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3.5/4 83%

The Tall Man (2011)

Quote not
Posted Jan 21, 2013
77/100 83%

Touki Bouki (Journey of the Hyena) (1973)

"The final moments here, which simultaneously suggest a return to traditionalism and a new form of globalized alienation, offer open-ended ruminations on Senegal's future role in the world." ‐
Posted Aug 18, 2012
73/100 80%

Drums Along the Mohawk (1939)

"Duty leads to detachment, as is typical in Ford, and there are sterling examples here of resolute stoicism triumphing over hysteria." ‐
Posted Aug 15, 2012
70/100 No Score Yet

The Chase (1946)

"A last-act plot twist, equally likely to alienate as to fascinate, makes Arthur Ripley's obscure The Chase an especially bizarre jaunt through a nightmarish crime world." ‐
Posted Aug 15, 2012
82/100 100%

The Heiress (1950)

"[A]n outstanding literary adaptation and a superb example of Hollywood fare at its most intelligent and sharply honed." ‐
Posted Aug 15, 2012
74/100 No Score Yet

Show People (1928)

"Show People is a classic of its type, certainly more entertaining than The Artist, which recycled the same material to considerably diminished effect." ‐
Posted Aug 13, 2012
60/100 100%

The Tunnel Movie (2012)

"[It] might sound like a mundane retread of recent creature features such as Creep or The Descent, but it manages to be something a bit more haunting in practice." ‐
Posted Aug 9, 2012
62/100 55%

V/H/S (2012)

"A fairly fun ride, crafted by filmmakers who understand the genre enough to set any pretensions aside." ‐
Posted Aug 8, 2012
44/100 No Score Yet

The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry (Guilty of Murder?) (1945)

"Had it ended two minutes earlier, it would have been a considerably more successful film. Like many Hollywood dramas of the 1940s, it stumbles during its dismount." ‐
Posted Aug 5, 2012
61/100 46%

The Tall Man (2012)

"Almost to the same degree as Laugier's Martyrs, it changes its game midway through and makes audiences radically shift sympathies as its plot develops." ‐
Posted Jul 30, 2012
57/100 No Score Yet

Pitfall (1948)

"De Toth's sensitive handing of Pitfall stalls out somewhere along the way." ‐
Posted Jul 27, 2012
53/100 No Score Yet

Driftwood (1947)

"Despite any formulaic plot contrivances, Driftwood is an eminently likeable film." ‐
Posted Jul 26, 2012
50/100 No Score Yet

Mama Africa (2011)

"Kaurismaki presents the facts of Makeba's life in straightforward manner. As a result, his politics don't get in the way of his subject's." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
68/100 38%

Detention (2012)

"Its willingness to not only acknowledge but outright revel in its own shallowness is refreshing." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
9/100 67%

Ted (2012)

"Ted is dispiriting because it has no faith in us and no ambition for itself." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
54/100 44%

Brake (2012)

"It's a clever B-movie that has a number of fun twists up its sleeve." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
67/100 88%

Miracle Mile (1989)

"By focusing one frantic couple's attempts to salvage their future together it channels Cold War anxieties into something beautiful." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
58/100 No Score Yet

The Great Flamarion (1945)

"[T]he film stands out for its pessimistic view of sex and its willingness to admit that our impulses sometimes ask us to act against our better judgments." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
52/100 97%

Tomboy (2011)

"Far from surprising at any point, Tomboy nonetheless holds one's attention though its sheer force of observation." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
54/100 67%

Entre tinieblas (Dark Habits) (Dark Hideout) (1983)

"Dark Habits is a film in love with films and pop culture in general." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
69/100 No Score Yet

2081 (2010)

"In twenty-odd minutes it manages to create characters to care about, deliver a potent social message and transport us to an absurd and horrific possible future." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
56/100 81%

Nothing But the Truth (2008)

"Its surprising focus on motherhood and its strong female protagonist give this story a human interest angle." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
65/100 100%

Wake in Fright (2012)

"Wake in Fright remains powerful both as a portrait of a particular place at a particular time and as a potent assertion of the country's mindset." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
61/100 No Score Yet

Brownian Movement (2010)

"Brownian Movement becomes feminist not through Charlotte's agency, but rather in the sense that she is irreducible to a stock type due to her contradictions." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
78/100 100%

The Prowler (Cost of Living ) (1951)

"The Prowler becomes a twisted vision of American entrepreneurship, with the two leads forming a grotesque nuclear family." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
63/100 93%

Last Ride (2012)

"While the basic premise of the film is something of a cliché, the execution is nuanced and the two lead performances are never less than convincing." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
53/100 No Score Yet

The Possessed (1977)

