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John Nugent

Agrees with the Tomatometer 82% of the time.

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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
3/5 60%

War Dogs (2016)

"There's plenty of darkly funny moments, but this is a largely serious movie about an entirely serious subject." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 17, 2016
2/5 36%

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016)

"A strong cast can't rescue the repetitively crude and recklessly derivative material. Mike and Dave need a lot more help than in merely finding wedding dates." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 3, 2016
2/5 42%

The Angry Birds Movie (2016)

"...About as entertaining as avian flu." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted May 10, 2016
1/5 30%

Criminal (2016)

"We can but pray that scientists invent a procedure to remove the memory of ever watching this film in the first place." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted May 10, 2016
3/5 52%

The Take (Bastille Day) (2016)

"It rarely makes sense - the script vastly overestimates the power of the hashtag as a weapon of mass destruction - but you're never bored." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 21, 2016
4/5 98%

Zootopia (2016)

"The fictional universe it presents - a human-free world where mammals have evolved into a bustling, civilised society - is vividly realised, richly detailed and very funny." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 24, 2016
3/5 65%

Spectre (2015)

"After 53 years and 24 films, is it too much to, ahem, exSpectre bit more?" ‐ The Skinny
Posted Oct 22, 2015
4/5 94%

Sicario (2015)

"Denis Villeneuve knows how to create tension with devastating precision and stunning visual swagger." ‐ The Skinny
Posted Oct 4, 2015
4/5 61%

Legend (2015)

"As a historical account, it's problematic; as a vibrant slice of period fiction, it's boisterously, bruisingly great. " ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Sep 8, 2015
2/5 13%

Sinister 2 (2015)

"Much like the unstoppable power of supernatural forces, there's a grim inevitability to this horror sequel. " ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Aug 21, 2015
2/5 15%

Absolutely Anything (2015)

"Forgive the obvious wordplay... but truly, you'll wish you were watching absolutely anything else." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Aug 13, 2015
3/5 93%

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation (2015)

"It's hardly breaking bold new ground but Cruise is utterly reliable, his commitment to the role - and what must have been a brutal workout regime - never in doubt." ‐ The Skinny
Posted Jul 30, 2015
3/5 61%

Southpaw (2015)

"You can't help wondering what it's trying to say, and whether it's even worth saying. Does the boxing-as-redemption cliché really need regurgitating? " ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Jul 24, 2015
3/5 81%

Ant-Man (2015)

"Ant-Man's unlikely charm is just enough to stop it from being squished at the cinematic picnic." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Jul 17, 2015
5/5 99%

Song Of The Sea (2014)

"Folkloric storytelling on a lavish canvas, it boasts some of the most astonishing animation in recent memory - every frame could be framed." ‐ The Skinny
Posted Jul 6, 2015
3/5 48%

San Andreas (2015)

"The Rock, you could say, is caught in a hard place here: lumbered with a powerfully stupid script and drainingly repetitive special effects. But as so often in his career, he makes the best of it." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted May 28, 2015
4/5 93%

The Duke Of Burgundy (2015)

"Peter Strickland follows up his chilly giallo-horror Berberian Sound Studio with something altogether warmer and sweeter - though no less strange." ‐ The Skinny
Posted Feb 16, 2015
4/5 99%

Selma (2015)

"This is a film as confident and assured in its moral fortitude, and as soaringly powerful in its oratory, as the great man himself." ‐ The Skinny
Posted Feb 1, 2015
3/5 74%

Inherent Vice (2015)

"A noble failure, perhaps, but whatever you make of its unwieldy plot machinations, Inherent Vice's smoky Californian atmosphere is guaranteed to rouse your senses." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Jan 29, 2015
4/5 93%

Ex Machina (2015)

"Its thought-provoking themes will gnaw at your own humanity long after the shocking finale has bowed." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Jan 22, 2015
5/5 91%

Birdman (2014)

"Just as modern cinema seems resigned to cape-fluttering repetition, along comes something truly original. How often can you say that now?" ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Jan 8, 2015
3/5 29%

Dumb and Dumber To (2014)

"When it works, it's often down to Carrey and Bridges: they have a knack for wringing a laugh out of anything, though not exactly with much subtlety." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Dec 18, 2014
4/5 98%

Mr. Turner (2014)

"Turner, you'd hope, would be proud." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Nov 12, 2014
3/5 65%

The Maze Runner (2014)

"It may not quite a-Maze you, but for its fanbase, it will no doubt be a Runner-way hit." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Oct 9, 2014
3/5 51%

The Calling (2014)

"It's handsomely shot, filmed with a crisp, chilly edge and plenty of natural light. But the visual realism locks horns with a ruinously predictable - and increasingly silly - narrative." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Oct 9, 2014
4/5 69%

They Came Together (2014)

"Solidly funny and blisteringly smart, this is not your average Date Movie." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Sep 4, 2014
2/5 21%

Into The Storm (2014)

