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Kathy Cano Murillo
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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
2/5 76% Teacher's Pet (2004) Will leave kids bored and parents scratching their heads.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jan 15, 2004
4.5/5 89% In America (2003) A genuine, refreshing film about embracing life's challenges and rewards.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Dec 11, 2003
4/5 95% The Station Agent (2003) It's a gem to savor.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Nov 6, 2003
2/5 14% Beyond Borders (2003) Beyond Borders is aptly titled. It should be placed way beyond the border, where it can't be seen.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Oct 23, 2003
4/5 58% Casa de los Babys (2003) A raw slice of life that goes beyond the obvious external issues.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Oct 16, 2003
3/5 44% Good Boy! (2003) A swell flick for kid.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Oct 9, 2003
3/5 54% A Wedding for Bella (2003) Like a biscotti, this film is a yummy little nugget to enjoy for a short time, but not much more.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Oct 3, 2003
3/5 88% The Son (2003) A substantial story about how one man handles his personal turmoil.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Sep 25, 2003
4/5 13% The Legend of Johnny Lingo (2003) This exotic little New Zealand film about an outcast island boy is full of surprises that will make even the grumpiest viewer crack a smile.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Aug 28, 2003
4/5 90% The Magdalene Sisters (2003) Will make you furious and dejected, but in the end it offers an optimistic if unsettling twist.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Aug 28, 2003
3/5 63% Camp (2003) A poor man's Fame. If you can live with that, it makes for a somewhat entertaining experience.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Aug 22, 2003
3/5 46% Spy Kids 3-D - Game Over (2003) The 3-D effect isn't as breathtakingly crisp as it is in James Cameron's Ghosts of the Abyss for the IMAX format, but it's still a blast to experience, especially for first-timers.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jul 25, 2003
2/5 28% How to Deal (2003) There's one way to deal with Mandy Moore's new drama, How to Deal: Don't.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jul 17, 2003
3/5 41% Rugrats Go Wild (2003) Aside from its clever premise, it doesn't offer much more than what we've seen on TV. Still, for the kids, it's fast and fun.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jun 12, 2003
3/5 47% City of Ghosts (2003) A long, winding, but decently layered modern film noir.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted May 29, 2003
3/5 64% The Dancer Upstairs (2002) Delivers a haunting story of crime and passion.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted May 15, 2003
4/5 96% Raising Victor Vargas (2003) The film offers a realistic and funny slice of life.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted May 1, 2003
2/5 35% The Real Cancun (2003) Spring break is meant to be wild and self-serving, packed with embarrassing, even shocking, memories. But when six camera crews follow every step of it -- 'Dude, too much information!'‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Apr 24, 2003
2/5 31% Malibu's Most Wanted (2003) Malibu's Most Wanted is nothing to pinch your nose over, but it doesn't give Kennedy the street cred we know he's capable of.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Apr 18, 2003
3/5 41% The Core (2003) Despite its predictability, The Core offers a healthy serving of suspense and special effects.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Mar 28, 2003
4/5 96% Elsker Dig For Evigt (2002) Open Hearts is a heart-wrenching soap opera that even The Young and the Restless can't compete with.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Mar 21, 2003
3/5 57% The Guru (2002) It's goofy enjoyment that will have you humming Grease tunes the rest of the day.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jan 31, 2003
3/5 74% Heaven (2002) Heaven doesn't exactly reign on high, but it does make for a soul-searching experience.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Nov 2, 2002