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81% Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) When Guardians of the Galaxy launched in 2014, it was a pure blast; the antithesis to the morose Batman. Now, it is effectively a wake in a candy shop, where nobody knows if they should be crying or getting giddy on sweets.‐ GQ Magazine [UK]
Read More | Posted Apr 26, 2017
2/5 61% Snowden (2016) Since 2013, no dinner party has been safe from discussion of the morality of the NSA whistleblower who leaked hugely sensitive information... Three years on, this pointless film runs through it all over again.‐ Sunday Times (UK)
Read More | Posted Dec 18, 2016
3/5 89% Blood Father (2016) The troubled actor hasn't been this charismatic on screen for more than a decade.‐ Sunday Times (UK)
Read More | Posted Dec 17, 2016
3/5 95% Apollo 13 (1995) Tom Hanks perfectly embodies white bread goodness as mission leader Jim Lovell and, while we may all know the ending, it's a tribute to Howard's no-frills, focused direction that the story remains undeniably gripping.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Jul 30, 2013
2/5 46% Everybody's Fine (2009) A low-key family drama that leaves no cliché safe in its quest to make everyone weep buckets. The best to hope for is that it may persuade you to reconnect with your own family. Aah.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Feb 26, 2010
4/5 89% A Serious Man (2009) A complex, non-commercial Coen film that strips back the stars for an absorbing, affectionate look at the Bros' youth.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Nov 20, 2009
3/5 47% Taking Woodstock (2009) Some will revel in it, but (younger) viewers may find Taking Woodstock old hat.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Nov 13, 2009
3/5 92% Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) It may not amount to much, but what to expect from a book about a thieving fox? Beautifully realised, it's the Anderson movie that will leave you with a smile on your face.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Oct 23, 2009
5/5 91% Fish Tank (2010) A powerful, poignant and beautiful film, Arnold crafts Brit realism at its best‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Sep 11, 2009
4/5 98% The Hurt Locker (2009) Bigelow makes a welcome return with a thrilling, edgy and, yes, explosive film about the toughest job in the world. What's The Hurt Locker? Something special.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Aug 29, 2009
3/5 38% X-Men Origins - Wolverine (2009) Good blockbuster fare. Origins lacks the magic of the previous films, but Hood does well with a franchise whose shelflife depends on which mutants are next.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted May 1, 2009
4/5 94% In the Loop (2009) In The Loop may have worked equally well on TV, but no rib is left untickled in a quickfire satire that depresses as much as it amuses. Gets our vote.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Apr 17, 2009
3/5 59% Franklyn (2008) Frustrating. Not as clever as it thinks it is, but often far better looking than you'd expect. You have to laud McMorrow for a brazen Brit debut that isn't either A) a horror or B) takes place in a gang.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Feb 27, 2009
3/5 74% Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008) Nick & Norah's tries to be the date movie for kids in skinny jeans and Cons. Thing is, it's too safe for their cynicism and while Cera and Dennings are pitch-perfect, even at 90 minutes it feels like a stretch.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Jan 30, 2009
4/5 96% WALL-E (2008) A bold, beautiful achievement.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Jul 18, 2008
4/5 76% I'm Not There (2007) A fascinating work for cinema and Bob Dylan fans alike. Haynes has painted a perfect picture tribute to the musical icon that only misses a beat in the final quarter. One actor simply couldn't do the man justice.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Dec 21, 2007
5/5 90% Heima (Sigur Ros: Heima) (2007) Heartfelt and humorous, if you're not pulsating during the Reykjavík finale you're probably kaput.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Nov 2, 2007
4/5 97% Once (2007) A film to fall in love with and take a date to, Once's heart leaps from its sleeve. Pure and simple yet multiplex-unfriendly, this fantastic musical may take some seeking out, but once found it's hard to forget.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Oct 19, 2007
4/5 87% Control (2007) As touching a biopic as you'll see all year, Control is about the loss thereof. Riley and the band excel, as Corbijn essays a mood both timeless and period-precise. At two hours, it (just) outstays its welcome, but rarely misplaces a beat.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Oct 5, 2007
3/5 54% Eagle vs Shark (2007) Contrived? Yes. Second-hand ideas? A few. But this funny ha-ha, funny peculiar indie is lifted by a stand-out female lead - and writer-director Cohen could be the southern hemisphere's Jared Hess.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Aug 17, 2007
4/5 63% Spider-Man 3 (2007) Not as sinister as expected, but Raimi has spun a deft exercise in popcorn thrills. Hold on and enjoy.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted May 4, 2007
5/5 93% This Is England (2007) The best British film of the year. You'll be floored.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Apr 27, 2007
3/5 55% Alpha Dog (2007) Lengthy and often off-hot topic, this is still a gripping saga with stand-out turns from Timberlake, Hirsch and kid-in-the-spotlight Yelchin.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Apr 20, 2007
4/5 76% Sunshine (2007) Sci-fi spectacle meets intimate drama. Murphy leads a strong ensemble cast as Boyle nails yet another genre.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Apr 10, 2007
2/5 21% Outlaw (2007) An ill-thought out film where raw, electric violence sits uneasily with moral posturing. It's time to call the cops...‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Mar 8, 2007
3/5 46% Bobby (2006) A historical timepiece reverberating now. Preachy in parts, but Estevez's Who's Who of Hollywood lights up an impressive ensemble drama.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Jan 26, 2007
3/5 62% Blood Diamond (2006) Gripping action and an excellent DiCaprio cannot disguise what is, essentially, an effective, if shallow, exposition of a hugely complex global issue.‐ Total Film
Read More | Posted Jan 26, 2007