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B+ 84% Do I Sound Gay? (2015) The film sheds light on self-imposed homophobia and questions of nature versus nurture without sacrificing its essential sense of humor. ‐ Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jul 7, 2015
D 34% Max (2015) The movie is downright laughable when it isn't merely unpleasant. ‐ Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jun 25, 2015
D 29% The Wedding Ringer (2015) Unless your idea of the ultimate screen comedy is to witness how many different ways a fat guy can fall down in one film, you're probably better off breaking off this engagement. ‐ Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jan 16, 2015
A- 98% Paddington (2015) A gloriously whimsical big-screen debut that's closer to the madcap spirit of the Muppets and the lovingly rendered style of a Wes Anderson film than to standard multiplex family fodder. ‐ Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jan 14, 2015
D 27% Annie (2014) Aside from an unintentional homage to Zoolander that is so tone-deaf it'll make you guffaw, Annie goes out of its way to make viewing it a hard-knock life...for us. ‐ Entertainment Weekly
Posted Dec 16, 2014
C 22% A Long Way Down (2014) The movie criminally wastes Sam Neill and Rosamund Pike in barely there supporting roles, and the picture has exactly two tones: grim and gooey. They do not coexist harmoniously. ‐ Entertainment Weekly
Posted Dec 2, 2014
D+ 16% A Merry Friggin' Christmas (2014) Squanders a cast of actors usually able to elevate weak material. ‐ Entertainment Weekly
Posted Nov 13, 2014
C- 29% Dumb and Dumber To (2014) The ultimate sad realization is not that Dumb & Dumber To doesn't match the original's good-time quotient, but that it might not even be as good as-yikes-Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. ‐ Entertainment Weekly
Posted Nov 13, 2014
D 8% The Best Of Me (2014) For all of the eventfulness it jams into a (poorly edited) two-hour package, The Best Of Me ends up extracting the best of absolutely no one. ‐ Entertainment Weekly
Posted Oct 17, 2014
C+ 67% Dolphin Tale 2 (2014) This is innocuous, heart-in-the-right-place family fare, but its well-earned points about animal rights and preservation would be better taken if the relentless sentimentality didn't force viewers into flippers-in-the-air submission. ‐ Entertainment Weekly
Posted Sep 14, 2014
C 34% The November Man (2014) The utter lack of originality eventually sinks the movie, and the climax has more howlers than a wolf convention. ‐ Entertainment Weekly
Posted Aug 27, 2014
B 82% A Master Builder (2014) It doesn't attain the highs of Shawn and Gregory's My Dinner With Andre, but the movie has a jittery intimacy that is appealing. ‐ Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jul 30, 2014
C 44% Wish I Was Here (2014) Braff's wholehearted embrace of weepie clichés - deathbed confessionals pop up as often as the indie tunes - clashes with the movie's more side-eyed and profane observations. ‐ Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jul 17, 2014
1/4 38% Who Do You Love? (2010) Ambles along poorly from one ill-conceived, brutally edited vignette to another. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Apr 5, 2010
0/4 21% Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (2009) The story is so paper-thin one surmises it was scrawled on soggy toilet paper somewhere ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Dec 23, 2009
1/4 16% Spinning Into Butter (2009) Any movie that chooses to open a credits sequence with a Maya Angelou quote and blackface cartoons screams desperation. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 23, 2009
2/4 35% The Edge of Love (2008) The film is on far less ground when it eventually becomes yet another wartime domestic tale, with Maybury's semi-kicky style draining out slowly until mediocrity settles in. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 16, 2009
2/4 13% The Caller (2008) Sadly, The Caller, the second feature from director Richard Ledes, doesn't allow its leading men the luxury of their legacies, instead forcing a wan quasi-thriller in the space where a laidback character study should be. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 9, 2009
1.5/4 87% Starting Out in the Evening (2007) Self-contained and silly. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Nov 18, 2007
2/4 73% Darfur Now (2007) Its 99 minutes could have easily been about 65 if you removed all of the celebrity do-gooder filler. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 30, 2007
1.5/4 36% Reservation Road (2007) Such TV-movie style set-ups may have worked better in the original novel, but on the silver screen play as an eye-rolling chore. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 19, 2007
2/4 53% Across the Universe (2007) Taymor's signatures are visible throughout, but she is clearly trying hard to gussy up a screenplay that plays more like The Wonder Years without the cultural insight. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 9, 2007
3.5/4 97% The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (2007) The subtitle of the film is actually an unneeded addition since what the film highlights with piercing exactitude are the lengths grown men won't go to in the long run to prove themselves. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 3, 2007
1.5/4 58% Becoming Jane (2007) Not to put too fine a point on it, but this movie throws like a girl. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jul 29, 2007
