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2/4 91%

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

"The film is terribly overstuffed and many of the jokes get drowned out by the special effects." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jul 28, 2014
3/4 90%

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (2014)

"Hail Caesar." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jul 10, 2014
2.5/4 69%

They Came Together (2014)

"Without a baseline for the comedy, the layers of spoof in "They Came Together" don't have the foundation to carry even a short movie." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jun 24, 2014
3/4 89%

Venus in Fur (2014)

"Roman Polanski. Sadomasochism. What could possibly go wrong?" ‐Associated Press
Posted Jun 19, 2014

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

"Among countless sequels and remakes, the high-concept Edge of Tomorrow is the right kind of a rerun." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jun 3, 2014
3/4 86%

Night Moves (2014)

""Night Moves" has a sure-handedness that shows Reichardt is still growing as a filmmaker." ‐Associated Press
Posted May 29, 2014
3.5/4 87%

The Immigrant (2014)

"Gray has said he was inspired by Puccini, and with a staggering last shot, "The Immigrant" reaches a crescendo of operatic beauty." ‐Associated Press
Posted May 13, 2014
2.5/4 72%

Palo Alto (2014)

""Palo Alto" doesn't chart any new ground, but its derivativeness isn't as grating as it should be." ‐Associated Press
Posted May 7, 2014
2/4 56%

Decoding Annie Parker (2014)

"Hunt and Morton don't appear onscreen together until the end of the movie, which makes this feel like two projects forced to mingle." ‐Associated Press
Posted Apr 30, 2014
2/4 83%

Belle (2014)

"The golden-hued "Belle," handsomely made with lavish period detail, has none of the charged friction of its poster." ‐Associated Press
Posted Apr 30, 2014
2/4 24%

The Other Woman (2014)

"Cassavetes seemingly tries to sap any energy that Mann and Diaz give the film. Any time music kicks in, terrible filmmaking results, usually in montage form." ‐Associated Press
Posted Apr 24, 2014
2/4 19%

Transcendence (2014)

""Transcendence" is clunky and lifeless. It's like the movie version of a paranoid TED talk." ‐Associated Press
Posted Apr 16, 2014
2.5/4 89%

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

"While ''The Winter Soldier'' succeeds as finely engineered merchandise built to be crowd-pleasing entertainment, for moviegoers and shareholder alike, it has a shelf life that won't last much past its running time." ‐Associated Press
Posted Apr 1, 2014
2.5/4 79%

Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

""Muppets Most Wanted" fails to whip up the kind of furry frenzy that makes the Muppets special." ‐Associated Press
Posted Mar 19, 2014
3.5/4 97%

Ernest & Célestine (2014)

"Not just a positively charming movie, but an ode to the tactile pleasures of handcrafted artistry." ‐Associated Press
Posted Mar 12, 2014
1.5/4 43%

300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

"It's as if Douglas Sirk made a combat video game." ‐Associated Press
Posted Mar 6, 2014
2/4 60%

Non-Stop (2014)

"As with so many high-concept films, it takes an awful lot of implausibility to keep the story airborne." ‐Associated Press
Posted Feb 27, 2014
3.5/4 98%

Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me (2014)

"An irresistibly entertaining documentary that captures Stritch during what she unsentimentally calls ''almost post-time.''" ‐Associated Press
Posted Feb 19, 2014
2.5/4 49%

RoboCop (2014)

"This ''RoboCop'' has updated the dystopia with some clever ideas and better acting, while at the same time sanitizing any satire with video-game polish and sequel baiting." ‐Associated Press
Posted Feb 12, 2014
2.5/4 30%

The Monuments Men (2014)

"''The Monuments Men'' is ... weighed down by dutifulness. It feels like it's only a third act, lacking any buildup of tension or character development." ‐Associated Press
Posted Feb 5, 2014
3/4 89%

Tim's Vermeer (2014)

"The film - an ode to craftsmanship - establishes without a doubt that many of the traits we reserve for other fields - dedication, ingenuity - are also inherent to the artistic process. Ta-da." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jan 28, 2014
2/4 56%

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

"Branagh endows his film with (mostly) old-fashioned competency - something often lacking in today's action films - but little to distinguish it from superior thrillers that have come before." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jan 15, 2014
3/4 78%

Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

"Just as Travers is eventually won over by her Hollywood adversaries, the strong sentimental pull of ''Saving Mr. Banks'' overwhelms, too." ‐Associated Press
Posted Dec 11, 2013
2/4 53%

Out of the Furnace (2013)

"''Out of the Furnace'' is an earnestly crafted, passionately acted working-class drama rusted over by its noble intentions of steel-town sympathizing." ‐Associated Press
Posted Dec 5, 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

"The exaggerated world of The Hunger Games... would overwhelm most young actors. But Lawrence (convincingly tormented in this film) has a calm sincerity and steely determinism that cuts through it all." ‐Associated Press
Posted Nov 20, 2013
2/4 66%

