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Jonathan Trout

Agrees with the Tomatometer 77% of the time.

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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
2/5 20%

Three and Out (2008)

"Rare winning moments aside, Three and Out is unconvincing, uneven and unfunny: a severe points failure." ‐
Posted Apr 25, 2008
3/5 38%

Flashbacks of a Fool (2008)

"Despite the skilful and evocative photography, the strong cast seem to misfire against the imbalanced structure and clashing styles." ‐
Posted Apr 17, 2008
3/5 77%

Paranoid Park (2007)

"Artily composed, highly subjective and light on plot - it's still a long way from the mainstream, but well-built suspense and an instinctive feel for teen and skate life keep things ticking over until the paranoia peters out." ‐
Posted Dec 24, 2007
5/5 83%

The Sacrifice (1986)

"A difficult film - slow-paced, unashamedly theatrical and heavily laden with philosophy - yet a profoundly satifying one: a rewarding display of filmmaking mastery that forms a mystical and enigmatic coda to a legendary career." ‐
Posted Dec 7, 2007
4/5 91%

Knallhart (Tough Enough) (2006)

"Detached, muted colours, a swirling soundtrack and a well-tuned script lend polish to the grimy urban location." ‐
Posted Sep 17, 2007
3/5 100%

The City of Violence (Jjakpae) (2006)

"There's not much below the surface, and it does take time to get up to speed, but the jovial, high-energy approach and the endless charisma and athleticism of the leads makes for a superior slice of high-kicking entertainment." ‐
Posted Jun 7, 2007
4/5 71%

Lights in the Dusk (2007)

"It all sounds brutally miserable, but a spry comic flicker, and Koistinen's dim but undying hope keep things surprisingly light, while brilliantly efficient storytelling gives the human tale almost all of the short 77 minutes to unfurl." ‐
Posted Apr 9, 2007
3/5 82%

Days of Glory (2007)

"Its message is dimmed by a procession of war and race movie clichés that even the excellent cast and epic cinematography cannot revive." ‐
Posted Apr 2, 2007
2/5 39%

Goal II: Living the Dream (2007)

"Ultimately, this is relegation fodder from start to finish." ‐
Posted Feb 8, 2007
4/5 61%

Them (2007)

"77 minutes of gloriously sustained tension." ‐
Posted Jan 25, 2007
5/5 95%

Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

"Dark, dreamlike and dangerous, Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth is a fairytale every bit as scary and moving as they were always meant to be." ‐
Posted Nov 27, 2006
4/5 54%

The Protector (Tom yum goong) (Warrior King) (2005)

"Pure, dazzling, entertainment." ‐
Posted Jul 31, 2006
2/5 25%

Chat gim (The Seven Swords) (2005)

"Battle, romance, mysticism; it sounds great. It isn't." ‐
Posted Feb 21, 2006
4/5 82%

Serenity (2005)

"A gently intelligent action sci-fi with wit, drama, and emotion to spare, this is the blockbuster you've been waiting for all year." ‐
Posted Oct 7, 2005
3/5 87%

Howl's Moving Castle (2005)

"Youngsters and Miyazaki fans will coo at the world's depth and rich surreality, but opaque plotting, and a tendency to mope with Sophie whilst Howl is off affecting events let the momentum of the first act vanish into thin air." ‐
Posted Sep 17, 2005
2/5 57%

Last Days (2005)

"While undeniably beautiful, it carries little more than the obvious voyeuristic appeal." ‐
Posted Aug 29, 2005
4/5 75%

Twin Sisters (2005)

"Sweeping, stately and accomplished." ‐
Posted May 9, 2005
3/5 43%

Three Dancing Slaves (2005)

"A loving, photographic study of beautiful, bored, alienated masculinity." ‐
Posted May 9, 2005
3/5 12%

Ma Mere (2005)

"The philosophising feels bolted on and the motivations of all the characters soon become simply too alien to comprehend." ‐
Posted Apr 8, 2005
3/5 90%

Duck Season (Temporada de patos) (2006)

"Despite its tiny canvas, Duck Season soars with all the profundity and inanity of teenage life; the tenderness, the isolation, and the doomed joy of its innocent irresponsibility." ‐
Posted Mar 29, 2005
3/5 91%

Shaolin Soccer (2004)

"Funny and warm." ‐
Posted Oct 30, 2004
4/5 93%

Super Size Me (2004)

"A wonderful achievement -- entertaining, engrossing, and never far from grossing out." ‐
Posted Aug 24, 2004