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3.5/4 80% 21 Grams (2003) A melancholy meditation on guilt and grief, powered by deeply empathetic performances from the three leads. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Nov 26, 2003
2.5/4 78% Bad Santa (2003) In the end, it's hard not to be impressed by the way Bad Santa rips into sanctimonious holiday traditions with the demented glee of an 8-year-old unwrapping an X-Box. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Nov 25, 2003
8/10 90% The Magdalene Sisters (2003) A powerful piece of agitprop. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Sep 15, 2003
7/10 63% Camp (2003) Though the direction is amateurish in spots, the film boasts a winning cast of characters, energetic musical numbers ... and a genuine compassion for kids who prefer Damn Yankees to a Yankees game. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Sep 15, 2003
6/10 70% Dummy (2003) Surprisingly endearing in moments thanks to finely tuned comic performances, especially from Brody. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Sep 15, 2003
4/10 55% Home Room (2003) Its noble intentions are undermined by syrupy, movie-of- the-week direction. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Sep 5, 2003
8/10 94% American Splendor (2003) A hilarious and often touching tribute to a true American underdog. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Aug 15, 2003
7/10 73% Buffalo Soldiers (2001) There's much to recommend about Buffalo Soldiers, starting with Joaquin Phoenix, whose antihero character oozes sinister charisma, and Ed Harris, playing against type as a spineless colonel. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jul 25, 2003
5/10 46% Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003) Thoroughly mediocre kiddie flick. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jul 1, 2003
6/10 40% The Hard Word (2003) Caper flicks should stay two steps ahead of the audience, and this one just barely keeps pace. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jun 13, 2003
7/10 76% Respiro (2003) The real stars of the film are the kids, who realistically convey the pains and pleasures of life on an island seemingly left behind by time. ‐ Citysearch
Posted May 22, 2003
8/10 81% Blue Car (2003) Moncrieff unfolds the tale with the bare-bones grace of an expert novelist, making subtle connections but never telling the audience how to feel. ‐ Citysearch
Posted May 1, 2003
4/10 14% View from the Top (2003) The movie floats around aimlessly between condescending dumb-blonde comedy, soggy love story and follow-your-destiny corn. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Mar 20, 2003
5/10 73% He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (2002) Exploring the flipside of Tautou's adorable pixie is an interesting idea, but this movie just isn't up to the task. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 19, 2003
6/10 71% All the Real Girls (2003) The film's strengths are overshadowed by Green's flawed script, which wobbles awkwardly between art-house eccentricity and trite Hollywood sentimentality. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 19, 2003
9/10 90% Cidade de Deus (City of God) (2003) The cast of unknown actors, many from the real ghetto, provides the movie with unexpected heart and humor. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jan 24, 2003
8/10 73% The Slaughter Rule (2002) The movie has a richness that blows away most first features, not to mention most sports movies. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jan 16, 2003
9/10 96% The Pianist (2002) It's an unforgettable story, and a welcome return to form for Polanksi. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Dec 24, 2002
8/10 85% About Schmidt (2002) An utterly believable and gut-wrenching portrait of Midwestern loneliness. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Dec 19, 2002
7/10 75% Gangs of New York (2002) Not surprisingly, director Martin Scorsese delivers an ambitious spectacle with jaw-dropping sets and bone-crunching battles. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Dec 19, 2002
3/10 44% Better Housekeeping (2002) As pure over-the-top trash, any John Waters movie has it beat by a country mile. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Nov 21, 2002
6/10 87% Far From Heaven (2003) The performances here are impeccable ... and Haynes has created a beautiful world that seems eternally stuck in autumn, but the plodding, hesitant story feels as artificial as the Whitaker's love life. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Nov 7, 2002
7/10 72% Auto Focus (2002) The strong performances do make it worth a look. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Oct 17, 2002
5/10 83% Real Women Have Curves (2002) The film is hampered by its predictable plot and paper-thin supporting characters. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Oct 17, 2002
6/10 63% Below (2002) The movie stays afloat thanks to its hallucinatory production design. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Oct 10, 2002
7/10 96% Bowling for Columbine (2002) While there's obviously no single easy answer to the questions his film raises, Moore jumps from topic to topic without ever really digging below the surface or looking for counterpoints. That said, his questions are crucial ones. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Oct 10, 2002
