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3/5 17% Assassin's Creed (2016) Often confusing and far too po-faced, Kurzel's stabby period piece is redeemed by its sumptuous vistas and top-notch fight work. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 20, 2016
4/5 31% Passengers (2016) This is a touching, heartfelt tale of loss and love for the Gravity generation. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 15, 2016
4/5 85% Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) The ultimate Star Wars fan film, it's short on whimsy but when it gets going there's enough risk-taking and spectacle to bode well for future standalones. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 13, 2016
4/5 90% Doctor Strange (2016) A bizarre and beautiful detour on the Marvel journey, which culminates in a mind-bending, expectation-inverting final act. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 24, 2016
3/5 41% 100 Streets (2017) None of the tales have meat enough to satisfy alone. Together, though, they form a varied backdrop to showcase some respectable character work. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 19, 2016
2/5 12% The Divergent Series: Allegiant (2016) Instead of bringing much-needed clarity, Allegiant piles on yet more bamboozling mythology to flummox and confound. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 8, 2016
2/5 16% The Last Witch Hunter (2015) Diesel is comfortably watchable as the unstoppable immortal (when not chewing on hand-me-down Wookiee chin fuzz) but even his rumbling charms can't save this, nor justify its sequel-bait sign off. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 22, 2015
3/5 32% Entourage (2015) Neither a Medellin-style disaster nor an Aquaman-sized hit, this pays decent fan service but an Ari-centric spinoff might have been the smarter move. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 15, 2015
3/5 98% Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck (2015) Slightly overlong and glosses over certain aspects but a profound examination of a tortured artist. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 6, 2015
4/5 79% Furious 7 (2015) A group more bulletproof than The Avengers, causing more mayhem than General Zod. Think Universal doesn't have a superhero franchise? Think again. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 30, 2015
3/5 17% The Gunman (2015) For a film with such a thinly worked conspiracy, The Gunman is inexplicably hard to follow, relying on lack of clarity to disguise by-the-numbers plotting. Still, if you're in the market for some well-wrought mayhem, you could certainly do a lot worse. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 16, 2015
3/5 34% Blackhat (2015) A competent procedural rather than the ground-breaking cybersaga we'd hoped for. But as with Miami Vice, Mann's boundless style does a remarkable job of disguising the lack of substance. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 19, 2015
4/5 59% The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) A fitting conclusion to Jackson's prequel trilogy and a triumphant adieu to Middle-earth. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 7, 2014
5/5 71% Interstellar (2014) Brainy, barmy and beautiful to behold, this is Stephen Hawking's Star Trek: a mind-bending opera of space and time with a soul wrapped up in all the science. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 29, 2014
2/5 23% Need For Speed (2014) Less a three-lane pile-up than a minor traffic violation in a residential area. Three points for Waugh, then, and a 60 fine. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 14, 2014
3/5 79% Veronica Mars (2014) A big-screen outing for the small screen Nancy Drew-alike that puts the 'fun' into 'crowdfunding'. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 14, 2014
3/5 75% Lone Survivor (2014) A severe portrait of fortitude under extreme pressure, somewhat marred by blinkered politics. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 27, 2014
3/5 45% Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3) (2009) It's a pacey, enjoyable yarn for the most part, but the franchise's key strength is its characters and the relationships, tired by part two, are seriously running out of steam. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 3, 2009
2/5 6% Babylon A.D. (2008) Brawny but brainless techno-twaddle. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 28, 2008
3/5 18% Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) An enjoyable escapade and a great introduction to the forthcoming series -- just not the seventh Star Wars film fans were hoping for. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 12, 2008
4/5 97% The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (2007) An engrossing story that plucks at the heartstrings just as hard as it pummels the fire buttons. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 5, 2008
1/5 23% Awake (2007) Less painful than having your chest cut open, but a disagreeable experience just the same. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 6, 2008
4/5 51% 30 Days of Night (2007) This slick and sticky horror is the most accomplished treatment of vampire lore since Near Dark. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 1, 2007
3/5 85% Le Serpent (The Snake) (2006) An appropriately serpentine plot makes for an engaging thriller. It's a shame then that the final showdown is so daft. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 14, 2007
5/5 93% The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) The payoff Bourne fans have been waiting for. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 6, 2007
2/5 16% The Return (2006) A large step backwards for a promising director and far from the return we'd been hoping for. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 15, 2007
3/5 75% Zathura (2005) Charming children's adventure with some superb performances from the young cast. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 30, 2006
1/5 9% Stay Alive (2006) A cool idea rapidly falls apart. A completely missed opportunity. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 28, 2006
1/5 9% Ultraviolet (2006) Unengaging, uninspired and unwatchable. A criminal waste of time and talent. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 24, 2006
4/5 86% Slither (2006) Undeniably funny and gooey to boot, Slither may not be groundbreaking but it is a rarity: a horror-comedy that does both its genre-parents proud. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted May 6, 2006
3/5 29% Silent Hill (2006) It's this unwavering fidelity to the source material that is also the film's biggest problem. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 21, 2006
1/5 16% Underworld: Evolution (2006) Evolution's action sequences are as horribly bungled as its plot, resulting in a string of repetitive confrontations that feel toothless even by the last movie's standards. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 1, 2006