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Lost (2005)

"An assured first film." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 12, 2005

Up for Grabs (2005)

"If Wranovics is somewhat too noncommittal in his presentation, he still shows a great eye for detail." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 12, 2005

Fighting Tommy Riley (2005)

"Anchored by Eddie Jones' passionate performance as the trainer dragged from mysterious retirement, the film also benefits from its convincing milieu." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 5, 2005

Smile (2005)

"All the shallow, self-absorbed denizens of Malibu seem relieved." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 6, 2005

The Forgotten (2004)

"A pleasantly nonsensical roller-coaster ride." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 22, 2004

Silver City (2004)

"Fails to allow the talented ensemble ... time to develop Sunshine State's fine, Altmanesque ensemble feel, again and again missing the human and leaving cartoons that satisfy only as agitprop." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 15, 2004

Vlad (2004)

"It all adds up to pleasantly nonsensical mayhem." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 9, 2004

Imelda (2009)

"Diaz's portrait of Imelda Marcos attempts to get beyond the shoe thing, into the gothic heart of 40 years of Philippine politics." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Aug 19, 2004

She Hate Me (2004)

"Targets 'the decline of ethics ... from the boardroom to the bedroom,' and misses on both fronts." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jul 28, 2004

Kaena: The Prophecy (2004)

"If Kaena's alternate universe isn't nearly as fully realized as Fantastic Planet's, the 3-D imagery is often gloriously turbocharged." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jul 8, 2004

America's Heart and Soul (2004)

"Louis Schwartzberg both surprises and frustrates with this schizophrenic feature debut." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 30, 2004
No Score Yet

Bought & Sold (2004)

"Charms with its scruffy characters and nuanced multiculturalism." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 30, 2004
No Score Yet

After Freedom (2002)

"Where so many Scorsese wannabes jettison sociology in favor of mayhem, Babaian burrows into the hearts of these first- and second-generation immigrants." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 12, 2004

Off the Lip (2004)

"Surfer farce that chafes like sand in a wetsuit." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 6, 2004

Lana's Rain (2004)

"The titular precipitation in Lana's Rain is a manifestation of the badness in the world -- but here, badness is pure Lifetime Channel." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 15, 2004

A Thousand Clouds of Peace (2004)

"If first-time writer-director Julian Hernandez lets his knotted narrative get away from him too often, he nevertheless shows a miraculous sense of style for a 31-year-old." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 15, 2004

Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space (2003)

"Japanese art collective t.o.L. (Tree of Life) have taken the hipster kitsch of Hello Kitty to a delirious extreme." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Mar 31, 2004

Mayor of the Sunset Strip (2004)

"Hickenlooper can't contain Bingenheimer's incredibly generous spirit -- so generous that, while obviously uncomfortable, he lets the director into his most private moments." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Mar 25, 2004

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004)

"The filmmakers are once again able to attract comic talent to languish in underwritten villain roles (Peter Boyle), and Scooby Doo still looks more like a bobble-head doll in the rear window of a Gremlin than a dog or a cartoon." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Mar 25, 2004

Everybody Says I'm Fine! (2001)

"Bose deserves credit for the wide-eyed verve of his highly original, if over-the-top, storyline." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Mar 19, 2004

The Gatekeeper (2001)

"This earnest, shoestring indie that makes use of some sharp location shooting and sympathetic performances to rise above its often awkward staging and writing." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Mar 18, 2004

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London (2004)

"The first Cody Banks worked by playing on the immense gap between secret-agent sophistication and hormonal teenage awkwardness; volume 2 never finds a similar conceit to milk." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Mar 11, 2004
No Score Yet

Tube (2004)

"Some critics are touting Korea as the new Hong Kong, but Baek never gets out from under his H.K. precedents." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Feb 26, 2004

La Mentale: The Code (2004)

"If the plot comes off more like a reworking of Scorsese's tales of Italian-American mobsters, Boursinhac nevertheless shows a sure hand with his story." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Feb 11, 2004

Catch That Kid (2004)

"A parade of missed opportunities." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Feb 5, 2004

Paycheck (2003)

"Too smart for a mindless actioneer, and too slick to capture the full moral weight of Dick's dystopia." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Dec 23, 2003

Cheaper by the Dozen (2003)

"Nobody here, especially Martin, looks as if he's having much fun, apart from a dizzy cameo by Ashton Kutcher." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Dec 23, 2003

Suddenly (2003)

"The 26-year-old Argentine director Diego Lerman shows a sure hand in his debut, from his contrasty black-and-white compositions to his sly, jumpy edits, reminiscent of Godard." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 30, 2003
No Score Yet

Blue Hill Avenue (2001)

"The film is naive in its glorification of violence and vengeance." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 24, 2003

The Order (2003)

"All the fine cinematography can't hide the sad fact that the second half of the film delivers none of the shocks and starts required of atmospheric horror." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 11, 2003

Touchez Pas au Grisbi (Hands Off the Loot) (1954)

"A meditation on what we are left with when life has let us down, played out in the haunted eyes of Jean Gabin." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 4, 2003

Manito (2003)

"Eric Eason's assured debut succeeds in the way Larry Clark's Kids succeeded -- through a feel for the rhythms of street life, and some extraordinary casting." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 12, 2003

Daddy Day Care (2003)

"Daddy Day Care feels like a movie cribbed together from outtakes of other hapless Hollywood comedies." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted May 8, 2003

Kangaroo Jack (2003)

"Camel-fart jokes, 'local color' dialogue from those Paul Hogan Qantas ads, computer-generated flora and fauna, and a criminal waste of the talented Anderson." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jan 16, 2003

El Juego de la Banca (2002)

"Never amounts to more than a glossy comic book." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Jan 3, 2003

Treasure Planet (2002)

"It's doubtful the 'tweens' they're aiming at here still embrace Disney, and little kids don't care about back story." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 27, 2002

Ararat (2002)

"If all this sounds impossibly turgid, it is." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 14, 2002

The Santa Clause 2 (2002)

"While the film is not entirely successful, it still manages to string together enough charming moments to work." ‐L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 31, 2002
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