"A made-for-television movie clearly designed to capitalize upon the blockbuster success of The Exorcist, it is more worthy than its nearly nonexistent reputation might imply." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
48/100 83%

Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)

"Rue Morgue disappoints because it gives us too little of Lugosi's hijinks, but its best scenes are nearly as memorable as anything that Universal produced during the era." ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2012
34/100 39%

[REC] 3 Genesis (2012)

"This decision to quarantine the shaky camerawork to the pre-credits exposition at once comes as an admission that the handheld cinematography is a gimmick and marks a slide into more conventional (i.e. dull) territory." ‐
Posted Jul 19, 2012
46/100 63%

Who Does She Think She Is? (2009)

"The film's clear-eyed view of the art world is tough to argue with, but routes to change in the status quo are beyond the its scope." ‐
Posted Jul 18, 2012
62/100 59%

American Pop (1981)

"This is a film that grandly overreaches, attempting to condense a century's worth of triumph and tragedy into ninety minutes. To a surprising degree it succeeds." ‐
Posted Jul 18, 2012
71/100 79%

Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (2012)

"It wouldn't just be a bad pun to suggest that this film hits you in the gut." ‐
Posted Jun 27, 2012
48/100 93%

Indie Game: The Movie (2012)

"The film becomes a cheerleader for its subjects, which limits its ability to understand them." ‐
Posted Jun 26, 2012
72/100 No Score Yet

A High Wind in Jamaica (1964)

"[It is] a criminally underappreciated movie that may be seen through the eyes of a child but is not scared to see the world as the cruel and confusing place it sometimes is." ‐
Posted Jun 25, 2012
26/100 35%

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

"[It] states the moronic what-if that serves as its central conceit right in its title, but even that is unlikely to prepare you for the turgid mess that it delivers." ‐
Posted Jun 25, 2012
67/100 No Score Yet

The Appointment (1982)

"Perhaps guilty of creating atmosphere for its own sake, The Appointment nonetheless manages to succeed in weaving a creepy spell." ‐
Posted Jun 25, 2012
55/100 61%

Wizards (1977)

"Bakshi's filmmaking is sloppy and slapdash at times, to be sure, but it is also uncompromising." ‐
Posted Jun 21, 2012
56/100 No Score Yet

Los Bastardos (2008)

"Los Bastardos manages to discard some of its stoic formalism for a final shot that is genuinely affecting." ‐
Posted Jun 21, 2012
47/100 No Score Yet

Cell Count (2012)

"With only fluorescent lights and sterile furnishings the director manages to create genuine atmosphere." ‐
Posted Jun 21, 2012
71/100 94%

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

"Moonrise Kingdom is a charming reminder of Anderson's particular talent for spinning fantasies about the collective childhood we all wish we had." ‐
Posted Jun 20, 2012
47/100 78%

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2012)

"Penelope Wilton, as the sourpuss among the group, takes top honors. She is the only one who refuses to be taken in by the cheap exoticism and trite affirmations that Hotel offers its guests." ‐
Posted Jun 19, 2012
45/100 No Score Yet

The Collapsed (2011)

"The Collapsed manages to corral its literary pretensions well enough that it manages to avoid embarrassing itself." ‐
Posted Jun 19, 2012
37/100 41%

Rock of Ages (2012)

"Rock of Ages winks at us, but the joke's on the film, which feels more dated and lame in its stale Broadway conventions than any Warrant song ever will." ‐
Posted Jun 16, 2012
66/100 71%

Scalene (2012)

"This methodical thriller becomes doubly troubling by ensuring that all of its pieces, in the final appraisal, don't fit together." ‐
Posted Jun 12, 2012
26/100 79%

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012)

"[W]e can only hope that this series of mediocrities, which has already spanned three continents, spares us the other four." ‐
Posted Jun 12, 2012
55/100 56%

Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012)

"Kidman is strong here as Martha Gellhorn, using her exceptional figure and old-fashioned movie star glamour to full effect." ‐
Posted Jun 11, 2012
41/100 10%

Piggy (2012)

"It's a shame that so much talent and energy is placed in the service of a story that feels like it has been told far too many times before." ‐
Posted Jun 11, 2012
54/100 87%

Polisse (2012)

"Ultimately, engaging as it might be from scene to scene, Polisse fails to make a convincing statement about the toll that a life spent investigating depravity takes." ‐
Posted Jun 11, 2012
65/100 85%

The Raid: Redemption (2012)

"[T]his is undeniably kinetic and definitely the work of a filmmaker with incredible action chops." ‐
Posted Jun 11, 2012
85/100 77%

A Dangerous Method (2011)

"Exploding the era of the costume drama with both its style and its ideas, David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method pushes repression to its breaking point at every turn" ‐
Posted Jun 11, 2012
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