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2/4 40% High Tension (Switchblade Romance) (2005) "I can't think of a better review of Haute Tension than the one given by the guy sitting behind me in the theater. I quote: 'HAHAHAHA! OH SH**! HAHA!' " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Aug 24, 2004
3.5/4 89% Memories of Murder (2003) "These are no gritty 'Dirty Harry' cops, nor are they kooky Keystone Kops. You know what they are? They're Columbo - if Columbo were the schlemiel he always pretends to be. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Aug 19, 2004
3/4 80% H (2002) "H sets up its enigmatic premise with a gruesome style and intensity, and finally ties up the mystery with ... well, nothing a little suspension of disbelief can't fix. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Aug 18, 2004
1/4 43% The Brown Bunny (2004) "The thing is, once a film gets this kind of apocalyptically awful publicity, how do you not give the public a crack at it? Did Sony drop all prints of 'Gigli' into an unmapped salt mine somewhere? No! " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Aug 16, 2004
3/4 47% Flavors (2003) "A pleasing sendup of dating, high-tech contract employment and the immigrant experience. If you're Indian-American, you can add five or six stars to any critic's rating. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Aug 7, 2004
3/4 50% Code 46 (2004) "It's a detective yarn without detecting, a thriller without thrills. But the film succeeds in atmosphere - in the contextual clues that tell you about the world we've entered. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Aug 5, 2004
2/4 72% Open Water (2004) "There are a hundred ways Open Water could have been a better movie, but ultimately you're not likely to forget it. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Aug 5, 2004
4/4 86% Garden State (2004) "What shall we call today's 20-somethings just discovering anomie for the first time? Maybe 'The Medicated Generation' fits best. Generation Med. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Aug 2, 2004
1/4 19% She Hate Me (2004) "If you're going to make a political statement, back it up. Don't give us this half-baked, atrociously acted, tin-eared, five-films-in-one, everything you want to know about sex, three's company, heather has two mommies fiasco. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jul 29, 2004
3.5/4 95% Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003) "We see a scene of the hilltop 'Hollywood' letters crumbling in flames, and it's more like a joke than a tragedy. So much for the soul of Los Angeles. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jul 28, 2004
1.5/4 57% Ju-on 2 (Ju-on: The Grudge 2) (2003) "I'm sure I've seen Juon before, but the year was 1972, the hour was midnight, it was introduced by a cackling Vincent Price and the people weren't speaking Japanese. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jul 24, 2004
2.5/4 41% Zhou Yu's Train (2004) "A nimble, playful piece of moviemaking - and still, somehow, a bit of a drag. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jul 18, 2004
3.5/4 97% Maria Full of Grace (2004) "So much is done right and so little is oversold, we can easily believe in this small story and multiply it in our minds into the thousands of human stories it represents. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jul 3, 2004
2/4 95% Before Sunset (2004) "There's enough here that a thirtysomething audience, mindful of the complexity of their lives and their own missed opportunities, might respond to. But there isn't much magic. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jul 3, 2004
3.5/4 83% Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) "These horrors, which the Bush administration does its best to hide from view, are meant to remind us of the most basic fact about war. It is hell. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jun 23, 2004
3/4 90% Persons of Interest (2004) "Persons of Interest is not bold or especially creative filmmaking. It's a document, plain and simple, and an important one. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jun 14, 2004
3.5/4 94% Down to the Bone (2005) "It's the opposite of most films about drugs vs. life because it puts life up front. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jun 12, 2004
3.25/4 No Score Yet Ferry Tales (2003) "A film that boldly goes where no man has gone before -- into the Staten Island ferry ladies room. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jun 11, 2004
3.25/4 89% Caterina in the Big City (2003) "Caterina Va in Citta has outrageously funny scenes -- but it's a very dark sense of humor. The film is really about personalities. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jun 3, 2004
1.5/4 No Score Yet La destinazione (2003) "Beyond the initial concept -- placing a thoroughly modern military man in the middle of traditional village life -- the film doesn't go deep enough to speak to a wider audience. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jun 3, 2004
3.5/4 No Score Yet Now or Never "The film is about a moment - about everything good and bad, absurd and true, in that time when ideals matter and the intoxication of rebellion takes hold before falling away. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jun 2, 2004
2/4 96% Control Room (2004) "[The filmmaker got] home with a bunch of marginal scenes and only the sketchiest chance of editing them into a story. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted May 25, 2004
1.5/4 44% Evergreen (2004) "The kind of low-budget independent movie that you see hoping for greatness -- and you leave a little let down. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Apr 30, 2004
2.5/4 59% Easy (2004) "It's easy to pan Easy as a second-rate effort to make a first-rate indie movie. But you may come away well satisfied with your hour and a half's entertainment. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Apr 30, 2004
3.25/4 No Score Yet American Beer (2004) "The film has a beer-porn quality. You may love the beer that's in your own fridge, but you'll find yourself lusting after some of the hot, sexy, young brews on naked display. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Apr 22, 2004