Thor: The Dark World (2013)

"Perhaps at this point, even diehards may wish for something more from a Marvel equation that often subtracts humanity." ‐Associated Press
Posted Nov 4, 2013
3/4 94%

Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

"Vallee directs ''Dallas Buyers Club'' with a loose naturalism, seedy environs and lively humor that prevents the film from becoming over-sentimentalized." ‐Associated Press
Posted Oct 30, 2013

All Is Lost (2013)

"The feeling of doom, whether personal or planetary, is today pervasive. But All Is Lost, in the end, is a stirring, repudiation of its own title." ‐Associated Press
Posted Oct 16, 2013
2/4 21%

Romeo and Juliet (2013)

"Pretty on the outside but lacking something more than a menagerie of lush brunette heads." ‐Associated Press
Posted Oct 11, 2013
3/4 81%

Don Jon (2013)

"''Don Jon'' is a lark, but an enjoyable one with a full-hearted finale, and it further reveals the considerable talents of Gordon-Levitt." ‐Associated Press
Posted Sep 25, 2013
3.5/4 89%

Rush (2013)

"It's not only one of the better racing films, it's one of Howard's best." ‐Associated Press
Posted Sep 18, 2013
0.5/4 2%

Getaway (2013)

"The action (all at nighttime) is messily and crudely filmed. The plot mechanics are often laughable." ‐Associated Press
Posted Aug 29, 2013
1.5/4 12%

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)

"It desperately gathers clichés like a teen fantasy Frankenstein that doesn't realize its secret identity: parody." ‐Associated Press
Posted Aug 21, 2013
2.5/4 79%

Ain't Them Bodies Saints (2013)

"Awash in 1970s filmmaking and the kind of stylized folksiness that pickling Brooklyn hipsters with handlebar mustaches will positively drool over." ‐Associated Press
Posted Aug 14, 2013
1.5/4 47%

We're The Millers (2013)

"When the end-credit bloopers roll, Sudeikis and Aniston, free of the contrived plot, look like they're finally having fun." ‐Associated Press
Posted Aug 7, 2013
2.5/4 86%

The Conjuring (2013)

"The Conjuring is an unusually sturdy piece of haunted-house genre filmmaking." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jul 17, 2013
3.5/4 94%

Fruitvale Station (2013)

"For a movie about an unjust death, "Fruitvale Station" is bursting with the colorful, messy striving of life." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jul 10, 2013

The Lone Ranger (2013)

"There's a limit, it turns out, to how much Johnny Depp and a bucket of makeup can accomplish." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jul 1, 2013
2/4 50%

White House Down (2013)

"If stripped of its production value, ''White House Down'' would make one hysterical off-Broadway one-act." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jun 27, 2013
3/4 78%

Monsters University (2013)

"Pixar's ''Monsters University'' might not be as gifted as some of its other movies, but sometimes it's alright to be OK." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jun 17, 2013
2/4 55%

Man of Steel (2013)

"The gravity that cloaks ''Man of Steel'' is merely an en vogue costume." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jun 11, 2013
2.5/4 84%

Much Ado About Nothing (2013)

"Moviegoers will likely have few better options this summer for a good romantic comedy." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jun 5, 2013
2.5/4 79%

Iron Man 3 (2013)

"The heavy metal action could never sink the irrepressible Downey, but it weighs down the otherwise light joy of ''Iron Man 3.''" ‐Associated Press
Posted May 1, 2013
2/4 52%

At Any Price (2013)

"The film hasn't quite earned the grim resonance it seeks." ‐Associated Press
Posted Apr 24, 2013
2.5/4 53%

Oblivion (2013)

"For those who enjoy the simple thrill of handsomely stylized image-making, ''Oblivion'' is mostly mesmerizing." ‐Associated Press
Posted Apr 17, 2013
2.5/4 91%

The Sapphires (2013)

"Even when "The Sapphires" is at its most unpolished and cheesiest, O'Dowd and the film's general warm spirit make it a tune hard to resist." ‐Associated Press
Posted Mar 21, 2013
3/5 44%

The Call (2013)

""The Call" dials up a shallow thrill ride, but one efficiently peppered with your typical "don't go in there!" moments." ‐Associated Press
Posted Mar 14, 2013

Dead Man Down (2013)

"The screenplay by J. H. Wyman is squirm-inducing in its preposterous dialogue and haphazard plotting." ‐Associated Press
Posted Mar 7, 2013
2.5/4 69%

Stoker (2013)

""Stoker" certainly relies too much on its heavy Gothic atmosphere, but it does add up to something - particularly because of Wasikowska's deft performance." ‐Associated Press
Posted Feb 28, 2013
1.5/4 36%

LUV (2013)

"A kind of "Training Day" hoping for interstitial Terrence Malick poetry in the Baltimore landscape of "The Wire" with the occasional sensationalism of an action film." ‐Associated Press
Posted Jan 15, 2013
Showing 101 - 150 of 271