8/10 81% Biggie and Tupac (2002) While Broomfield's film doesn't capture the effect of these tragic deaths on hip-hop culture, it succeeds as a powerful look at a failure of our justice system. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Oct 2, 2002
6/10 75% Secretary (2002) With its rushed pace and isn't-this-wacky soundtrack, the film exudes TV shallowness, and by the time it arrives at its absurdly happy ending, it has all the impact of a pinch. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Sep 20, 2002
2/10 9% Stealing Harvard (2002) Green might want to hang onto that ski mask, as robbery may be the only way to pay for his next project. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Sep 12, 2002
8/10 81% The Good Girl (2002) Chuck and Buck, director Miguel Arteta and writer Mike White have crafted an insightful portrait of inertia, and offer a complex look at the fine line between victim and victimizer. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Sep 6, 2002
8/10 81% One Hour Photo (2002) After years of rehashing the cuddly genie from Aladdin, Williams reminds us why he became a star in the first place. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Aug 21, 2002
5/10 74% Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (2002) Though the sequel's brisk pace and imaginative monsters should keep kids relatively fidget-free, it fails on almost every other level. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Aug 6, 2002
6/10 38% Full Frontal (2002) Reasonably entertaining, until you realize that Soderbergh doesn't have much more on his mind than some not-very-revealing observations about Tinsel Town artifice. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Aug 1, 2002
8/10 92% The Kid Stays in the Picture (2002) This real-life Hollywood fairy-tale is more engaging than the usual fantasies Hollywood produces. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jul 26, 2002
10/10 89% The Cockettes (2002) A fascinating case study of flower-power liberation -- and the price that was paid for it. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jul 24, 2002
7/10 97% Read My Lips (2002) Devos' performance goes a step further: She gets us rooting for Carla, even though we know she's just setting herself up for more pain. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jul 15, 2002
6/10 44% Mama Africa: Growing Up Urban (2002) Each story is built on a potentially interesting idea, but the first two are ruined by amateurish writing and acting, while the third feels limited by its short running time. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jun 10, 2002
8/10 90% Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat) (2002) If you can surrender to the pace, it's more deeply satisfying than your usual summer fare. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jun 10, 2002
7/10 84% Elling (2002) Fortunately, Elling never gets too cloying thanks to the actors' perfect comic timing and sweet, genuine chemistry. ‐ Citysearch
Posted May 29, 2002
7/10 58% The Importance of Being Earnest (2002) Witherspoon puts to rest her valley-girl image, but it's Dench who really steals the show. ‐ Citysearch
Posted May 28, 2002
8/10 92% Insomnia (2002) Pacino hasn't been this good in ages, dropping his usual mannerisms to dig deep into his multi-layered character, and Williams makes a chillingly serene psycho. ‐ Citysearch
Posted May 24, 2002
2/4 94% About a Boy (2002) Though ultimately derailed by an underdeveloped romance and an overly sappy ending, About a Boy shows signs that the Weitz brothers are near cinematic adulthood. ‐ Citysearch
Posted May 17, 2002
2/4 88% Late Marriage (2002) The screenplay is too obvious in its critique of arranged marriages, and its portrayal of Zaza's malicious parents is smugly cynical. ‐ Citysearch
Posted May 17, 2002
2/4 41% Night at the Golden Eagle (2002) Too bad writer-director Adam Rifkin situates it all in a plot as musty as one of the Golden Eagle's carpets. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Apr 26, 2002
3/4 57% Jim Brown: All-American (2002) A well-rounded tribute to a man whose achievements -- and complexities -- reached far beyond the end zone. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Mar 22, 2002
2/4 36% Stolen Summer (2002) Ultimately ... the movie is too heady for children, and too preachy for adults. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Mar 22, 2002
71% Princesa (2001) Up until its oddly flat ending, Princesa is an honest depiction of the way dreams can backfire. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Dec 17, 2001
89% Trembling Before G-d (2001) The personal stories in Sandi Simcha DuBowski's film are as beautifully and softly braided as challah bread. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Oct 24, 2001
69% Chop Suey (2001) Weber comes across as dishonest about his true interest in the gorgeous wrestler at the center of his film. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Oct 8, 2001
91% Dinner Rush (2001) It's refreshing to see a food film that for once doesn't pour on sentimental cooking-as-life metaphors. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Oct 8, 2001