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100% The Sopranos: Season 3 (TV, 2001) "It goes beyond The Godfather because it's punctuated with smiles, and set to a score that uses the music of big-name artists in an unusually creative way. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jul 11, 2014
50% Happily Divorced : Season 1 (TV, 2011) "Happily Divorced, similarly full of old-fashioned laughs and cast members, completes a comedy marriage made by clever programmers that shows signs of lasting past the honeymoon. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Feb 18, 2014
73% Hot in Cleveland: Season 1 (TV, 2010) "Hot in Cleveland [brings] 156 years of TV acting experience with them. It's not wasted. The sitcom is funny and fresh, and the actors appear to be having the time of their lives. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jan 28, 2014
71% Terra Nova: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "The kiddies will want to check out the dinosaurs, but children will probably wander off pretty quickly when they see how rarely their ancient reptilian friends are on screen. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Aug 20, 2013
64% American Horror Story: Murder House (TV, 2011) "Fans of the horror genre - not the splatter trash of the Saw or Chainsaw Massacre series, but the creepy, psychological, and, yes, sexy, gory stuff of classics like Rosemary's Baby or The Shining - won't be disappointed. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Oct 5, 2011
100% Homeland: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "It's no lie to say you don't get this sort of stylish and challenging stuff very frequently on TV, adult subject matter treated maturely in a series that makes you squirm and think. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Oct 2, 2011
27% How to Be a Gentleman: Season 1 (TV, 2011-2012) "CBS's new Thursday night sitcom needs to start fighting fast. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 29, 2011
88% Suburgatory: Season 1 (TV, 2011-2012) "A funny fantasyland in a hilarious family fish-out-of-water tale " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 28, 2011
35% Hart of Dixie: Season 1 (TV, 2011-2012) "Surprisingly, cast and crew succeed in making the sugary sweet illogic palatable, if not a gourmet delight. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 26, 2011
73% A Gifted Man: Season 1 (TV, 2011-2012) "A Gifted Man is solid enough, in fact, to make you forget it's a ghost story. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 23, 2011
62% Person Of Interest: Season 1 (TV, 2011-2012) "CBS does what it does best, offering a new murder-and-mayhem series on Thursday. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 22, 2011
48% Ringer: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "Splendidly silly. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 13, 2011
74% Wilfred: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "It's crude and hilarious and clearly aimed at a young male audience. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jun 23, 2011
83% Falling Skies: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "Falling Skies generates its own excitement, very much worth the ride, like Lost and Jericho, to watch characters develop as they struggle under confusing and life-threatening circumstances. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jun 19, 2011
5% The Paul Reiser Show: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "I'm not saying the copycat comedy of The Paul Reiser Show isn't funny, but it doesn't compare favorably to the cracked originality of Community or 30 Rock. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Apr 14, 2011
87% Upstairs Downstairs: Season 1 (TV, 1971-1972) "It's just a touch of the veddy, veddy humor that helps make everything so delightful before the world intrudes into Masterpiece Classic's revival of Upstairs Downstairs. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Apr 10, 2011
62% The Borgias: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "Almost swashbuckling with a cast of thousands, costumes off the charts, and enough murder, sex, and mayhem to suit . . . well, the Borgias. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Apr 3, 2011
100% The Killing: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "The Killing is the least prepossessing, an eerily quiet, yet compelling and complex, tale of the way the murder of a teenager affects the lives of many people. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Apr 3, 2011
47% CHAOS: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "CHAOS starts out in the hole by knocking the amiable and amusing The Defenders off the schedule, and it never crawls out all the way. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Apr 1, 2011
36% Breakout Kings: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "An exciting crime drama that adds to its appeal with some character types we don't often see. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Mar 6, 2011
42% Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "I hate the new CBS show Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. But that doesn't mean you'll hate it. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Feb 16, 2011
43% Mad Love: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "Maybe they should have called it "Sort of Annoying Like." " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Feb 14, 2011
47% Mr. Sunshine: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "Mr. Sunshine looks promising, with former Friend Matthew Perry playing straight man in a swirl of kooks who deliver consistent laughs. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Feb 9, 2011
65% Traffic Light: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "All five characters transcend the cheap stereotypes that lazy writers so frequently use to populate their sitcoms. That may not be enough to propel their show into syndication, but for a Fox sitcom, even cautious optimism is a step in the right direction. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Feb 8, 2011
