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4/5 92% Children of Men (2006) The stark triumph of Children of Men lies in how its visceral vérité style brings the realities of a War on Terror fought in distant lands crashing back onto British soil. ‐ Radio Times
Posted Apr 1, 2015
78% Bad Santa (2003) This is really a one joke movie -- but that single gag is delivered with such caustic rancour by director Zwigoff that it achieves sublime heights of comedy. ‐ Film4
Posted Dec 14, 2014
5/5 93% Cat People (1942) It's psychological horror at its finest: timelessly terrifying and absolutely purr-fect. ‐ Total Film
Posted Oct 14, 2014
5/5 100% Bab el hadid (Cairo Station) (The Iron Gate) (1958) With its tense score, contrasting performances of Chahine (twitchy and tightly coiled) and Rostom (sexy but cruel) and audacious moments of formal brilliance Cairo Station is a cinematic triumph. ‐ BBC.com
Posted Aug 11, 2014
2/5 7% License to Wed (2007) The dull romance between Sadie and Ben is revealed as little more than a prop for the comedian's patented schtick. ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jul 18, 2014
1/5 1% Disaster Movie (2008) Depressingly, these magpie parodies are so cheap to produce they can't fail to make money -- which probably means this interminable franchise is far from over. ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jul 16, 2014
4/5 65% Watchmen (2009) Those unfamiliar with the work may be completely bewildered, but stick with it -- this is a bold and uncompromising take on one of the genre's sacred cows that stands up to repeat viewings. ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jun 10, 2014
1/5 71% Klovn: The Movie (Klown) (2012) Denmark's charmless answer to The Hangover crosses the line between gross-out and just plain gross. ‐ Total Film
Posted Dec 2, 2013
4/5 99% How to Survive a Plague (2012) An important, moving doc about how LGBT activism taught a community to shun silence. ‐ Total Film
Posted Nov 1, 2013
4/5 No Score Yet Very Extremely Dangerous (2012) Tragic yet hilarious, it's like watching Hunter S. Thompson's bucket list. ‐ Total Film
Posted Oct 28, 2013
4/5 98% Let the Right One In (2008) Alfredson's light touch adds soulful delicacy and a certain ambiguity to the proceedings, making this a horror movie more likely to prompt tears than screams. ‐ Radio Times
Posted Oct 7, 2013
4/5 88% The Simpsons Movie (2007) This re-establishes The Simpsons as the jewel in the crown of American animation. ‐ Radio Times
Posted Aug 4, 2013
4/5 92% Drag Me to Hell (2009) Spider-Man director Sam Raimi returns to his Evil Dead roots in this yucky, energetic and consistently entertaining fright movie. ‐ Radio Times
Posted Aug 4, 2013
88% Persona (1966) Ingmar Bergman's haunting masterpiece explores the gulf of communication that exists between a nurse and her silent patient. ‐ Film4
Posted Jul 23, 2013
5/5 97% Hotaru no haka (Grave of the Fireflies) (1988) Isao Takahata's powerful anti-war movie is all the more harrowing for the care we invest in its beautifully drawn children. ‐ Total Film
Posted May 14, 2013
100% Woman in the Dunes (Suna no Onna) (1964) An important contribution to the avant-garde, this existential thriller offers an allegorical take on the cruel and twisted universe in which we live. ‐ Film4
Posted Mar 4, 2013
1/5 0% Dark Tide (2012) Making Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus look like Jaws, it is totally lost at sea. ‐ Total Film
Posted Oct 17, 2012
4/5 91% Phantom Of The Opera (1925) It succeeds in spite of itself and it's all thanks to Chaney. The man of a thousand faces imbues this character with bravado and menace. ‐ Total Film
Posted Oct 8, 2012
4/5 85% Rolling Thunder (1977) This exploitation flick is a red-blooded, all-American revenge movie, but offers sensitive insight into the pain of post-war adjustment. ‐ Total Film
Posted Aug 1, 2012
2/5 22% Truth or Die (2012) Jennie Jacques smoulders as a liplicking bad girl but the sad truth is that this below-par horror doesn't dare do anything memorable. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jul 31, 2012
4/5 67% I Am Bruce Lee (2012) How does a small Chinese guy become the movies' greatest martial artist of all time? That question drives this reverential documentary about the man with the one-inch punch. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jul 19, 2012
3/5 33% Arirang (2011) It's a confessional portrait of the artist as a nutty middle-aged man and a rare insight into a controversial director who's as divisive as the 38th Parallel. ‐ Total Film
Posted May 29, 2012
3/5 94% Himizu (2013) Love in this teen flick is less like a red, red rose than a bloody nose. ‐ Total Film
Posted May 23, 2012
4/5 100% Position Among the Stars (2011) The invisiblecamera approach begs questions yet, for the most part, the effects are extraordinary. ‐ Total Film
Posted Feb 6, 2012
2/5 No Score Yet The Burma Conspiracy (Largo Winch (Tome 2)) (2011) Despite its delusions, this is no Ghost Protocol. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 13, 2012