3/4 91% Hairspray (2007) In doing some constructive nip/tuck and staging the musical numbers in splashy old-musical style, Shankman has put some of the bang back into the genre. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jul 15, 2007
1.5/4 52% Introducing the Dwights (2007) Shrieking like a banshee has unfortunately become Brenda Blethyn's stock in trade ever since her remarkable breakout performance in Mike Leigh's Secrets & Lies. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jul 1, 2007
1/4 75% Lady Chatterley (2007) A turgid, droopy bore. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jun 19, 2007
2.5/4 64% Broken English (2007) Basically a hipster's pastiche of every chick flick you've ever seen except with expert breeding, but it doesn't completely erase the feeling of déjà vu. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jun 17, 2007
1.5/4 56% Charlie Bartlett (2007) A feeble entry into the teen-movie lexicon. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted May 23, 2007
3/4 78% You Kill Me (2007) Even when he's worked with escalated budgets, John Dahl has retained his playful noir side. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted May 19, 2007
3/4 88% ShowBusiness: The Road to Broadway (2007) A notable addition to highly under-populated field of documentaries about the inner mechanics of putting on a great big show. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted May 2, 2007
1.5/4 68% Everything's Gone Green (2007) Everything's Gone Green just barely hangs there in that low-watt Canadian film world deadpan. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Apr 5, 2007
3/4 90% What She Knew (2006) Tells a distinctly (sometimes wrenching) feminine tale without making it only relative to Oprah watchers and talk-show bingers. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 30, 2007
4/4 44% Fay Grim (2007) Hartley miraculously manages to make a grandly entertaining (and relevant) movie that never seems as if it's being too cloying. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 19, 2007
1/4 30% The Hawk Is Dying (2006) It's awfully hard to review a movie called The Hawk is Dying without avoiding bird synonyms and metaphors. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 17, 2007
1/4 66% Miss Potter (2007) Zellweger's face has utterly frozen into a human version of a scrunchie, and appears as if it will shatter into 1,000 pieces if an honest smile were to break out. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Dec 26, 2006
2.5/4 87% Notes on a Scandal (2006) If only the movie's early momentum were kept intact. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Dec 26, 2006
2/4 74% The Painted Veil (2006) The Painted Veil is more or less from the school of motion picture that Pauline Kael used to say "reeks of quality." ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Dec 1, 2006
2.5/4 65% The History Boys (2006) The heavy lifting is left mainly to the performers, who virtually all make the grade. It's the director that could use a little detention. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Nov 19, 2006
2/4 51% For Your Consideration (2006) This overcrowded and under-funny assault on Hollywood and the Academy Awards is the latest in Guest's comedy factory of diminishing returns, and there is very little here you haven't seen before. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 25, 2006
1/4 46% Bobby (2006) The movie has no real story to speak of, just a series of barely connected vignettes over the 24-hour period before RFK's demise, only some of which have anything to do with the ever-changing political climate of the early 1960s. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 15, 2006
.5/4 48% Driving Lessons (2006) Driving Lessons is the type of movie that makes you want to single-handedly dismantle the British film industry. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 29, 2006
1.5/4 28% Copying Beethoven, (Klang der Stille) (2006) Will there ever be a decent movie made about any part of Ludwig van Beethoven's life? ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 25, 2006
2/4 75% Sherrybaby (2006) Sherrybaby is never really convincing outside of Gyllenhaal's portrayal. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jul 23, 2006
3/4 74% Conversations With Other Women (2006) It's hard to think of a recent movie that nails the circular games of adults trying to get laid and then talking their way out of it. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jul 14, 2006
2/4 60% Lonesome Jim (2006) Another product of the woefully inadequate InDigEnt company, who have almost never turned out an agreeable movie, Lonesome Jim feels as if it's from an earlier time and not in a good way. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 1, 2006
2.5/4 46% Rent (2005) One would have to be made of stone not to respond to at least something in this vivid score, and it sounds marvelous. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Nov 20, 2005
2/4 85% Pride and Prejudice (2005) Writer Deborah Moggach's adaptation is sleek but lacks the judiciousness Emma Thompson brought to her terrific screenplay for Ang Lee's Sense & Sensibility. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 31, 2005
2/4 75% In Her Shoes (2005) MacLaine's are the only shoes anyone could ever truly want to be in here. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 2, 2005
2/4 58% The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (2005) A rather schizo piece of filmmaking that is too busy to ever be dull, but the only Prize in the foreseen future for it might be the boob tube. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 23, 2005