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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
3/4 85%

Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

"Bridge to Terabithia is not only faithful to the novel but also stands to become a beloved family movie." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Dec 5, 2014
3/4 76%

Outside the Law (Hors-la-loi) (2010)

Quote not available. ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jan 22, 2013
1.5/4 42%

Step Up Revolution (2012)

"Delivers plenty of spectacular fancy footwork in what is otherwise a flat-footed fantasy." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 26, 2012
3/4 93%

First Position (2012)

"It does a great job developing its characters through its visuals - these are superphysical kids - and honing in on family dynamics." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 19, 2012
2/4 No Score Yet

Moving Day (2012)

"In the end, Moving Day wavers too much between dark and light and doesn't quite deliver the populist package Clattenburg seems to be going for." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 19, 2012
3/4 No Score Yet

Kivalina Vs. Exxon (2011)

"Addelman takes us deep into complex community life." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jun 15, 2012
2/4 35%

Lola Versus (2012)

"Lola Versus is all Greta all the time, a bonanza for fans and proof that Gerwig's easy offbeat charm, obvious smarts and physical comedy gifts can carry a film." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jun 15, 2012
2/4 79%

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012)

"The clever lines and themes of friendship and finding home are almost completely overwhelmed here by the breathless pace and sensory overload..." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jun 8, 2012
3/4 83%

Last Call at the Oasis (2012)

"It's one of the best in a recent array of cinematic docs looking at such hot topics as oil, water, food production, climate change, the economy and telling us, as scientist Jay Famiglietti so succinctly puts it in Yu's film, "We're screwed."" ‐Globe and Mail
Posted May 25, 2012
2/4 22%

What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012)

"It's a sitcom-y ensemble film (complete with product placement) that feels like you're flipping around the TV dial." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted May 18, 2012

Bernie (2012)

"Propelled by a perfectly cast trio of stars whose eccentricities shine in singular character roles, Bernie is charmer." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted May 18, 2012
3/4 86%

The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2012)

"Designed to please all generations of irreverent humour-lovers, The Pirates! Band of Misfits may not be heart-warming (it is about nasty, scurvy pirates!) but it's breezy rollicking fun." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Apr 27, 2012
2/4 67%

To the Arctic (2012)

"A children's choir sings and a graphic of the movie title explodes into ice shards to heighten the dramatic impact. Corny? You bet..." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Apr 20, 2012
1/4 53%

Think Like a Man (2012)

"While using the book as a plot catalyst is certainly not a bad approach to constructing a fictional story from the material, the movie is bogged down from the get-go with too many bits of business and a very lengthy setup." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Apr 20, 2012
1/4 42%

StreetDance 2 (2012)

"So slapped together it feels less like a movie than an extended montage..." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Apr 13, 2012
2/4 No Score Yet

Lovers In A Dangerous Time (2009)

"Rough around the edges but delivered straight from the heart, Lovers in a Dangerous Time revels in the inarticulate and the unresolved, reminding us that romance doesn't always have to mean happily ever after." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Apr 6, 2012
2/4 No Score Yet

Wake Up Sid (2009)

Quote not available. ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Mar 2, 2012
2/4 53%

Dr Seuss' The Lorax (2012)

"It's puffed up with lots of extraneous stuff - Super fun for the kids but for grown-ups? Just fluff." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Mar 2, 2012
2/4 29%

The Vow (2012)

"The kind of featherweight fare that is enjoyed in the moment and forgotten soon after the end credits roll." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Feb 10, 2012
4/4 97%

Monsieur Lazhar (2012)

"An exquisite, humanistic and subtly topical work of cinema art that manages to keep the intimate, revelatory sensibility of a one-man play intact while fleshing out the characters and creating a very realistic and richly detailed school community." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jan 27, 2012
1/4 33%

Joyful Noise (2012)

"An unholy mess." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jan 13, 2012
4/4 93%

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

"The 3-D pops out to enhance the drama or energy of scenes in which settings are large and integral to the action." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jan 13, 2012
2/4 6%

The Devil Inside (2012)

"While it doesn't exactly reinvent the inverted cross, The Devil Inside definitely puts a nifty indie spin on the demonic possession genre." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jan 6, 2012
1/4 12%

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011)

"The obvious nods to Castaway, Lost and other pop culture references are barely worth a grin." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Dec 16, 2011
3/4 97%

Tomboy (2011)

"Tomboy reveals a side of pre-adolescence rarely (if ever) depicted on the big screen, yet it never feels like a curiosity piece, nor is Laure (Zoé Héran), the titular character, portrayed as an outsider from a troubled home." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Dec 2, 2011
3/4 46%

Happy Feet Two (2011)

