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3/4 100%

Vikings: Journey to New Worlds (2004)

"Don't tell the kids that this documentary is educational. They're likely to think it's an action-adventure." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Nov 10, 2006
3.5/4 26%

A Good Year (2006)

"It's corny and predictable and delightfully simplistic in its goal: to provide a couple of hours of fun. Mission accomplished." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Nov 9, 2006
2.5/4 48%

Driving Lessons (2006)

"Offers a pleasant excursion down a familiar road." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Nov 9, 2006
3/4 72%

Flushed Away (2006)

"This movie lacks the cleverness of the Aardman classics, but it more than makes up for that with its nonstop action." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Nov 2, 2006
2.5/4 7%

Conversations With God (2006)

"Watching Czerny's version of Walsch struggle, it's hard not to connect with him, even if you don't connect with his message." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Oct 27, 2006
3.5/4 76%

Catch a Fire (2006)

"[Dirctor Phillp Noyce's] goal earns him empathy. But the film goes further than that, creating an absorbing portrait of a peaceful, well-meaning man who is mistreated at every turn until he finally strikes back." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Oct 26, 2006
2.5/4 45%

Nearing Grace (2005)

"The characters are stereotypes, their situations are familiar and the outcome is predictable. But the whole thing is viewed from such a feel-good perspective that we're willing to overlook much of that." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Oct 12, 2006
4/4 97%

The Queen (2006)

"Helen Mirren takes a character that most of the world sees as insular and stalwart -- Britain's reigning Queen Elizabeth -- and turns her into a real-life human being with flaws and foibles." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Oct 12, 2006
3.5/4 85%

Sweet Land (2006)

"This is an intelligently told story that relies on intriguing characters and enticingly mellow pacing that reflects the story's setting." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Oct 12, 2006
3/4 56%

Keeping Mum (2006)

"Smith is an absolute delight, exuding grandmotherly warmth even as she's picking her next target." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Oct 5, 2006
2/4 13%

Facing the Giants (2006)

"The religious proselytizing in this football movie is about as subtle as a blindside hit by a 300-pound defensive end." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Sep 28, 2006
3.5/4 68%

Aurora Borealis (2006)

"A sensitive and touching story about a distressed family and the emotional glue that holds it together." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Sep 28, 2006
2.5/4 45%

The Last Kiss (2006)

"If you're going to take viewers down a familiar path, you'd better make sure the trip is led by intriguing characters. Give the makers of this comedy-drama credit for that." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Sep 14, 2006
3/4 68%

Hollywoodland (2006)

"A character study of a low-rent private eye who gets in way over his head when he tackles a high-profile case, a role brilliantly brought to life by Oscar-winner Adrien Brody." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Sep 7, 2006
3/4 93%

Lassie (2006)

"None of Lassie's adventures is told with the least bit of subtlety, but seeing as how the movie is aimed at the peewee, dog-loving set, few members of the target audience are likely to complain." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Aug 31, 2006
3/4 60%

Boynton Beach Club (2006)

"There's no character in the group who doesn't ooze good-natured charm." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Aug 31, 2006
2.5/4 46%

Edmond (2005)

"As with most Mamet scripts, this includes multiple monologues, and the cast delivers them with fervor. But the delivery can't conceal that these diatribes are directed at topics that no longer are pertinent." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Aug 25, 2006
3/4 71%

Invincible (2006)

"Ultimately, the movie fulfills its mission, which is to fire up viewers with its can-do attitude." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Aug 24, 2006
2.5/4 41%

Beerfest (2006)

"Beerfest might not be your cup of tea -- or mug of pilsener -- but fans of the group's earlier movies (Super Troopers and Club Dread) know what to expect: cleverly construed bad taste." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Aug 24, 2006
2.5/4 69%

Snakes on a Plane (2006)

"It's the funniest thriller of the year, although I'm not sure if everything we laugh at is supposed to be amusing." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Aug 18, 2006
3/4 71%

Sharks 3D (2005)

"Some of the photography is quite impressive. And the movie certainly doesn't have the 'fearsome denizen of the deep' tone usually found in movies about sharks." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Aug 17, 2006
2/4 37%

Accepted (2006)

"The rowdy college comedy Accepted will probably generate the most laughs among viewers too young to realize it's been cobbled together from Animal House and Revenge of the Nerds, with inspiration from American Pie." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Aug 17, 2006
2.5/4 0%

My First Wedding (2006)

"With a title like My First Wedding, viewers shouldn't expect anything other than a date movie that relies more on likable characters than originality." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Aug 17, 2006
0.5/4 19%

Step Up (2006)

"We don't see any of those footprints that dance teachers arrange on the floor to show students where to step, but we certainly can see the handwriting on the wall in terms of where this movie is going." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Aug 10, 2006
3/4 73%

The Great New Wonderful (2006)

