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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
2/5 34%

Hall Pass (2011)

"While the promise of nudity and plenty of potty mouthed humor will be good enough for the teenage crowd, the rest of us should curb the marriage jokes and spend the night with our families " Filmcritic.com
Posted Feb 24, 2011
1.5/5 20%

The Tourist (2010)

"there is no urgency, no smoldering passion and no excitement in The Tourist" Filmcritic.com
Posted Dec 10, 2010
2/5 78%

The Other Guys (2010)

"disjointed and inconsistent " Filmcritic.com
Posted Aug 5, 2010
5/5 86%

Inception (2010)

"unlike anything you've seen" Filmcritic.com
Posted Jul 15, 2010
2/5 71%

[Rec] 2 (2010)

"Whereas the simplicity of the first film disarmed our apprehensions, [REC] 2 falls victim to them" Filmcritic.com
Posted Jun 3, 2010
1/5 13%

The Bounty Hunter (2010)

"A romantic comedy is built from the relationship of its leads, and all The Bounty Hunter has to work with are blank stares." Filmcritic.com
Posted Mar 18, 2010
3/5 24%

Saint John of Las Vegas (2010)

"good for a quick laugh, but ultimately an empty gesture." Filmcritic.com
Posted Mar 18, 2010
2.5/5 37%

From Paris with Love (2010)

"sticks to convention" Filmcritic.com
Posted Feb 4, 2010
2.5/5 50%

Antichrist (2009)

"neither a dismissible failure nor a cinematic success" Filmcritic.com
Posted Oct 22, 2009
1.5/5 58%

The Invention of Lying (2009)

"doesn't dare venture into the grey moral shadows of lying nor even uses its premise in a clever, entertaining way." Filmcritic.com
Posted Oct 1, 2009
3.5/5 71%

More Than a Game (2009)

"keeps the hype at bay long enough to create a story about real characters, rather than indulging in glorified player profiles." Filmcritic.com
Posted Oct 1, 2009
3.5/5 38%

Children of the Corn (1984)

"its dated look reminds us that horror movies were once made with only a camera and buckets of Karo syrup; not marketable teen models and computer-generated effects." Filmcritic.com
Posted Sep 9, 2009
2/5 24%

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

"made solely to sell Talkboys (and let's not forget the pink Talkgirls) to kids" Filmcritic.com
Posted Jul 20, 2009
5/5 93%

For All Mankind (1989)

"like looking at the night sky for the first time." Filmcritic.com
Posted Jul 10, 2009
4/5 No Score Yet

The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2009)

"it's the killer's bizarre motivations that truly terrify" Filmcritic.com
Posted May 12, 2009
5/5 90%

[Rec] (2007)

"Not since John Carpenter's one-shot intro to Halloween has POV horror been this good." Filmcritic.com
Posted Apr 29, 2009
2/5 89%

The Last Metro (Le Dernier M├ętro) (1981)

"a simple melodrama that misses its marks and shies away from any potential substance." Filmcritic.com
Posted Apr 16, 2009
4/5 86%

Nippon konchuki (The Insect Woman) (1963)

"continues to impress and elude us more than 45 years later." Filmcritic.com
Posted Apr 2, 2009
4/5 No Score Yet

Yukoku (1966)

"a fanatical and authentic expression of art" Filmcritic.com
Posted Feb 19, 2009
3/5 90%

Magnificent Obsession (1954)

"drowns in its sentimentality" Filmcritic.com
Posted Jan 18, 2009
3/5 100%

Shadows (1959)

"a cinematic improvisation (as the end credits mention) of amateur vitality" Filmcritic.com
Posted Dec 8, 2008
1/5 59%

W. (2008)

"Now is the time to make a statement -- reflecting on the failures of the current administration and projecting our hopes for the next. Oliver Stone's W. is not that statement." Filmcritic.com
Posted Oct 16, 2008
3.5/5 80%

20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)

"Aside from over-interpreting the monster movie's politics, there's no denying that the true star of 20 Million Miles to Earth is clearly animator Ray Harryhausen's stop-motion monster." Filmcritic.com
Posted Oct 8, 2008
5/5 95%

