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My Man Godfrey (1936)

"[A] screwball masterpiece." ‐Village Voice
Posted Feb 6, 2009

The Amateurs (The Moguls) (Dirty Movie) (2005)

"As a writer, Traeger is consternatingly adolescent and glib." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Dec 6, 2007
No Score Yet

White Horse is Dead (2006)

"Haphazardly pieced together." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Feb 2, 2006
No Score Yet

FAQs (2006)

"The dialogue is blunter, and harder for his amateur cast to pull off, while Lewis' stridency, however justified, ultimately jars against the film's tender, all-is-love fantasia." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Feb 2, 2006

POV (2005)

"One comes away not quite knowing what Weisberg wants to say with his occasional statistics laid over loosely edited, perfunctory video footage." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 10, 2005

Don't Tell (2005)

"Might make a fun Lifetime TV movie -- if it weren't quite so morose." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 13, 2005
5/5 87%

The Letter: An American Town and the 'Somali Invasion' (2005)

"A carefully wrought, historically grounded and thoroughly absorbing look at a quintessential American experience." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Aug 11, 2005

Wheel of Time (2003)

"For a Herzog documentary, Wheel of Time is surprisingly unfocused." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 4, 2005

Tom Dowd and the Language of Music (2004)

"It makes a convincing argument that Dowd's personal history is a kind of history of the 20th century itself, encompassing the era's art, science, commerce and politics." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Aug 12, 2004

Anatomy 2 (2003)

"By the time we get to an unintentionally hilarious hospital-hall chase scene and an overblown O.R. climax, it's clear that Ruzowitzky hasn't quite the wit to match his flair." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Aug 12, 2004

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (2004)

"A fast-paced, brilliantly edited indictment that's as hard to turn away from as it is infuriating to watch." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Aug 5, 2004

Orwell Rolls in His Grave (2003)

"Even though he refuses to excise about 15 to 20 minutes of unnecessary material, Pappas is nonetheless a steady editor who, less intrepid than dogged, pieces together a sustainably intriguing, suitably distressing exposé." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jul 28, 2004

Festival Express (2003)

"By the end of the tour, the booze-and- drug-soaked conveyance has, as one participant puts it, 'achieved liftoff,' and scenes of a final onboard party are both ecstatic and poignant." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jul 28, 2004

This Old Cub (2004)

"Shot on video with little regard for the aesthetics of framing -- and edited with as about as much feel for dynamics and pacing -- This Old Cub describes, superficially at best, the life and career of Santo." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jul 21, 2004

Freestyle (2000)

"A thoughtful overview of a major musical movement, from its churchy roots to its urban present, from its aggressive front to its spiritual underpinnings." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jul 21, 2004

Swing (2004)

"Writer Mary Keil and director Martin Guigui have little ability for striking a narrative tone and maintaining it, be it dramatic or comedic." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 17, 2004

Baadasssss! (2003)

"If the script, written by Mario with Dennis Haggerty, stops short of outright lionizing or demonizing, it leaves a strangely tepid character in its place." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 26, 2004

With All Deliberate Speed: The Legacy of Brown vs. Board (2004)

"Gilbert's great achievement lies in his integration of disparate historical threads and voices into one steadily paced, riveting tale." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 12, 2004
No Score Yet

Wasabi Tuna (2003)

"It's the game cast ... that, bolstered by some sharp one-liners, sight gags and a blithe lack of self-importance, keeps aloft this lightweight camp comedy written and directed by Celia Fox." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 6, 2004

Klezmer on Fish Street (2004)

"Laughably bad visuals, haphazard and un-reasoned interviews and discussions, and ill-conceived tangents." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 6, 2004

2 Brothers & a Bride (2003)

"A competently assembled yet perplexingly affectless romantic comedy." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 6, 2004

The Twilight Samurai (Tasogare Seibei) (2004)

"Perhaps because this is director Yoji Yamada's 77th movie, every aspect of his filmmaking is placidly assured and meaningful." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 29, 2004

Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion (2003)

"Despite its undeniably moving, and enlightening, moments, the film eventually tips into pedagogy." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 15, 2004

Shade (2003)

"Through some mystery of connection and financing that involves producer Merv Griffin, many worthy players are degraded by Nieman's amateur stylings." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 8, 2004

Le papillon (2004)