"The film reminds viewers young and old that to make a positive change, sometimes the little guy at the bottom of the food chain needs to stomp his feet." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Nov 18, 2011
1/4 3%

Jack and Jill (2011)

"It's cruel and creepy, not funny." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Nov 11, 2011
3/4 84%

Mysteries of Lisbon (2011)

"A sumptuous unravelling of secrets wrapped in tantalizing stories that gradually interconnect the lives of an ensemble of characters who seduce, betray and defend each other in the years surrounding the Peninsular War." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Nov 11, 2011
3/4 84%

Puss in Boots (2011)

"It's the morally-cracked Humpty who provides the film's emotional trajectory. Puss in Boots is a fun feline frolic -- with just a little egg on its face." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Oct 28, 2011
3/4 71%

Revenge of the Electric Car (2011)

"Given Paine's penchant for B-movie-sounding titles, let's hope he gets to make it a trilogy that concludes with The Electric Car Lives!" ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Oct 14, 2011
2/4 69%

Footloose (2011)

"Footloose drags its heels to the senior prom and, when it finally gets there, shoves in one last punch-up that puts an odd spin on what should be an upbeat display of happy feet." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Oct 14, 2011
3/4 93%

Benda Bilili! (2011)

"Benda Belili! reminds us that we need to look beyond The X Factor to discover musical talent that strikes a deeper chord." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Oct 14, 2011
3/4 73%

Bellflower (2011)

"Bellflower revs the engine of an exciting new maverick." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 30, 2011
4/4 65%

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles (2011)

"Fascinating, accomplished and surprisingly emotional." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 23, 2011
1/4 17%

I Don't Know How She Does It (2011)

"The main problem is that this Boston-set flick quite unselfconsciously presents itself as if it were a pop-culture first to express ideas about the working-mom balancing act." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 16, 2011

Sarah's Key (2011)

"Scott Thomas's portrayal of her character's emotional transition ensures Sarah's Key will keep your heart open." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Aug 19, 2011
3/4 74%

The Whistleblower (2011)

"In Canadian director Larysa Kondracki's gripping based-on-a-true-story debut feature The Whistleblower, Rachel Weisz delivers a subtle yet riveting performance." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Aug 12, 2011
2/4 60%

El Bulli: Cooking In Progress (2011)

"El Bulli barely registers a pulse stronger than a book's." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Aug 5, 2011
3/4 56%

The Devil's Double (2011)

"Although The Devil's Double lacks political insight into the times it portrays, it does fashion riveting entertainment from a truly horrifying real-life story." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Aug 5, 2011
2/4 25%

The Change-Up (2011)

"Freaky, yes, but definitely not Freaky Friday." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Aug 5, 2011
3/4 90%

Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest (2011)

"A combination of timing, access, a visual aesthetic that reflects ATCQ's Afrocentric "surface philosophy" (as the crew's look is described) and, most importantly, story-conscious editing elevates the doc above the norm." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Aug 5, 2011
3/4 90%

Attack the Block (2011)

"It's a mash up of Gremlins, E.T., a stoner comedy and a monster B-movie, delivered with a visual nod to 1970s teen gang films and reflecting the comedy smarts of, well, Joe Cornish." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 29, 2011
2/4 22%

The Smurfs (2011)

"The Smurfs mostly takes place in a grown-up world of cosmetics advertising and expectant parents. Without a child character to interpret and join the action, it's a pretty dull way to introduce young viewers to the new blue crew." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 29, 2011
3/4 80%

The Last Mountain (2011)

"[A] thoughtful and elegantly made documentary." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 22, 2011
2/4 80%

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

"Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely... whip up a Captain America story that often feels like its only purpose is to deliver Steve Rogers into the 21st century." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 22, 2011
3/4 92%

Circo (2011)

"Circo takes you to the edge of human experience on a path none of this summer's superhero daredevils would ever consider taking." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 22, 2011
3/4 85%

A Better Life (2011)

"Bichir delivers a powerful, nuanced performance as a stoic but complex character who treats everyone -- even those who have wronged him -- with a dignity he rarely receives." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 15, 2011

Snow Flower And The Secret Fan (2011)

"The juxtaposition of stories about women in old and new China may have been intended to widen the audience for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, but all it does is lose the heart and pathos of See's novel in a jumbled mess." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 15, 2011
1/4 14%

Zookeeper (2011)

"Unfortunately, nobody had the good sense to call the comedy authorities and shut this Zookeeper down." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 8, 2011
No Score Yet

The Mountie (2011)

"With gorgeous cinematography, brisk pacing, evocative music, well-orchestrated showdowns and no-nonsense storytelling, The Mountie delivers an entertaining slice of Canadian history that never feels like it's a patriotic duty to watch." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 1, 2011
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