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98% Chavez: Inside the Coup (2003) "Rough-hewn, improvisatory and contentedly lo-fi, the resulting documentary should prove warmly encouraging to embattled progressives of all stripes, and incidentally offers the best political date-movie of the week. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 20, 2003
68% Tattoo (2002) "A nasty, intelligent and complex thriller. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Jul 9, 2003
17% The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) "Norrington falls repeatedly into predictable fight sequences and apocalyptic explosions, drowning the few remnants of wit and subtlety under bombast and empty stylistics. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Jul 9, 2003
52% Suriyothai (2003) "Despite the exotic visuals, Western viewers may have trouble digesting a two-and-a- half-hour epic more in the tradition of Thucydides than De Mille. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 18, 2003
10% Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003) "At 82 minutes it feels longer than Lawrence of Arabia -- and a lot less funny. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 12, 2003
68% La Ley de Herodes (Herod's Law) (2000) "A bracingly sarcastic political comedy ... possessed of a baleful satiric eye for hypocrisy and greed, a delicious anti-clerical bent, and pitch-perfect comic timing. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 12, 2003
34% The In-Laws (2003) "Often extremely funny. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted May 22, 2003
35% The Real Cancun (2003) "No matter how 'real' things appear, scenarios and story arcs are relentlessly imposed upon the partay-cipants so as to finesse a narrative as crudely overdetermined and howlingly predictable as any studio-manufactured fiction. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted May 1, 2003
31% Returning Mickey Stern (2003) "The always-watchable Bologna is the adhesive holding together this slight and gentle romantic comedy, lending it perhaps more conviction and authority than the material warrants. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 25, 2003
14% Chasing Papi (2003) "Judging by Paul Rodriguez's brief cameo as a mincing beauty-pageant director, one senses that the movie is more interested in affirming lazy stereotypes than overthrowing them. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 17, 2003
26% Cradle 2 the Grave (2003) "Relentless, infantile and impossible to dislike. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Feb 27, 2003
23% John Q (2002) "A coercive script by James Kearns, and some middling direction by Nick Cassavetes, can't rob the movie of an undeniable, headlong crowd-pleasing power as it tackles an issue that touches us all. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Jan 21, 2003
22% The Hot Chick (2002) "Marks no discernible improvement on its predecessors Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and The Animal, though the sight of the deeply unprepossessing Schneider all dolled up for girlie business is good for a few shallow chuckles. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Dec 13, 2002
27% Analyze That (2002) "If only all sequels were this much fun. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Dec 5, 2002
87% The Quiet American (2003) "[Noyce] has made a good-looking, intelligent stab at the novel, mildly undermined by a tendency to seek contemporary relevance. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 21, 2002
58% Die Another Day (2002) "The niftiest Bond movie in years -- fresh, funny, and jammed to the rafters with demented stunts, Boys'-Own gadgetry and brazen promiscuity. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 21, 2002
13% Waking Up in Reno (2002) "Brady achieves the remarkable feat of squandering a topnotch foursome of actors ... by shoving them into every clichéd white-trash situation imaginable. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 31, 2002
83% All or Nothing (2002) "A strangely stirring experience that finds warmth in the coldest environment and makes each crumb of emotional comfort feel like a 10-course banquet. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 24, 2002
48% Lucky Break (2002) "The end result is like cold porridge with only the odd enjoyably chewy lump. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 21, 2002
92% Bloody Sunday (2002) "Both an admirable reconstruction of terrible events, and a fitting memorial to the dead of that day, and of the thousands thereafter. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 18, 2002
54% The Transporter (2002) "Immensely exciting and funny -- and it even has a Proust joke. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 18, 2002
68% The Grey Zone (2002) "Unlike the nauseating fictions peddled by such 'Have-yourself-a-happy-little-Holocaust' movies as Life Is Beautiful and Jakob the Liar, The Grey Zone is honest enough to deny the possibility of hope in Auschwitz. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 17, 2002
25% Formula 51 (2002) "Formulaic to the 51st power, more like. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 17, 2002
61% American Pie (1999) "It takes almost 30 intolerably slack minutes to set it up and get it rolling. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 16, 2002
14% American Outlaws (2001) "For the most part it's First Knight Way Out West all the way. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 16, 2002
45% Borstal Boy (2002) "Behan's emotional growth and confused self-examination are ably conveyed by Hatosy's spirited and well-nuanced performance. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 14, 2002
20% Knockaround Guys (2002) "A pale Xerox of other, better crime movies. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 10, 2002
31% Along Came a Spider (2001) "Freeman, as always, is a still center of dependable calm and intelligence, but Potter registers only as another generic blonde. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 3, 2002
51% The Man from Elysian Fields (2001) "Despite its dry wit and compassion, the film suffers from a philosophical emptiness and maddeningly sedate pacing. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 26, 2002
9% Stealing Harvard (2002) "Whenever Green shows up to do his semi-improvised, non-acting shtick ... this otherwise sprightly and intermittently amusing movie suddenly feels like a ship dragging its anchor. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 19, 2002
77% Quitting (2002) "Whether Quitting will prove absorbing to American audiences is debatable. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 12, 2002
75% Igby Goes Down (2002) "Culkin, a revelation here, mines every last nuance of the confusion and anger that results. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 12, 2002
89% Comment j'ai tué mon père (My Father and I) (2001) "An intelligent, moving and invigorating film. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 12, 2002
4% Serving Sara (2002) "The plot fluctuations unfold as predictably as any other cross-country buddy-buddy flick you care to mention. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Aug 29, 2002
72% Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1973) "Somehow poor pacing and this lack of visual variety manage to make a great show seem boring -- which is, I suppose, an achievement of sorts. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Aug 22, 2002
20% Long Time Since (2002) "Fascinating and irritating in equal parts. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Aug 15, 2002
88% I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (2002) "As Tweedy talks about canning his stockbroker and repairing his pool, you yearn for a few airborne TV sets or nude groupies on the nod to liven things up. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Aug 5, 2002
19% National Lampoon's Van Wilder (2002) "An effervescent campus gross-out comedy that's true to the amoral, anarchic spirit of Lampoon founder-editor and screenwriter Doug Kenney. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 1, 2002
28% Life or Something Like It (2002) "Comes on like a romantic comedy with metaphysical pretensions, but somehow these opposing aspects manage to cancel each other out, leaving us with laugh-lite comedy and, well, metaphysical pretensions. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 1, 2002
33% Resident Evil (2002) "The interchangeable males all resemble Freddie Prinze Jr., and Anderson's direction is no less anemic, making one yearn for an Escape/Quit button that, sadly, doesn't exist in this medium. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Mar 15, 2002
71% The Empty Mirror (1999) L.A. Weekly
Posted Jan 1, 2000
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