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8.1/10 97% Weiner (2016) If the filmmakers had an agenda besides studying Weiner's character, they did a great job of hiding it. Weiner shows many facets of his personality: He can be charming and funny, but he can also be a petulant, entitled jerk. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 19, 2016
8.4/10 95% The Wonders (2015) The most impressive aspect of The Wonders is that it manages to explore so many different themes without seeming disjointed. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Oct 29, 2015
6.9/10 96% The Russian Woodpecker (2015) As far as unconvincing arguments go, The Russian Woodpecker is as sleek as they come. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Oct 22, 2015
5.4/10 33% The Bronze (2016) [Buckley's] visuals are both predictably bright and colorful, and his production design nails small-town charm as well as the odd world of Olympic gymnastics. Yet nothing ever really adds up. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jul 9, 2015
7.8/10 94% Güeros (2015) It touches on real issues like student strikes and class disparity, but does so with whimsical flexibility and self-aware humor. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 29, 2015
4.9/10 48% The D Train (2015) The D Train introduces the most aggravating character imaginable, then forces you to spend 97 minutes with him. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 7, 2015
7.3/10 85% Merchants Of Doubt (2015) When your objective is to get nothing done, you have a serious advantage. If honesty isn't a priority, things get even easier. This is the most impactful -- and the most depressing -- takeaway of Robert Kenner's documentary. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Mar 5, 2015
6.1/10 94% Hard to be a God (2015) As breathtaking as Hard to Be a God often can be, it's a monotonous slog. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 29, 2015
8.8/10 99% Timbuktu (2015) Sissako captures his story with poetic precision rather than gritty realism. Each shot is deliberately composed, and the transitions to new scenes follow a unique rhythm. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 29, 2015
8.7/10 74% Inherent Vice (2015) This film [is] one that must be seen again, if not to better understand it, then to remember the sweet feeling of reveling in its haze. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Dec 11, 2014
7.3/10 75% Camp X-Ray (2014) Payman Moaadi's performance in Camp X-Ray shines with enough humanity to illuminate the whole movie. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Oct 30, 2014
8.4/10 84% Listen Up Philip (2014) The creative elite of New York are always a prime target for satire -- so much money, yet so much malaise -- but they're rarely hit as mercilessly as in Alex Ross Perry's Listen Up Philip. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Oct 30, 2014
6.9/10 51% The Zero Theorem (2014) The Zero Theorem is at its best when it's slyly comedic, mixing clever visual gags with its mysterious plot. When it pushes things, the tone becomes unstable, and the philosophical content falls short. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 18, 2014
7.6/10 68% God Help the Girl (2014) God Help the Girl is like a pop song that is a bit unshapely and a little silly, but you can't get it out of your head. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 8, 2014
7.1/10 72% Memphis (2014) Tim Sutton's movie is a relaxed, contemplative meander through the city with this man and the people in his life. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 4, 2014
7.1/10 91% Frank (2014) Director Lenny Abrahamson finds plenty of humor in his band of misfit characters, but the movie doesn't treat their odd behavior as mere fodder for slapstick. The movie's heart lies in its understanding of their fragility. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Aug 21, 2014
8.5/10 97% Life Itself (2014) Life Itself may tell the story of a remarkable life, but it's at its most enlightening when dealing with death. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jul 7, 2014
5.7/10 76% The Last Sentence (2014) The screenplay's exposition clunks along quite awkwardly, as characters find convenient reasons to spout out background information. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 19, 2014
7.4/10 76% Chinese Puzzle (Casse-tête chinois) (2014) At it's best, this movie is pure fun. Those ignorant or forgetful of its predecessors might miss some references, but they won't have a problem enjoying its warmth, energy and humor. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 16, 2014
5.7/10 37% God's Pocket (2014) God's Pocket has all the ingredients of a mischievous black comedy, but is neither sly nor merciless enough to embrace the absurdity of its tragedy. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 14, 2014
7.9/10 76% Noah (2014) It's these uneasy shades of gray that make Noah such a compelling movie. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Mar 28, 2014
7.5/10 98% Blackfish (2013) Blackfish delivers ominous chills not because it documents orca whale attacks, but because it makes a clear, strong case that the attacks are of humankind's making. It's more Frankenstein than Jaws. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 1, 2014
8.1/10 82% Camille Claudel, 1915 (2013) Art and madness have always coexisted, but Camille Claudel, 1915 is about what happens when you take away the art and stifle a troubled, extraordinary mind. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Oct 24, 2013
6.3/10 67% 99%: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film (2013) It's not definitive, tidy or entirely cohesive, but hey, neither was the movement. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 19, 2013
