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2.5/4 83%

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation (O Ano em Que Meus Pais Saíram de Férias) (2006)

"The film's final third contains a glimmer of a great movie wanting to break out." ‐Newsday
Posted Feb 13, 2008
2.5/4 84%

In Bruges (2008)

"Martin McDonagh's raucous dark comedy teeters between cheeky humor and violence, overplaying both to varying degrees." ‐Newsday
Posted Feb 7, 2008
1.5/4 22%

The Eye (2008)

"The most frightening aspect of this supernatural horror film -- a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong thriller -- is that there was a 114-minute version, before someone took pity and snipped it down to a lugubrious 97." ‐Newsday
Posted Feb 4, 2008
3/4 81%

The Silence Before Bach (Die Stille vor Bach) (2007)

"The demolition of the music bio-pic as witnessed by Todd Haynes' I'm Not There and the parody Walk Hard continues robustly with this time-tripping melange from Spanish director Pere Portabella." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 31, 2008
3/4 92%

Caramel (2008)

"A film of abundant heart and exquisite faces." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 31, 2008
3.5/4 88%

The Witnesses (2007)

"André Techiné's The Witnesses is one of the finest fiction-film accounts of a free yet frightful moment in time, when the relaxing sexual liberties of the previous decade were being squeezed by the onset of an unforgiving new virus." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 31, 2008
2.5/4 72%

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour (2008)

"Totally slick and vanilla, but you have to like a kid who works this hard." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 31, 2008
4/4 96%

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007)

"Harrowing and heart-stopping." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 24, 2008
2/4 16%

Untraceable (2008)

"Untraceable wants us to deplore the amoral voyeurism of the cyberspace mobs, yet feeds off it at the same time." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 24, 2008
3/4 93%

U2 3D (2007)

"U23D only just begins to tap the potential of performance film in three dimensions, but the possibilities are thrilling to contemplate." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 23, 2008
4/4 100%

Taxi to the Dark Side (2007)

"Gibney assembles a formidable arsenal of talking heads to testify." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 17, 2008
2.5/4 46%

Cassandra's Dream (2007)

"The impression that lingers is that of an artist clutching fast to yesterday's inspirations." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 17, 2008
2/4 41%

27 Dresses (2008)

"Under Anne Fletcher's mechanistic direction, 27 Dresses ticks along as briskly and transparently as a clock with a see-through face." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 17, 2008
3/4 77%

Cloverfield (2008)

"The shaky video camera perspective is alternately involving and irritating, but director Matt Reeves keeps the carnival of wreckage spinning at a brisk clip." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 17, 2008
3/4 22%

Mad Money (2008)

"Mad Money is no Rififi, but Khouri and Gers invest it with an individuality and generosity of spirit that lift it into the realm of guiltless pleasure." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 17, 2008
4/4 87%

Times and Winds (Bes vakit) (2007)

"Reha Erdem's ineffably beautiful portrait of a rural Turkish village." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 10, 2008
3.5/4 86%

Woman on the Beach (2008)

"An elegant serving of comic Seoul food from director Hong Sang-soo." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 10, 2008
2/4 13%

First Sunday (2008)

"[Katt] Williams blithely walks off with the second half of First Sunday, which more or less walks in place until he arrives." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 10, 2008
2/4 0%

One Missed Call (2008)

"Given all the hoopla over the Apple iPhone, it's a wonder that no one has yet complained over an essential missing feature: It doesn't ring you up to alert you that you are going to die." ‐Newsday
Posted Jan 7, 2008
2.5/4 82%

Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

"Sorkin is a deft explicator of Washington geopolitics for dummies, but he patronizes us with blunt lessons on the mujahideen and Afghanistan geography." ‐Newsday
Posted Dec 20, 2007
2.5/4 35%

National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)

"It's all pretty inane if you stop to think about it, but director Joe Turteltaub works tirelessly to make sure we don't." ‐Newsday
Posted Dec 20, 2007
3/4 86%

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

"Abetted by Wolski's swooping, receding camera and Jonathan Tunick's propulsive orchestrations, Burton makes this as fluid and dynamic as any screen ride this year, musical or otherwise." ‐Newsday
Posted Dec 20, 2007
1.5/4 40%

The Bucket List (2007)

"The Bucket List never ascends from the bowels of tearjerk formula and audience pandering to a redemptive place of truth and art." ‐Newsday
Posted Dec 20, 2007
4/4 91%

There Will Be Blood (2007)

"The watershed achievement of both Day-Lewis' and Anderson's careers." ‐Newsday
Posted Dec 20, 2007
2.5/4 79%

A Walk Into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory (2007)

"While there is nothing here that will surprise Warhol aficionados, Robinson's interpolation of her uncle's ephemeral, slo-mo images lends a haunting authenticity to the talking heads recollections." ‐Newsday
Posted Dec 13, 2007
2/4 66%

The Kite Runner (2007)

