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5/10 62% The Intern (2015) Largely inoffensive if a bit tone oblivious, The Intern suggests a lot of experience goes a long way even in the modern business world. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Jun 8, 2016
8/10 38% Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) The filmmakers fully embraced the zany fun and outlandishness of the TMNT universe. The result is a surprisingly faithful take that actually does justice to the property. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Jun 2, 2016
4/10 48% X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) For a franchise centered on evolution, there's little here. It's the same tired story, action sequences and overplayed visuals since Singer started the series in 2000. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted May 13, 2016
10/10 90% Captain America: Civil War (2016) Exceeds all expectations as this marvelous epic ensures every other summer blockbuster is vying for second best. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted May 3, 2016
8/10 76% Keanu (2016) For those willing to go along with its goofiness and not think too hard, Keanu is a pleasant and frequently hilarious surprise. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Apr 28, 2016
5/10 No Score Yet Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2015) More content cramming the Titans into the established formula resulting in an uninspired adventure that does little justice to one of the Titans' most iconic stories. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Apr 20, 2016
10/10 95% The Jungle Book (2016) Magical filmmaking and the new definitive work of Favreau's career. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Apr 14, 2016
No Score Yet WWE: Wrestlemania 31 (2015) While it didn't have the feel good ending as WM 30, this year's event presents a ton of story lines that if handled correctly could keep the WWE rolling to Wrestlemania 32. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Apr 9, 2016
8/10 49% Hardcore Henry (2016) Easily the best video game based movie not based on an actual video game. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Apr 7, 2016
6/10 43% Pandemic (2016) Pandemic is a zombie movie whose greatest battle isn't with the undead, but a gimmicky directing style that constantly threatens to derail the mostly enjoyable experience. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Apr 1, 2016
9/10 27% Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) The first half is a solid followup to the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. Then the second half turns into a Zack Snyder movie, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Mar 23, 2016
9/10 90% 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) Chalk up 10 Cloverfield Lane as 2016's first great surprise you never saw coming. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Mar 10, 2016
8.5/10 No Score Yet LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Cosmic Clash (2016) Of the numerous DC LEGO films, Cosmic Clash is one of the better entries in the franchise. Just be prepared to make a trip to the closest LEGO retailer afterwards. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Mar 7, 2016
7.5/10 25% London Has Fallen (2016) Tripping over itself with rah rah 'Muerica sentiment and laughably over the top, dumb action, London Has Fallen is ludicrous and stupid, but consistently entertaining. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Mar 3, 2016
3/10 28% Camino (2016) Clumsy, awkwardly staged and uninteresting, Camino is a misuse of Bell and a chore to endure. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Mar 3, 2016
5/10 53% Triple 9 (2016) Starts off too smart to end so stupidly. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Feb 25, 2016
6.5/10 61% Race (2016) The kind of Disney-fied production that gives audiences an underdog to root for and feel good about without offering much insight into its inspirational subject. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Feb 18, 2016
4/10 No Score Yet Playin' for Love (2015) Too formulaic and simple, Love is the kind of film you'd sorta halfway pay attention to while doing some household chores and still feel like it wasn't worth the investment. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Feb 9, 2016
9.5/10 84% Deadpool (2016) You'd be hard-pressed to find a comic book film so faithful to the tone of its source material and absolutely nailing it. Cue Deadpool winking at the double entendre. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Feb 8, 2016
9/10 No Score Yet Batman: Bad Blood (2016) Batman: Bad Blood, assures everything remains status quo in terms of another outstanding action-packed and entertaining effort starring the Dark Knight. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Feb 6, 2016
1/10 9% Catwoman (2004) If you want to see a real Catwoman, check out Michelle Pfeiffer's turn in Batman Returns, but whatever you do, leave this kitty cat in the alley where it belongs. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Jan 20, 2016
6.5/10 14% Ride Along 2 (2016) This isn't going to change anyone's life, but it's good for some cheap laughs, which is all audiences really should expect. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Jan 14, 2016
7.5/10 81% The Revenant (2015) It's not a flawless film, but the heights Iñárritu reaches in tackling such an ambitious project make it easier to appreciate in spite of its deficiencies. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Jan 7, 2016
5/10 75% The Hateful Eight (2015) There's a great film here, but it's locked in a losing battle against a longer, more drawn out one. It's that amazing 15-minute story your friend drags out for an hour. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Dec 31, 2015
9.5/10 96% Spotlight (2015) One of 2015's best, it's an acting showcase that reflects on the not that long ago good old days when journalists sought to reveal truth and weren't obsessed with clicks. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Dec 28, 2015