2/5 25% Break My Fall (2011) It doesn't amount to much, though the post-punk soundtrack adds bite. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jul 27, 2011
5/5 100% Whisky Galore! (1949) A whimsical tale of Celtic self-reliance vs English stuffiness, this wee comedy dram warms the heart as surely as a blended malt. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jul 27, 2011
4/5 57% Kawa no soko kara konnichi wa (Sawako Decides) (2010) Totally oddball, this Japanese comedy's jokes occasionally get lost in translation, yet it moves effortlessly from colonic irrigation to crowd-pleasing, clam-packing sing-alongs with quirky verve. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jul 12, 2011
3/5 49% Super (2011) It's abhorrent, hilarious and destined for cult status. ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jul 7, 2011
3/5 56% The Devil's Rock (2012) This is far from original, but the claustrophobic setting and bloody prosthetic carnage should entertain undemanding horror fans. ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jul 7, 2011
5/5 100% The Lavender Hill Mob (1951) Inflation may have dented the allure of its 1m bullion heist, but this 1951 Ealing comedy is still 24-carat gold. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jul 6, 2011
3/5 56% The Devil's Rock (2012) If Ken Russell remade The Bunker it might look like this. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jul 5, 2011
4/5 40% Planeat (2011) Forceful stuff, though we can take or leave the kale sandwiches. ‐ Total Film
Posted May 18, 2011
4/5 93% After the Apocalypse (2004) Butts' moving doc exposes the tragedy of the experiments - not least of all horrific birth defects - as he follows a deformed local woman intent on having a child despite the risks. ‐ Total Film
Posted May 16, 2011
2/5 0% Risen (2010) The re-creation of the 1960s backdrop on a tight budget sadly never allows the director to unleash the epic sweep this against-the-odds yarn really requires. ‐ Radio Times
Posted May 12, 2011
2/5 0% Risen (2010) KO -ed by a flabby screenplay and lacking the money to do justice to the '60s setting, director Neil Jones falls back on clever tricks - like using an HD Glove Cam - but fails to punch above his weight. ‐ Total Film
Posted May 11, 2011
2/5 No Score Yet Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time (2011) The migraine-inducing visuals and game-heavy dialogue -"I can use this trap card to summon Stardust Dragon, and now he's going to attack with cosmic flare" - will leave most non-fans clawing their eyes out. ‐ Total Film
Posted May 11, 2011
2/5 No Score Yet Zombie Undead (2010) Smothered in ketchup, the non-professional cast stumble around much like their living dead adversaries. ‐ Total Film
Posted Apr 26, 2011
3/5 93% Man Jeuk (The Sparrow) (Cultured Bird) (2008) The slow-burn of a cigarette in a lip-glossed mouth, the languid sprawl of Hong Kong, and a jazzy, bluesy soundtrack give this Cantonese drama an arty insouciance. ‐ Total Film
Posted Apr 15, 2011
3/5 73% Forget Me Not (2011) Modest stuff and occasionally gooey, but the performances disarm and the lensing makes the capital seem impossibly magical. ‐ Total Film
Posted Mar 16, 2011
2/5 45% A Serbian Film (2011) Its parade of rape, necrophilia and paedophilia involving newborns feels like a blatant attempt to create lucrative tabloid controversy. ‐ Radio Times
Posted Dec 9, 2010
3/5 53% The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (2010) The final film based on Stieg Larsson's bestselling thriller trilogy opens with a whimper but ends with a bang. ‐ Radio Times
Posted Nov 29, 2010
3/5 79% Little Big Soldier (Da bing xiao jiang) (2011) It lacks the visual oomph of Hero, but sure knocks Chan's recent Spy Next Door on its sorry arse. ‐ Total Film
Posted Sep 30, 2010
1/5 0% Midgets vs. Mascots (2009) Some films are good, some are bad. Some are like watching the end of civilisation in slow motion. ‐ Total Film
Posted Sep 30, 2010
2/5 41% The Horde (La Horde) (2009) Rarely as much fun as it should be. ‐ Radio Times
Posted Sep 16, 2010
3/5 31% Night of the Demons (2010) 90 minutes of thirtysomethings playing teens, lesbian Elvira wannabes and Edward Furlong splattered with latex gore. ‐ Total Film
Posted Sep 10, 2010
3/5 69% The Girl Who Played with Fire (Flickan som lekte med elden) (2010) There's plenty here to keep fans of Sweden's thriller series gnawing the keratin off their fingernails. ‐ Total Film
Posted Sep 1, 2010
3/5 36% Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) Slick Bruck-buster dynamics anchored by Jake 'n' Gemma's sparring and sex appeal. But the scripting needs to take another leap if they want this Prince to produce some heirs. ‐ Total Film
Posted May 27, 2010
3/5 36% Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) Taking little from the award-winning game series, this coasts by on its Saturday matinée charms and the likeable leads' love-hate chemistry. ‐ Radio Times
Posted May 20, 2010
2/5 64% I Know You Know (2009) Intrigues but doesn't satisfy despite thoughtful performances from Carlyle and Fuller. ‐ Radio Times
Posted Apr 8, 2010