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James E. Laczkowski
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A+ 97% Spirited Away (2002) Everyone should stop what they're doing and see this movie immediately. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Oct 1, 2002
D+ 22% The Tuxedo (2002) Insipid, Americanized Chan that doesn't hold a candle to Hong Kong's work. Hewitt is no Owen Wilson when it comes to memorable hysterical sidekicks. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Sep 27, 2002
C- 18% Trapped (2002) A movie that's held captive by mediocrity. Not bad, but not all that good. Bacon keeps things interesting, but don't go out of your way to pay full price. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Sep 21, 2002
D 84% Kissing Jessica Stein (2002) Like hanging out at Starbucks with a couple of pretentious sex-starved yuppies who just talk and talk about nothing. Note to filmmakers: You are not Woody Allen! ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Sep 17, 2002
A+ 81% The Good Girl (2002) Combines comedy with pathos much like Wes Anderson would. Aniston shines in a thoughtful, sad, but curiously hopeful little indie miracle. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Sep 17, 2002
D+ 51% Simone (2002) A disappointment from the talented Andrew Niccol. Unfunny, forced, conflicted, overdone Hollywood satire that has no direction. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Aug 30, 2002
A 81% One Hour Photo (2002) Suburban Americana and isolation has been penetrated with deconstructions before. But Romanek's vision penetrates more than just that. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Aug 25, 2002
C 65% Possession (2002) On the outside looking in with not much possession on the part of the viewer. Possibly LaBute's weakest and most languid film to date. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Aug 24, 2002
A+ 88% I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (2002) One of the best rock documentaries ever. Wilco is a phenomenal band with such an engrossing story that will capture the minds and hearts of many. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Aug 21, 2002
B 53% Blood Work (2002) Clint has still got it. What "Blood Work" lacks in surprise is made up for with style and grace. A better-than-most murder mystery. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Aug 18, 2002
B+ 74% Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (2002) A fantastic feast for the senses that Rodriguez controls nearly every facet of. Even more intoxicating and fun than its predecessor! ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Aug 10, 2002
F 74% Signs (2002) No signs of life found In Schymalan's worst yawner yet. Pretentious, unscary, and full of itself. This guy must be stopped. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Aug 6, 2002
A+ 90% Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat) (2002) Shakespeare with Eskimos. A universally resonant story that is told with such originality that it's impossible not to be moved by it. One of the year's very best films. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Aug 3, 2002
A- 86% Lovely & Amazing (2002) Simple, sweet slice-of-life that showcases how "Lovely & Amazing" life can be. Emily Mortimer gives an outstanding performance in a memorable role. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jul 23, 2002
B 60% K-19: The Widowmaker (2002) The machismo gets the best of it and the film needs a trim, but it's servicable entertainment helmed by one of the best action directors on the planet. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jul 21, 2002
A+ 89% Rushmore (1998) A modern-day miracle of a comedy mixed with equal amounts of heart, pathos, combined with an offbeat sensibility. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jul 20, 2002
A+ 92% Traffic (2000) Trust me. Go get stuck in Traffic. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jul 20, 2002
A 64% Zero Effect (1997) One of the most special films of the late 90s. Not since "Sneakers" has their been such a surprising sleeper quite like this. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jul 20, 2002
F 19% Teaching Mrs. Tingle (1999) The only thing this film teaches is how to kill brain cells. One of the very worst screenplays that single-handedly eradicates the talent Kevin Williamson had. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jul 20, 2002
C+ 85% Happiness (1998) A huge overdose of human depravity, that will leave you jaded and disturbed. Not a masterpiece, but worth seeing just for some of its audacity. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jul 20, 2002
A- 86% State and Main (2000) Mamet serves up another winner that combines the unusual moviemaking satire antics with nothing that resembles a sitcom screenplay. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jul 20, 2002
A 92% Memento (2000) Forces you to use your brain more than most movies even dare to attempt. Hits you on every level possible. A stunning piece of work. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jul 20, 2002