5/10 60% Concussion (2015) By vilifying the league so much instead of saluting the man who brought attention to the endemic, it fails to spark the discussion its filmmaker so desperately intended. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Dec 24, 2015
9/10 80% Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) 'Jedi' takes a little longer to get going, but once it does, the Star Wars finale ends on a satisfying and rewarding note for fans who watch it for the first of 50th time. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Dec 19, 2015
9.5/10 92% Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) Rest assured fans. You won't have to complain how Abrams further ruined your childhood. This is everything we initially loved about the franchise and exceeds expectations. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Dec 16, 2015
10/10 93% Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) Filmmakers have tried for decades, but they can't make a better space saga. It's the perfect stand-alone science fiction film that's only rivaled by its darker sequel. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Dec 15, 2015
10/10 79% Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) With a willingness to take the Star Wars saga to its necessary darkest direction, 'Sith' delivers an epic, masterful payoff to the prequels. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Dec 14, 2015
8.5/10 65% Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) Easily the most polarizing Star Wars film -- all but 5% of the fan base loathes Phantom Menace -- Attack of the Clones remains the most underrated entry in the saga. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Dec 12, 2015
7/10 55% Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) 'The Phantom Menace' is definitely the major reason most fans, even prequel apologists like myself, don't watch the Star Wars saga in chronological order. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Dec 11, 2015
9.5/10 94% Room (2015) 2015's most multi-layered film. It's complex, charming, a little frightening, but ultimately it's a wholly unique viewing experience unlike anything I've seen in years. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Dec 6, 2015
10/10 95% Creed (2015) With a loving look to the past and a confident glance towards the future, Creed is a triumphant entry in the Rocky franchise. This is Rocky V done right. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Dec 5, 2015
10/10 97% Brooklyn (2015) Movies this charming don't come around nearly often enough as they should but it helps make gems like Brooklyn shine all the brighter. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Dec 3, 2015
9/10 70% The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015) Faring far better than its uneventful first half, 'Part 2' spectacularly concludes one of the more popular and groundbreaking franchises in cinematic history. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Nov 19, 2015
4/10 66% The Night Before (2015) It's rare to see a comedy go so spectacularly off the rails after such a promising start. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Nov 19, 2015
3/10 19% Love the Coopers (2015) Better save the gift receipt if you're considering seeing 'Love the Coopers,' a convoluted, cinematic equivalent to that fruitcake nobody wanted. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Nov 12, 2015
7/10 58% Die Another Day (2002) Plenty entertaining, but consistent with most of Brosnan's Bonds, a few misguided decisions keep it from being a classic. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Nov 7, 2015
7.5/10 51% The World Is Not Enough (1999) At times it's slow and a bit too silly, but at its best, it's the worthy successor to 'GoldenEye' that Brosnan deserved. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Nov 7, 2015
8/10 65% Spectre (2015) An entertaining adventure mostly successful at bringing the early spirit of villains, gadgets and gear to Craig's grittier, realistic take on Bond. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Nov 5, 2015
5/10 57% Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Brosnan gives it his best and with Yeoh, he's got a capable dance partner, but this 007 edition felt like a retread story that was already old news. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Nov 5, 2015
7/10 45% The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) Perfectly embodying the best and worst of the Roger Moore 007 era, this is a fun Bond adventure that ultimately fails to fully meet its potential. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Nov 5, 2015
10/10 78% GoldenEye (1995) With the ideal Bond, a worthy adversary, gorgeous Bond Babes and a director skilled enough to fully maximize their potential, this stands atop the rest as the best Bond film. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Nov 4, 2015
8/10 77% Licence To Kill (1989) Some of 007's earlier adventures fail to hold up, but in a post-'Taken' world, 'Licence to Kill' certainly aged well and is a under-appreciated gem in the Bond catalog. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Nov 2, 2015
7/10 70% The Living Daylights (1987) Just what the franchise needed to become more culturally relevant as the 1990s approached. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Nov 1, 2015
6/10 36% A View to a Kill (1985) While it doesn't reach its full potential, Roger Moore's final 007 outing is still a largely entertaining if admittedly flawed adventure. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Oct 31, 2015
8/10 75% You're Next (2013) Like an awesome grab bag of the best horror films from the past 30 years packed into a fun and exhilarating horror thriller. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Oct 30, 2015
6/10 63% Never Say Never Again (1983) If you haven't seen 'Thunderball,' this is a lot more enjoyable, but matched up against one of the more exciting 007 films, 'Never Say Never' fails to do it better. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Oct 30, 2015
5.5/10 42% Octopussy (1983) Considering Bond gets disguised as an ape, a crocodile and a clown, the film has a lot more to be embarrassed about than its title. ‐ Lyles' Movie Files
Posted Oct 30, 2015