An Autumn Afternoon (1964)

"a relatable slice of life and, for Ozu fans, a final glimpse into a director's evolving thoughts on life and culture in his last film." Filmcritic.com
Posted Oct 2, 2008
4/5 90%

Chungking Express (1996)

"the rapid pace keeps the stories from wearing out their welcome." Filmcritic.com
Posted Aug 26, 2008
5/5 100%

Au Hasard Balthazar (1966)

"It's a cinematic experience that deserves to be discover for those who want more than what they are told to watch." Filmcritic.com
Posted Jul 22, 2008
3/5 64%

Day Watch (2007)

"Watch's supernatural police and Bekmambetov's rich visual palette give the film enough strength at least to throw a couple elbows to set itself apart from other nameless films with plenty of effects, but little vision." Filmcritic.com
Posted Jul 7, 2008
4.5/5 88%

Young@Heart (2007)

"full of passion and honesty -- two emotions that are rarely found in life, let alone cinema" Filmcritic.com
Posted Apr 16, 2008
1/5 8%

Prom Night (2008)

"We're one box office weekend away from a remake of Leprechaun." Filmcritic.com
Posted Apr 14, 2008
2/5 87%

Shine a Light (2008)

"inadvertently defines our time of political correctness and accessibility through censorship" Filmcritic.com
Posted Apr 3, 2008
2.5/5 No Score Yet

Crime Fiction (2007)

"While it shows some promise in young, honest talent, both the writer and director have growing to do." Filmcritic.com
Posted Apr 1, 2008
1.5/5 7%

Shutter (2008)

"The latest in the downward spiral of remakes" Filmcritic.com
Posted Apr 1, 2008
3.5/5 92%

The Last Emperor (1987)

"We never question the integrity of the historical moment in the film, but we do question our patience." Filmcritic.com
Posted Mar 5, 2008
2/5 24%

P.S. I Love You (2007)

"more of a waste of time than an enjoyed vicarious journey" Filmcritic.com
Posted Dec 20, 2007
4.5/5 100%

Paris, Texas (1984)

"the evolution of a dream" Filmcritic.com
Posted Dec 10, 2007
2.5/5 No Score Yet

Imagination (2007)

Quote not available. Filmcritic.com
Posted Dec 1, 2007
2.5/5 71%

Beowulf (2007)

"as muddled as watching a RealD presentation without the glasses on." Filmcritic.com
Posted Nov 15, 2007
2.5/5 81%

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

"Never hits the emotional marks it needs to." Filmcritic.com
Posted Oct 11, 2007
5/5 92%

The Seventh Seal (Det Sjunde inseglet) (1957)

"still spiritually resonates today" Filmcritic.com
Posted Sep 25, 2007
1.5/5 15%

The Brothers Solomon (2007)

"What feels like a three-hour descent into boredom is only a 90-minute test of might -- pitting you against unlikable characters, horribly written dialogue, and direction that's as painful as a root canal." Filmcritic.com
Posted Sep 22, 2007
3.5/5 100%

Battleship Potemkin (1925)

"comes from a time where films communicated primarily through images, even if its themes fade into historical irrelevance." Filmcritic.com
Posted Sep 21, 2007
2.5/5 43%

The Brave One (2007)

"With all the thematic false starts and missed opportunity, The Brave One boils down to violence begets violence, and says it cures all the pain of loss." Filmcritic.com
Posted Sep 18, 2007
3/5 25%

Halloween (2007)

"Instead of trampling over the original, he builds on it and creates an homage that should motivate the new generation of horror fans to seek out John Carpenter's original with the respect and excitement it still deserves." Filmcritic.com
Posted Sep 17, 2007
3/5 69%

Cliffhanger (1993)

"With its absurd story and even more absurd action set pieces, Cliffhanger's over-the-top (pun intended again) thrills and cheesy one-liners keeps this no-brainer action flick fun and watchable." Filmcritic.com
Posted Jan 1, 2000
2.5/5 No Score Yet

Empire of Passion (Ai no borei) (In the Realm of Passion) (1978)

Quote not available. Filmcritic.com
Posted Dec 31, 1799
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