
Posted May 7, 2016
C- 63%

High-Rise (2016)

"A muddle of mayhem." ‐ Compuserve
Posted May 7, 2016
B+ 90%

A Bigger Splash (2016)

"One of Ralph Fiennes's best performances and the gorgeous scenery on a Sicilian island doesn't hurt." ‐ Compuserve
Posted May 7, 2016
B 90%

The Lobster (2016)

"The picture's surrealism requires an attentive and particular audience which will find rewards therein." ‐ Compuserve
Posted May 7, 2016
B+ 100%

Cash Only (2016)

"Intriguing tale about an individual whose mounting debt leads to unfortunate circumstances" ‐ Compuserve
Posted May 7, 2016
B+ 89%

Dheepan (2016)

"Jesuthasen's ferocious performance as a former child soldier in Sri Lanka now living in a tough French suburb anchors this Cannes Festival prize-winning film." ‐ Compuserve
Posted May 1, 2016
B 79%

The Family Fang (2016)

"A quirky film that asks, Are these parents monstrous or simply creative?" ‐ Compuserve
Posted Apr 26, 2016
B+ 62%

The Man Who Knew Infinity (2016)

"A feel good biopic providing insight into the mind of a mathematical genius and his friendship with a mentor from a different culture." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Apr 25, 2016
A- 80%

Viva (2016)

"An exuberant look at a son's need for his father's acceptance." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Apr 24, 2016
B 90%

The Witness (2016)

"The documentary offers a nuanced view of the Kitty Genovese murder." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Apr 21, 2016
A- 81%

Sunset Song (2016)

"Ravishing scenery forms the background for a stellar performance from Agyness Deyn in a romance ultimately thwarted by the beginning of World War I." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Apr 20, 2016
C+ 84%

The Meddler (2016)

"A subdued domestic drama, without much punch." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Apr 15, 2016
B 76%

Elvis & Nixon (2016)

"An imaginative narrative comedy based on the unrecorded meeting between President Nixon and Elvis Presley." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Apr 14, 2016
A- 100%

Keep Quiet (2016)

"A neo-Nazi converts to Orthodox Judaism in this absorbing and credible film. Is world peace around the corner?" ‐ Compuserve
Posted Apr 14, 2016
C- 91%

Green Room (2016)

"A slasher pic that fails on most levels: production values, music, dialogue, performance, clarity of purpose" ‐ Compuserve
Posted Apr 11, 2016
B+ 92%

The Measure of a Man (La loi du marché) (2016)

"As naturalistic as a movie can get, this features an astonishing, if restrained, performance by Vincent Lindon." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Apr 5, 2016
B+ 75%

High Strung (2016)

"Stunning ensemble dancing actually shows a correlation between hip-hop and classical ballet." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Apr 2, 2016
B 53%

Demolition (2016)

"Jake Gyllenhaal's steroid-like performance makes you almost believe that he would destroy his own house to recover feeling." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Apr 2, 2016
B 33%

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (2016)

"This doc will be looked upon as either an indictment of government censorship or a lame attempt by discredited scientists to revive a theory against vaccinations." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Apr 1, 2016
B+ 77%

The Lovers And The Despot (2016)

"The titled lovers succeed in making North Korea and its previous despot so bizarre that you'd think the whole movie is science fiction." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 30, 2016
B+ 82%

Standing Tall (La Tête Haute) (2016)

"A stunning breakthrough performance from Rod Paradot as a feral adolescent anchors this Cannes Festival opener." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 23, 2016
B 88%

Neon Bull (Boi Neon) (2016)

"Serves as a travelogue and a gender-bender, highlighting a man who is a macho rodeo ranch hand by day and who operates a sewing machine at night." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 22, 2016
C- 29%

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)

"Is the ensemble responsible for this sit-com conspiring to suffocate us in the audience, just as they portray a suffocating Greek family?" ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 21, 2016
C 5%

Get a Job (2016)

"A comedy that's neither clever enough nor sufficiently over the top." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 18, 2016
B 84%

Francofonia (2016)

"With surreal touches, "Francofonia" persuades the viewer that museums are not simply storage rooms for old paintings, but symbols of a culture's identity." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 16, 2016
B 72%

Louder Than Bombs (2016)

"A film about the failure to communicate does communicate well thanks to a stellar ensemble cast performing as a family trying to cope with tragedy." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 15, 2016
B 84%

Midnight Special (2016)

"Visual effects are front-and-center in this thought-provoking sci-fi pic." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 12, 2016
B 89%

My Golden Days (Trois Souvenirs De Ma Jeunesse) (2016)

"Dramatically shows how your experiences as a youth influences you for the rest of your days." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 12, 2016
B 91%

City Of Gold (2016)

"This doc is like a loving commentary on the value of immigrants, who have made Los Angeles not just the city of movies but of food as well." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 7, 2016
C 82%

The Wave (Bolgen) (2016)

"Humdrum disaster movie." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 5, 2016
B+ 62%

Creative Control (2016)

"This satiric treatment of technology compares to the novel "The Circle," which is the gold standard for such." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 5, 2016
B+ 85%

Boom Bust Boom (2016)

"This Monty Python-esque treatment of the 2008 economic crash makes your losses almost enjoyable." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 5, 2016
B 83%

Hello, My Name is Doris (2016)

"Not unlike an older woman's wet dream." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 5, 2016
A- 96%

Marguerite (2016)

"Featuring Mozart's gorgeous music, "Marguerite" is a comedy cum pathos based on the ambitions of a rich woman who thinks she has an operatic voice and an audience of sycophants who refuse to tell her the truth." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 3, 2016
C+ 68%

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016)

"Too sane and predictable to be effective satire, nor should you expect the surrealism of a "Dr. Strangelove" or the humor of a "Mash."" ‐ Compuserve
Posted Mar 1, 2016
B+ 95%

Eye In The Sky (2016)

"A taut film, photographed in real time, that supplements vivid action sequences with a moral debate." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Feb 24, 2016
B+ 90%

The Clan (El Clan) (2016)

"The real horror, beyond that of the crimes themselves, is that an elderly. respectable-looking, middle-class man manipulates his family into participation in murderous kidnappings." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Feb 22, 2016
B 88%

Sweet Bean (An) (2016)

"A slow, poetic, zen-like look at the bonding of three solitary, flawed individuals." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Feb 17, 2016
A- 94%

Colliding Dreams (2016)

"There have been other docs about the modern history of Zionism, but this one is about as good as you'll get." ‐ Compuserve
Posted Feb 16, 2016