""I've never seen anything like this!" gravely intones weather expert Dr Allison Stone midway through Into The Storm - but alas, we have seen many, many things like this." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Aug 28, 2014
1/5 19%

Let's Be Cops (2014)

"Let's Be Cops, in three depressingly simple words, at least gives value for money: a title, a studio pitch, a high-concept plot summary, and an apt example of the astonishingly low bar this film aspires to." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Aug 28, 2014
2/5 56%

The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

"It's shot with style and verve, all extreme close-ups and moody saturated colours. But the visual prowess fails to mollify a feeling that this is all rather silly." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Jul 24, 2014
3/5 49%

Earth to Echo (2014)

"The cast do a fine job carrying the movie on their young shoulders, and navigate the rather unnecessary soapy story strands - one character has some tedious abandonment issues - with aplomb." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Jul 24, 2014
5/5 98%

Boyhood (2014)

"A unique and quite wonderful cinematic experiment which somehow manages to capture the intangible essence of life, in all its sound and fury, perhaps better than any film in recent memory." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Jul 10, 2014
4/5 91%

Locke (2014)

"Lean, engrossing, and entirely unique - you'll never look at junction 5 of the M1 in the same way again." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Apr 17, 2014
4/5 89%

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

"It boasts the best of Marvel's knowing wit and and one-liners, the grandest flex of its big-dollar action muscle, and crucially, some of the boldest plot developments yet seen in its cinematic canon." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Mar 26, 2014
2/5 51%

The Zero Theorem (2014)

"There's a confused mess of a plot which goes unresolved and lacks clarity in the extreme." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Mar 13, 2014
3/5 49%

RoboCop (2014)

"The sci-fi action is surprisingly satirical - and surprisingly entertaining." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Feb 5, 2014
4/5 75%

Lone Survivor (2014)

"Luttrell's remarkable story of survival is worth telling. Inevitably, the temptation to depict US military as consummate heroes creeps through. Yet it's a more balanced account than you might expect." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Jan 30, 2014
5/5 77%

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

"DiCaprio's a marvellous fit for the role, and his slimy charisma could charm even the steeliest of souls." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Jan 16, 2014
2/5 14%

47 Ronin (2013)

"Ultimately, this vision of feudal Japan seems to fall somewhere between a graphic novel and computer game. But even comics and games are less witless and tedious than this." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Dec 24, 2013
4/5 94%

All Is Lost (2013)

"At a time when filmmakers are desperately throwing everything at the screen and seeing what sticks, it's refreshing to see a film like All Is Lost come along and turn the more-is-more formula on its head." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Dec 24, 2013
4/5 75%

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)

"Anchorman 2 is bloated, overlong, and sometimes just downright odd. But as both a hymn to the original, and a bruising comic contender in in its own right, this is sequel that manages, against the odds, to stay classy." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Dec 18, 2013
4/5 89%

Frozen (2013)

"Disney are riding a new, confident wave at the moment, and Frozen is a new height." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Dec 5, 2013
5/5 90%

Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

"A beautifully crafted romantic drama, and greater than the sum of its parts." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Nov 21, 2013
2/5 29%

The Family (2013)

"Besson strikes a jarring tone between crime and comedy; a soundtrack of irritatingly 'wacky' accordion music prescribes a comic mood rarely met by laughter." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Nov 21, 2013
3/5 71%

Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013)

"Daniels' depiction of this era is well-balanced, gripping, and often electrifying. Occasional snippets of real-life media solidify the significance of the movement." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Nov 14, 2013
5/5 92%

Philomena (2013)

"Stephen Frears' unfussy direction - and Coogan's splendid script - maintains a confident balance across many potential conflicts: between humour and pathos, religion and atheism, revenge and forgiveness." ‐ Sky Movies
Posted Oct 31, 2013
3/5 64%

Filth (2014)

"For the most part, Filth is savagely entertaining: a cathartic, darkly funny portrait of self-destruction." ‐ The Skinny
Posted Sep 27, 2013
4/5 No Score Yet

Ikarie XB1 (Icarus XB 1) (1964)

"A classic of Eastern Bloc filmmaking, it vividly summons that early thrill of discovery - and dread of the unknown - that the space programme once invoked." ‐ The Skinny
Posted Sep 6, 2013
3/5 48%

Spike Island (2015)

"Christopher Ross's bold cinematography, in particular, helps capture the potent exuberance of the era." ‐ The Skinny
Posted Jun 19, 2013
4/5 98%

Before Midnight (2013)

"It remains as engaging, illuminating, honest and funny as its predecessor; here's hoping we revisit Jesse and Céline in another decade or so." ‐ The Skinny
Posted Jun 19, 2013
2/5 13%

Red Dawn (2012)

"The enemy may have changed, but the same fatuous paranoia, flag-fluttering patriotism, and flimsy grip on international politics remains." ‐ The Skinny
Posted Mar 14, 2013
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