"Set on the one-year anniversary of the twin towers' collapse, the drama interweaves five stories about New Yorkers. It's a testament to the city's resolve to resume life as normal." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Aug 10, 2006
2/4 18%

Shadowboxer (2005)

"Arresting performances by Helen Mirren and Cuba Gooding Jr. are squandered on a moody thriller that has way too much mood and not nearly enough thrills." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Aug 3, 2006
2/4 22%

Barnyard (2006)

"Barnyard is not without laughs, but they come in inverse proportion to the viewer's age." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Aug 3, 2006

The Heart of the Game (2005)

"This is a movie about empowerment, integrity and having fun, and those are always in season." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Jul 6, 2006
3/4 88%

The Syrian Bride (2005)

"Political dramas and soap operas don't have much in common, which makes this hybrid as surprising as it is entertaining." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Jun 22, 2006
2.5/4 37%

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)

"Going to Japan for this movie was a smart move by the filmmakers. Not only does it provide new backdrops for the races, but the F&F movies (as their fans call them) have drawn a huge international fan base." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Jun 15, 2006
3/4 83%

Wild Safari: A South African Adventure (2005)

"Eichenberger gets so excited when she spots one of the elusive creatures, it's hard not to share in her enthusiasm." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted May 25, 2006
3/4 91%

Water (2005)

"Packs a punch that is difficult to parry." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted May 11, 2006
2.5/4 89%

The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2006)

"Perhaps Feuerzeig wanted to get away from the stereotypical 'talking head' interview, but by having the subject stop periodically to rinse and spit?" ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Apr 20, 2006
3/4 57%

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006)

"Forget two thumbs up. Ice Age: The Meltdown earns three toes up -- of the sloth variety." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Mar 30, 2006
3/4 74%

Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas) (2006)

"The story's factual weight compensates for the film's schmaltzy telling. We might grimace at some of the movie's machinations, but it's hard not to be moved by the humanity it depicts." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Mar 23, 2006
4/4 82%

Tsotsi (Thug) (2006)

"We're not used to bad guys with redeeming qualities. And that makes Tsotsi as disquieting as it is intriguing." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Mar 16, 2006
2.5/4 43%

She's the Man (2006)

"Confusion runs amok. But it's all upbeat, oh-so-cute confusion." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Mar 16, 2006
1.5/4 33%

The Libertine (2006)

"Depp opens the movie by looking into the camera and announcing, You will not like me now, and you will like me even less as we go on. That turns out to be true." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Mar 9, 2006
2.5/4 26%

The Shaggy Dog (2006)

"In the end, The Shaggy Dog has much more bark than bite." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Mar 9, 2006
3/4 24%

Failure to Launch (2006)

"As with most romantic comedies, Failure to Launch takes off thanks to its upbeat tone and the charisma of its stars." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Mar 9, 2006
2.5/4 91%

Deep Sea 3D (2006)

"The movie has little new to offer to conservation." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Mar 2, 2006
2/4 51%

Aquamarine (2006)

"The tweener romantic fantasy Aquamarine is likely to strike a chord with junior-high girls, but other demographics are apt to find this fish-out-of-water story a bit dry." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Mar 2, 2006
3/4 56%

16 Blocks (2006)

"This action-thriller is so predictable that you probably could outline the plot after watching a 30-second TV spot. But it's so entertaining you won't budge from your seat until the final bullet has flown." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Mar 2, 2006
1/4 40%

Running Scared (2006)

"This is the kind of movie where character development consists of a guy mentioning in passing he has a meth lab in his back yard." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Feb 23, 2006
2.5/4 90%

Neil Young: Heart of Gold (2006)

"It will be hard for any Young devotee not to succumb to the music, as Demme turns the movie theater into a concert hall." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Feb 16, 2006
3/4 72%

Eight Below (2006)

"Although the movie blatantly panders to pet lovers, it deserves high marks for not jettisoning credibility in the process. Its bite is as good as its bark." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Feb 16, 2006
2/4 19%

Firewall (2006)

"Director Richard Loncraine and screenwriter Joe Forte run out of ideas. So they turn to the action-movie mainstays -- guns, fisticuffs and explosions -- in an over-the-top showdown that tries to make up in mayhem what it lacks in credibility." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Feb 9, 2006
3.5/4 85%

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (2006)

"[Jones has made] a rugged modern-day Western that evokes the spirit of Sam Peckinpah -- and reinvents it through his own perspective." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Feb 2, 2006
4/4 82%

The World's Fastest Indian (2005)

"The inspiring true story The World's Fastest Indian should be mandatory viewing for anyone who has ever said, 'I'm getting too old for this.'" ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Feb 2, 2006
3/4 76%

Transamerica (2006)

"It's funny in spots, touching in others and uniformly life-affirming." ‐Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted Feb 2, 2006
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