3.5/4 99% La Battaglia di Algeri (The Battle of Algiers) (1967) "As something similar happens to our soldiers in Iraq, it's a piece of blood-chilling horror every time we see this story from today's news repeated in a 38-year-old movie. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Apr 19, 2004
1.5/4 67% Machssomim, (Checkpoint) (2004) "Director Yoav Shamir has done too little to find significance in what we see. But we still get some sense of the checkpoints as flashpoints, where security begets hostility. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Mar 30, 2004
3/4 94% Vodka Lemon (2004) "Bleak but made with love, the film puts a warm, human face on what is really a colossal tragedy. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Mar 29, 2004
3.5/4 95% Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring (2003) "Here's what Kim Ki-duk's latest doesn't have: defecatory closeups, icepicks in the tuckus, inappropriate use of fishhooks, audience members puking, or critics passing out. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Mar 29, 2004
3.5/4 97% Read My Lips (2002) "Like the Vertigo-inspired Chinese film Suzhou River, it pays homage to Hitchcock without copying, and the results are original and thrilling in their own right. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Mar 13, 2004
3.5/4 95% The Return (Vozvrashcheniye) (2003) "Frustrating and tantalizing. View the film as a piece of art, a Hitchcockian thriller, a Lynchian non-sequitur, or a double coming-of-age story -- but don't miss it. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Mar 11, 2004
0/4 42% Twentynine Palms (2004) "It's nothing sex in a movie about nothing people doing nothing in the middle of nowhere for no reason. I think that's the effect Dumont was going for. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Mar 10, 2004
3.5/4 No Score Yet Henry Hill (2000) "Writer-director David Kantar has made a subtle but passionate film, skillfully written and winningly performed. I hope more people get a chance to see it. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Feb 24, 2004
2/4 72% Robot Stories (2004) "In two segments, wacky robots are the obvious punch lines of hackneyed plots. But the other two succeed by making technology the stimulus for much more human explorations. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Feb 16, 2004
2.5/4 73% Intermission (2003) "The results are fairly pleasing, owing to a few inspired plot surprises (keep your eye on the kid in the red jacket) and the winning personalities of the actors. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Feb 13, 2004
3/4 84% The Seagull's Laughter (Mávahlátur) (2001) "A strange mix of sexy comedy and deadly thriller from that other frigid island in the Atlantic. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Feb 13, 2004
3/4 100% A Certain Kind of Death (2003) "It's just like 'C.S.I.' only without the stars, without the glamour, without evil geniuses, cat-and-mouse games and chases. In short, without the 'C.' " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Feb 5, 2004
2.5/4 61% The Dreamers (2004) "If you could skim away all the gratuitous film-studies crud, you'd have a smaller but more intense little film, a kissing cousin of that other screen classic 9-1/2 Weeks. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Feb 4, 2004
4/4 94% Blind Shaft (2003) "A savage swipe at China as the filmmaker finds it. The new China is a place where everyone is for sale, and the lives of the once-exalted working class are the cheapest. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Feb 1, 2004
2/4 73% On the Run: Trilogy 1 (2002) "To get the desired effect, you have to see all three films, none of which is much worth seeing by itself. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jan 30, 2004
1/4 62% Un Couple Épatant (2004) "To get the desired effect, you have to see all three films, none of which is much worth seeing by itself. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jan 30, 2004
2/4 94% After the Life: Trilogy 3 (2002) "To get the desired effect, you have to see all three films, none of which is much worth seeing by itself. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jan 30, 2004
3.5/4 88% The Tracker (2003) "Has the same cinematic grandeur that people admire about John Ford's classic 'The Searchers' without that film's racist reflexes. It's mythmaking of a much higher caliber. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jan 20, 2004
4/4 No Score Yet Twilight: Los Angeles "My top film of 2000. ... As a play, this was already one of the most exciting pieces of theater of our time. The film is every bit as gripping. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Jan 13, 2004
3/4 98% Spellbound (2002) "What we see are real, uncensored personalities. These kids are bright beyond their years but still have a lot of kid in them. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Dec 31, 2003
3/4 86% Children of Love (2003) "A disconcerting faux-documentary that nonetheless offers some subtle truths about growing up with divorced parents. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Dec 31, 2003
4/4 97% S21: The Khmer Rouge Death Machine (2004) "How often do you get the chance to stare directly into the face of evil? S21 gives you that chance, and what do you know - evil's face looks just like everybody else's. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Dec 30, 2003
2/4 85% Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003) "Quentin Tarantino makes terrible movies really, really well. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Dec 30, 2003
3/4 94% The Triplets of Belleville (2003) "Built on slow, repetitive actions that quietly amuse us but don't necessarily raise our adrenaline. Still, for visual grandeur and artistic imagination, it's a sheer joy. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Dec 30, 2003
2.5/4 24% The Statement (2003) "It might have been braver to tell the truth about the Touvier case than invent a leering fiction that only hints at dark conspiracies whose workings are unknown. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Dec 12, 2003
3.5/4 54% Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) "These are visions from among the dark recesses of the mind, shoved in our faces with ruthless imagination. Even beauty. " ‐ Offoffoff
Posted Dec 12, 2003
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