100% The Chicago Code: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "The Chicago Code may be better than the other police commissioner show, and at least as worthy to add to your weekly TV appointment lineup. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Feb 7, 2011
74% Shameless: Season 1 (TV, 2011) "The one-hour show has as much comedy as drama, providing a satisfying and unusual viewing experience. " ‐ Philadelphia Daily News
Posted Jan 9, 2011
70% Episodes (US): Season 1 (TV, 2011) "It evolves into another Hollywood rarity: a TV show that is truly about relationships, complex and captivating for the long haul. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jan 9, 2011
92% The Walking Dead: Season 1 (TV, 2010) "Old-fashioned lurchers, lots and lots of 'em, are the ticket on AMC's much-ballyhooed The Walking Dead, based on the long-running comic book of the same name. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Oct 31, 2010
95% Luther: Season 1 (TV, 2010) "Powerful, challenging, ambiguous, surprising, dark, odd, stunning, grisly, disturbing, raw, sexy, taut, intense, captivating. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Oct 17, 2010
57% Law & Order: LA: Season 1 (TV, 2010-2011) "It's literally warmed-over Law & Order, but that doesn't mean it's unappealing. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 29, 2010
33% My Generation: Season 1 (TV, 2010) "Give ABC credit for an interesting format and a drama that isn't about doctors, lawyers, or cops. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 23, 2010
0% $#* ! My Dad Says: Season 1 (TV, 2010-2011) "There isn't a shred of fun in this tale of a curmudgeonly grandpa and his unappealing adult children. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 23, 2010
47% The Whole Truth: Season 1 (TV, 2010) "There's some minor Rashomon-style point-of-view switching as the attorneys prepare their opposing cases each week, and never know who's going to win, which makes this a bit different, and a bit more intriguing, than many standard lawyer shows. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 22, 2010
73% The Defenders: Season 1 (TV, 2010-2011) "The plots feature lots of creative legal give-and-take to keep the audience amused and guessing. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 22, 2010
64% Better with You: Season 1 (TV, 2010-2011) "The whole thing perks along like a Honda Civic and is just about as exciting. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 22, 2010
32% Running Wilde: Season 1 (TV, 2010-2011) "Wilde completes a one-hour, laugh track-free, absurdist block that gives Fox its best chance at comedy success since The Bernie Mac Show and Malcolm in the Middle. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 21, 2010
83% Raising Hope: Season 1 (TV, 2010-2011) "You can probably tell this is not your average sitcom. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 21, 2010
79% Detroit 1-8-7: Season 1 (TV, 2010-2011) "This is the kind of unit, like the ones in Homicide: Life on the Street or CSI or even NCIS, that may slowly lure viewers into the sticky web of its idiosyncrasies and personal lives. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 21, 2010
77% Mike & Molly: Season 1 (TV, 2010-2011) "It's much sweeter and funnier than it sounds. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 20, 2010
70% The Event: Season 1 (TV, 2010-2011) "Do you really want to go through that Heroes thing again? " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 20, 2010
74% Hawaii Five-0: Season 1 (TV, 2010-2011) "It's set in Hawaii. People chase each other a lot. McGarrett says, "Book 'im, Danno." And, aside from a few bars of the famous theme song, that's about all this overheated police show has in common with its famous predecessor. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 20, 2010
6% Outlaw: Season 1 (TV, 2010) "TV needs a lot of fodder to fill the schedule, but junk like Outlaw should be outlawed, with a special-circumstances punishment for completely wasting as fine a talent as Jimmy Smits. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 15, 2010
76% Nikita: Season 1 (TV, 2010-2011) "Nikita is aimed directly at 24 fans. However it is not as ambitious nor as entertaining. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 9, 2010
93% Boardwalk Empire: Season 1 (TV, 2010) "In so many ways, it's as good as television gets. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 9, 2010
69% Rubicon: Season 1 (TV, 2010) "It will take a special sort of viewer to stick with Rubicon's amblings and get to them. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Aug 1, 2010
91% The Glades: Season 1 (TV, 2010) "It goes down like gin and tonic on a blistering afternoon. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jul 11, 2010
86% Louie: Season 1 (TV, 2010) "Somebody needs to step in and tell Louis to round up a few friends and save his stand-up for the comedy specials. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jun 29, 2010
67% Pretty Little Liars: Season 1 (TV, 2010-2011) "The mystery makes Pretty Little Liars more entertaining than the tedium of Gossip Girls, and many parents might actually enjoy watching along with their young adults, who can explain why this sort of thing is so alluring to them. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jun 8, 2010
93% Justified: Season 1 (TV, 2010) "Justified hits the FX bullseyes - however many of them they might be. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Mar 16, 2010
63% The Bridge (CBS): Season 1 (TV, 2010) "It's another in a burgeoning line of Canadian cop shows making the journey south, much more stimulating than ABC's aw-shucks Rookie Blue or CBS's Flashpoint shoot-'em-up. " ‐ Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Mar 5, 2010
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