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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
C+ 73%

Saint Misbehavin': The Wavy Gravy Movie (2010)

"A mediocre documentary about a great guy, Saint Misbehavin' frustrates as it misses its mark." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Dec 23, 2010
D 33%

Meskada (2010)

"A most unfortunate small-town police procedural, Meskada is one to avoid." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Dec 23, 2010
A- 80%

Nothing Personal (2010)

"Urszula Antoniak's feature debut, Nothing Personal, is a quiet and stirring meditation on loneliness and tenuous connection. " ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 15, 2010
A- No Score Yet

The Swimsuit Issue (2008)

"The Swimsuit Issue may have lifted much of its template from the hit The Full Monty, but it is its own film -- a much better one in many ways. " ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 15, 2010
C+ 50%

Change of Plans (Le Code a Changé) (2010)

"This summery film may offer older audiences some chuckles and a decent dose of escapism from the world's current woes, but it does not go much beyond that." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 15, 2010
A- 32%

A Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop (San qiang pai an jing qi) (A Simple Noodle Story) (The First Gun) (2010)

"Remaking Joel and Ethan Coen's spectacular debut, Blood Simple, turns out to be a winning idea for Chinese director Zhang Yimou. " ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
A 88%

White Material (2010)

"Claire Denis's new film about Africa finds her at the top of her game, even surpassing previous triumphs that include last year's well-received 35 Shots of Rum." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
B 74%

When We Leave (2011)

"After the first hour, the film itself seems stuck in a cycle of violence." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
B No Score Yet

Viva Cuba (2005)

"At once heir to the kind of children's art film that Francois Truffaut specialized in and perfected and the traditional Hollywood road movie. " ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
C+ 89%

The Temptation of St. Tony (Püha Tõnu kiusamine) (2010)

"Too derivative of the classic cult films of the 1970s and 1980s, especially David Lynch's career, to make much of a lasting impression." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
C+ 70%

Ondine (2010)

"This film winds up feeling like an indie fairytale being invaded by some run-of-the-mill Hollywood plotting." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
A- 63%

8: The Mormon Proposition (2010)

"We get the sense of a huge, powerful, mysterious, and hypocritical religious institution that is in many ways dangerously behind the times: stuck in the 1970s, perhaps, or the 1950s, or even the 1830s." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
B 81%

The Milk of Sorrow (La Teta Asustada) (2010)

"Outrageous as the premise is, this is a solid coming-of-age story handled with considerable visual flair, well acted and directed." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
A- 83%

Me, Too (Yo, tambien) (2010)

"The success of this memorable first feature hinges in large part on the courageous casting of actors with Down syndrome." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
A 98%

Marwencol (2010)

"There is ultimately something quite moving about these dolls, their fates, and Mark Hogancamp's deeply felt love for them." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
B 94%

La Nana (The Maid) (2009)

"Sebastián Silva shows quite a talent for bringing his women characters fully to life. " ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
C+ 67%

Letters to Father Jacob (Postia pappi Jaakobille) (2010)

"This film speeds through too many plot points in its 70-plus minutes." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
B- 85%

Kisses (2010)

"Despite many faults, there is some charm to be found in Lance Daly's film, which lives or dies on the quality of its young actors. " ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
B 89%

The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle (2009)

"It is to first-time director David Russo's credit that he makes male birth -- in this case, the anal birth of small florescent blue fish -- not only funny but also touching and, most impressive of all, somehow convincing." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
A- 91%

The Girl (Flickan) (2010)

"Frederick Edfeldt has found the perfect little person for this role in Blanca Engstrom, whose big eyes captivate us as she registers every nuance of the new world she has made for herself." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
B- No Score Yet

Climate Of Change (2010)

"Often seems to miss the human element, despite its focus on ordinary people." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
B+ 67%

Broderskab (Brotherhood) (2010)

"A stylish meditation on the multiple meanings of brotherhood." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
D+ 55%

Baarìa (2009)

"Everything is larger than life, and life itself gets lost." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
B 77%

Amer (2010)

"A marriage of giallo devices and an abstract approach to narrative, this film will be a hoot for knowing audiences -- and torture for anyone looking for normal horror movie." ‐EmanuelLevy.Com
Posted Nov 10, 2010
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