"If there's anyone to credit for The Butterfly's eventual triumph over the inherent fatuousness of the material, it's the great Serrault and his tiny leading lady, who matches her elder nearly line for line and look for look." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Mar 18, 2004

Neil Young - Greendale (2004)

"Rather than stirring the blood, its heartfelt call to arms comes off as a sentimental, even trite, notion from an increasingly distant past." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Feb 26, 2004

What Boys Like (2004)

"Dude, it's just like we used to play at the frat house." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Feb 26, 2004

Made-Up (2004)

"Voice-overs and commentaries are piled on top of contrived intimate moments until, despite some easygoing performances, the movie -- the actual movie -- is a blur of undercooked motivations and halfhearted improv." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Feb 5, 2004

The Big Bounce (2004)

"It's Wilson who's the score here." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jan 28, 2004

Luster (2002)

"Lively, from-the-heart script ... and terrific, natural performances that, like the film itself, are cumulatively affecting." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 19, 2003

Emerald Cowboy (2003)

"An egomaniacal self-tribute written and bankrolled by a man with a taste for epic mythologizing." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 22, 2003

Small Voices (2003)

"Sacrifices dignity in favor of go-for-broke sap." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 9, 2003

School of Rock (2003)

"There is obvious affection between Black and the kids, and their interplay is disarmingly sweet." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 2, 2003

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

"Real issues come up along the way ... but in these Wells proves a mere dabbler, speeding away weightier ideas, and the dimension they promise, in a wash of lemony vistas, easy episodes and exclusively lovable characters." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 25, 2003

Camera Obscura (2003)

"Sarkissian's script ... is both overwrought and undercooked." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 25, 2003

Gasoline (2002)

"By the time we get to the big finish, it feels as if we've merely been poked repeatedly in the ribs with a really good-looking stick." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Aug 27, 2003

Dust (2003)

"Manchevski stumbles headlong into a tangle of mismatched tones and plot points." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Aug 20, 2003

Enemies of Laughter (2003)

"Paymer has developed a sort of practiced gravitational pull, and his easy confidence, enhanced by eyes that can only be described as soulful, elevates his character from a flat Woody Allen wannabe to a fully realized human being." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jul 30, 2003

Johnny English (2003)

"A funny summer frolic." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jul 24, 2003

How to Deal (2003)

"[Kilner and Beber] neglect to give an idea of just how Halley does deal with a crisis before moving on to the next, be it tragic or comical." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jul 16, 2003

Charlotte Sometimes (2003)

"Drawing on an irresistible, languid romanticism, Byler reveals the ways in which a sultry evening or a beer-fueled afternoon in the sun can inspire even the most retiring heart to venture forth." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 18, 2003

Love the Hard Way (2003)

"The pair have little chemistry: Ayanna is a lovely girl with a sweet smile and a fine pout, but she simply can't match the soul shining from Brody's big brown windows." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 12, 2003

Hollywood Homicide (2003)

"Looking weathered yet professional, Ford carries what he can, but pretty and sullen Hartnett barely comes to life, leaving his partner stranded, and straining." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 12, 2003

Finding Nemo (2003)

"As gorgeous a film as Disney's ever put out, with astonishing qualities of light, movement, surface and color at the service of the best professional imaginations money can buy." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 29, 2003

Only the Strong Survive (2003)

"If you knew nothing about the evolution of American soul going in, you won't be any the wiser coming out." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 8, 2003

Etoiles: Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet (2002)

"A thoughtful, reverent portrait of what is essentially a subculture, with its own rules regarding love and family, governance and hierarchy." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 8, 2003

Onmyoji (2001)

"A ghostly and gorgeous tale." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 24, 2003

Bulletproof Monk (2003)

"It's a testament to Chow's star power that, even with an accent more than casually reminiscent of Elmer Fudd's, he comes off charming, handsome and cool in a movie as ridiculous as Bulletproof Monk." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 17, 2003

A Mighty Wind (2003)

"Freshened immensely by pitch-perfect song parodies, a batch of hilarious faux album covers, nimble improv from the ever-marvelous cast, and a palpable love for the subject matter." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 17, 2003

XX/XY (2003)

"The young filmmaker clearly needs to experience a bit more of la vraie vie before his own observations can take in more than the clumsy romantic feints and parries of early adulthood." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 10, 2003
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