2.3/10 69% Newlyweeds (2013) It's hard to determine exactly what Newlyweeds wants to accomplish, but it's plain to see that it fails. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 19, 2013
5.6/10 68% Afternoon Delight (2013) Part of Afternoon Delight wants to be a sitcom, and part wants to be a John Cassavetes film. That these two sides never find harmony is no surprise. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Aug 29, 2013
6.7/10 93% The Spectacular Now (2013) Director James Ponsoldt has adapted Tim Tharp's coming-of-age novel with heartfelt sincerity, but the movie lacks a cutting bite to push it past innocuous teenage drama to a truly deep portrait of adolescence. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Aug 7, 2013
8.2/10 95% A Hijacking (2013) A Hijacking delivers all the thrills the title suggests, but in none of the places you'd expect them. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 27, 2013
6.4/10 48% The Great Gatsby (2013) It may never come close to what you've read, but you'll definitely see something new. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 10, 2013
7.3/10 85% Kon Tiki (2013) Hagen's performance shows an unblinking determination that makes every near-death moment more unpredictable. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Apr 26, 2013
8.3/10 98% Mud (2013) Mud combines the poignance of a boy coming to terms with life's realities with the excitement of top-notch suspense. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Apr 26, 2013
6.9/10 68% Wrong (2013) This isn't a long film, but it lacks propulsion at times. Luckily, it maintains its wry outlook and never quite erases the good will that its best moments inspire. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Apr 5, 2013
7.1/10 59% The End of Love (2013) Those willing to drift along with it will find a compelling character study about a man coming to terms with himself, his son, and the people who enter their lives. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Mar 14, 2013
6.6/10 80% The World According to Dick Cheney (2013) Despite the shortcomings of the interview, the film assembles a portrait of the man's life, eventually keying in on his time as vice president to George W. Bush. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Feb 5, 2013
6.1/10 56% Escape From Tomorrow (2013) Escape from Tomorrow isn't awful, but it's the kind of film that makes you wish it were better than it is. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Feb 5, 2013
4.3/10 86% We Are What We Are (2013) We Are What We Are is a film that ought to feel like an amusement park terror ride, but instead comes off as a poor attempt at fine art. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Feb 5, 2013
9.3/10 85% Upstream Color (2013) Upstream Color builds a stunning mosaic of lives overwhelmed by decisions outside their control, of people who don't understand the impulses that rule their lives. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Feb 1, 2013
5.9/10 55% Breathe In (2014) Breathe In comes ever so close to pulling an emotionally satisfying romance from what is, at its core, a rather pervy story. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 25, 2013
7.2/10 96% Cutie And The Boxer (2013) Heinzerling combines Noriko's drawings with contemporary footage to create a story that isn't only a tale of creative minds, but an honest love story. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 25, 2013
9.5/10 98% Before Midnight (2013) Hangups, regrets and doubts have have become a greater part of Jesse and Celine's lives, and the film reflects that. But it also reminds us what made the couple such a lovable pair that they could hold our interest for 20 years. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 25, 2013
7.9/10 69% Les Misérables (2012) The film features excellent singing, for the most part, but it also emphasizes fragility in a work that's largely defined by its grandiosity. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 4, 2013
8.7/10 93% Barbara (2012) Barbara takes place in a world of such profound paranoia that it's never certain whether the title character is being overly cautious or reckless. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Dec 14, 2012
3.4/10 19% Lay the Favorite (2012) Poor Rebecca Hall. If someone had told her there was no hope for Lay the Favorite, she could have saved some energy. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Dec 7, 2012
7.9/10 84% Smashed (2012) Far from a typical tale of alcoholism, Smashed tells a very specific -- and at times quite funny -- story with rich characters. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Nov 1, 2012
6.8/10 53% Simon and the Oaks (2012) Simon and the Oaks is a lot of things, but above all, it is too much. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Nov 1, 2012
9.2/10 86% The Master (2012) The Master studies its characters with such mystique, tragedy and humor that there's not a moment that isn't enthralling. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 21, 2012
7.1/10 90% Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) Rather than trying to beat Hollywood at its own game of high-tech gadgets and weaponry, director Colin Trevorrow and writer Derek Connolly achieve a sly mix of the insane and the mundane. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 15, 2012
4/5 84% In Bruges (2008) Even when the film goes off the rails, however, it's still a fun ride. ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 22, 2008
3.5/5 96% Nanking (2007) While at times the film begins to feel like a laundry list of bad deeds, the first-person accounts pack a wallop. ‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 3, 2007
2/5 19% Chapter 27 (2007) That anyone would allow this new guy into their lives is a complete stretch. ‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 3, 2007