D- 57% Dr. T and the Women (2000) One of the very worst Altman films that implodes in on itself way before the end. A mess. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jul 20, 2002
B- 0% Dead Man's Curve (1998) A little gem that contains twist after twist with a dark edge to it. Much like the director's previous film, "The Last Supper." ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jul 20, 2002
C 81% Road to Perdition (2002) Easy on the eyes, hard on the heart. Mendes direction as well as the script is missing a vital ingredient: a deeper meaning. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jul 14, 2002
B 77% The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002) Although hindered a bit by the animation and familiar subject matter, it still resonates because of such strong performances. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jun 28, 2002
A+ 90% Minority Report (2002) Proves that unlike compadre Lucas, Spielberg can incoporate everything into one film including brains and technological stride. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jun 22, 2002
C 83% The Bourne Identity (2002) A preposterous piece of eye candy that is fun at first until the third act seems weighed down by a sense of "ho-hum." ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jun 18, 2002
A 83% Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (2001) A profound piece of art that examines human nature from various angles. Done with such subtlety, with such beautiful dialogue that it transcends brilliance. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jun 18, 2002
A 90% A Simple Plan (1998) A stunning drama with amazing performances and tightly wound direction by Mr. Raimi. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jun 10, 2002
A+ 74% Eyes Wide Shut (1999) Ranks with Kubrick's very best. He touches on a very universal theme and does it with such precision that forces you to keep eyes wide open. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Jun 10, 2002
A- 92% Insomnia (2002) Proves that director Nolan's the real deal & that DeNiro should take a cue from Pacino ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted May 27, 2002
A 94% About a Boy (2002) One of the year's most special films highlighted by cool, confident performances and a witty script. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted May 25, 2002
D+ 65% Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) Manipulator, Brainwasher. George Lucas must be stopped. He's become a clone of his former self. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted May 18, 2002
F 49% Unfaithful (2002) A turd disguised as a movie. Lyne just makes pretentious porn and calls it art. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted May 14, 2002
B 89% Spider-Man (2002) Not one for the history books, but Raimi and Maguire make it well worth the rollercoaster ride. ‐ Epinions.com
Posted May 4, 2002
A 92% Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001) A beautiful film that celebrates life, but brilliantly shows the consequences of overindulgence. ‐ Epinions.com
Posted Apr 26, 2002
B- 31% Murder by Numbers (2002) Barbet & Bullock Bring Some Style To A By-The-Numbers Script! ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Apr 21, 2002
A 64% O (2001) Tim Blake Nelson brilliantly recreates an immortal story that truly opens your eyes. ‐ Epinions.com
Posted Apr 19, 2002
B- 82% The Deep End (2001) A harrowing performance by Swilton saves "The Deep End" from drowning in cliche. ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Apr 18, 2002
D- 53% My First Mister (2002) A corny manipulative mess with a decent cast, and nothing more. A Hallmark version of the much-better "Ghost World." ‐ Hollywood Bitchslap
Posted Apr 18, 2002
D+ 83% The Others (2001) Uninspired "Others" is another so-so spook-fest that's more tiring, than scary ‐ Epinions.com
Posted Apr 17, 2002
F 4% Soul Survivors (2000) A horrendous movie. One of the worst of 2001. Good luck surviving through it! ‐ Epinions.com
Posted Apr 17, 2002
C 82% Mulholland Drive (2001) Visually arresting 'drive' leaves less to be desired. This is Lynch at his most pretentious. ‐ Epinions.com
Posted Apr 17, 2002
A 80% Waking Life (2001) Linklater's 'life' awakens the senses in a whole new light ‐ Epinions.com
Posted Apr 17, 2002
B 80% Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) "Harry Potter" charms with visual delights, but needs more magic in the end. ‐ Epinions.com
Posted Apr 17, 2002
A+ 80% The Royal Tenenbaums (2002) Wes Anderson still remembers that in the midst of pain, it's vital to include laughter in the healing process. A beautiful film! ‐ Epinions.com
Posted Apr 17, 2002
C- 60% Hart's War (2002) Here's a film with a stellar first twenty minutes, then quickly dissolves into a standard courtroom drama. ‐ Epinions.com
Posted Apr 17, 2002
D- 10% Slackers (2002) A painful experience heightened by disappointing performances from a talented cast ‐ Epinions.com
Posted Apr 17, 2002
A+ 32% Wet Hot American Summer (2001) Wet Hot American Summer is just too damn funny for its own good, thanks to an extraordinarily talented cast with brilliant comedic timing. ‐ Epinions.com
Posted Apr 17, 2002