"The film version of Khaled Hosseini's novel is so portentously sincere that you may feel like a cretin for embracing it with anything less than a full heart." ‐Newsday
Posted Dec 13, 2007
2/4 60%

Look (2007)

"Beginning and ending his film with a strip tease, Rifkin suggests some leering adolescent who's gotten his hands on a pair of X-ray glasses and sees nothing but randy, flatulent fools in his midst." ‐Newsday
Posted Dec 13, 2007
2/4 70%

I Am Legend (2007)

"Most everything in I Am Legend feels lifted from elsewhere." ‐Newsday
Posted Dec 13, 2007
3.5/4 98%

The Band's Visit (2007)

"Israeli filmmaker Eran Kolirin has made a sly and bewitching chamber comedy that underscores the decency of its characters while sidestepping the gooey, let's-join-hands imperative of its premise." ‐Newsday
Posted Dec 6, 2007
2.5/4 62%

Grace Is Gone (2007)

"Cusack has never been better; he disappears into his character's repressed skin so utterly, we can barely recognize in him the perky teen heartthrob of Say Anything." ‐Newsday
Posted Dec 6, 2007
2.5/4 42%

The Golden Compass (2007)

"The Golden Compass works up enough self-important gravitas to power the entire Lord of the Rings cycle. Weitz's deflatingly anticlimactic windup assures us there is more to come." ‐Newsday
Posted Dec 6, 2007
1.5/4 23%

Awake (2007)

"If you have an ax to grind with someone who harbors a morbid fear of surgery, you couldn't design a better revenge than taking them to see Awake." ‐Newsday
Posted Dec 3, 2007
4/4 94%

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007)

"The visual lyricism and irascible humor of Julian Schnabel's screen adaptation make for a life-against-the-odds drama like none you've ever seen." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 29, 2007
2/4 87%

Starting Out in the Evening (2007)

"Has the patina of authenticity, but Wagner's characters speak in banalities that describe their all-too-familiar plights from the outside without getting inside their skins, as if they are trapped in the expositional stages of an old Broadway play." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 29, 2007
3/4 67%

Chronicle of an Escape (2008)

"A tense and mammothly upsetting dramatization of Tamburrini's memoir; ... gets everything that can pound in your body pounding." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 29, 2007
3.5/4 89%

The Savages (2007)

"The Savages is the perfect comic offering for a season when family Pandora's boxes come swinging open like so many must-return gifts." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 28, 2007
1/4 37%

August Rush (2007)

"The kind of fairy tale that makes Cinderella look like kitchen-sink realism." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 20, 2007
2/4 73%

The Mist (2007)

"There is a mind behind Frank Darabont's windy adaptation of a Stephen King novella, but it is twisted to cynical and dispiriting ends." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 20, 2007
3/4 98%

The Life of Reilly (2007)

"An exuberant story it is, at least as digested and heightened in this truncated performance, filmed before an audience at the end of the show's L.A. engagement." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 15, 2007
1/4 26%

Love in the Time of Cholera (2007)

"Love in the Time of Cholera suffers from a serious case of Big Movie-itis." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 15, 2007
2.5/4 45%

Redacted (2007)

"If righteous indignation was the most direct highway to art, Redacted would be his masterpiece." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 15, 2007
2.5/4 37%

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (2007)

"The walls of multiplex theaters may not shake and weep upon its departure, but as a holiday alternative for kids, OD'ing on Willy Wonka, you could do worse." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 15, 2007
3.5/4 36%

Southland Tales (2007)

"Southland Tales contains stuff as uproariously out-there as anything in Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove and as unnervingly subversive as Frankenheimer's The Manchurian Candidate." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 14, 2007
3.5/4 93%

No Country for Old Men (2007)

"This acerbic, darkly poetic Coen brothers' take on the Cormac McCarthy novel is calculated to give you the willies." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 8, 2007
2.5/4 73%

Darfur Now (2007)

"Darfur Now is a worthy if inconsistent attempt at collaring a concerned audience and saying, You, too, can make a difference." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 2, 2007
3/4 80%

American Gangster (2007)

"As with an earlier star who fed off career criminals, Humphrey Bogart, there is always something a bit smarmy about Washington, even in his heroic mode; the nastier his character grows, the looser his acting becomes." ‐Newsday
Posted Nov 2, 2007
3/4 51%

Bee Movie (2007)

"Infectiously amusing? More often than not." ‐Newsday
Posted Oct 31, 2007
1.5/4 34%

Rails & Ties (2007)

"Scripts [don't] come any sudsier than Micky Levy's awesomely bathetic Rails & Ties." ‐Newsday
Posted Oct 25, 2007
2/4 33%

Music Within (2007)

"There may be an interesting movie in all of this, but too much is filtered through the hero's voice-over narration, always a recipe for squashing the life out of a film." ‐Newsday
Posted Oct 25, 2007
3.5/4 79%

Jimmy Carter Man From Plains (2007)

"As much a pungent dissection of American media malaise as it is a towering tribute to a deceptively low-burning leader." ‐Newsday
Posted Oct 25, 2007
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