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6.3/10 86% Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong (2016) "Ting's occasional insights into characters negotiating cultural differences and professional/personal transitions are bound to linger long after the specific details of its characters have faded from memory. " ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Feb 11, 2016
2.5/4 84% Deadpool (2016) "The whiplash contrasts between snideness and sincerity are deeply rooted in the main character's psychology. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 6, 2016
5.8/10 79% Ip Man 3 (2016) "[It's for] surface appeal that one can safely turn to these Ip Man movies-and to The Grandmaster for the deeper story of the martial arts legend. " ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 21, 2016
3/4 57% The X-Files: Season 10 (TV, 2016) "A vision of pessimism laced with empathy for outsiders continues to animate the series. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jan 21, 2016
2/4 5% Martyrs (2016) "Rarely does it threaten to be the scarring and unsettling experience Laugier's darker and grimier film is, warts and all. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jan 18, 2016
7/10 92% The Treasure (2016) "The Treasure has a broader social vision underpinning its surface subversion. " ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 7, 2016
3.5/4 92% Anomalisa (2015) " with the greatest works of art, Kaufman's film transcends its depressive trappings and becomes genuinely enlivening in its clear-eyed vision... " ‐ Movie Mezzanine
Posted Dec 30, 2015
2/4 60% Sisters (2015) "A regurgitation of Apatowian formula, wherein ostensibly edgy humor hides a core of conservative moralizing. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Dec 16, 2015
A- 100% Right Now, Wrong Then "As ever with this acute observer of human foibles in the game of romance, Hong manages to draw blood with the most drolly genteel of means. " ‐ The Playlist
Posted Dec 9, 2015
1.5/4 31% Don Verdean (2015) "If the film is any indication, Jared and Jerusha Hess remain committed to clotting up the screen with ostensibly charming "eccentricity." " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Dec 6, 2015
6/10 71% The World Of Kanako (Kawaki) (2015) "If The World of Kanako is ultimately difficult to wholly dismiss as simply an extended wallow in escalating unpleasantness, much of this can be credited to Koji Yakusho's performance. " ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Dec 3, 2015
1.5/4 62% Legend (2015) "Given how Legend's script is so bereft of insight into its characters' psyches, perhaps there's only so much even an actor of Hardy's stature can do. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Nov 18, 2015
2/4 33% My All American (2015) "All of the film's nuances are are ultimately negated by the its relentless canonization of its subject. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Nov 12, 2015
2/4 80% Man Up (2015) "Lake Bell and Simon Pegg's star wattage isn't enough to distract from the sense that their characters are almost exclusively defined by their single-ness. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Nov 9, 2015
A+ 100% Out 1, Noli Me Tangere "If the recent rise and fall of Occupy Wall Street is any indication, Rivette's playful yet deeply serious lament for the faded hopes of a whole generation will continue to be relevant as long as people dare to dream about reshaping the world. " ‐ The Playlist
Posted Nov 7, 2015
3/4 87% The Peanuts Movie (2015) "Failure hovers over the film as much as it did in Schulz's comic strip, infusing even its most ebullient set pieces and designs with a sense of melancholy. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Nov 4, 2015
2.5/4 16% The Last Witch Hunter (2015) "It has enough ingredients for a reasonably entertaining fantasy adventure--except, that is, for an interesting lead character with an emotionally compelling hook. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 21, 2015
3/4 81% Sunset Song (2016) "If this adaptation of Lewis Grassic Gibbon's 1932 classic of Scottish literature doesn't always escape a feeling of aesthetic and dramatic conventionality, the film is nevertheless so visually resplendent, beautifully acted, and deeply felt. " ‐ Movie Mezzanine
Posted Oct 15, 2015
2.5/4 76% Goosebumps (2015) "Some of the wittier one-liners and more affecting emotional moments feel undermined by the frenzy of chaotic excess. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 11, 2015
2.5/4 72% The Final Girls (2015) "It lobs a grenade at slasher-movie sadism by making us care about the characters as more than just body-bag fodder. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 7, 2015
3/4 100% My Golden Days (Trois Souvenirs De Ma Jeunesse) (2016) "Arnaud Desplechin tries his hand at a coming-of-age tale, and does so with equal doses of mature reflection and youthful impetuosity. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 2, 2015
2/4 75% Where to Invade Next (2016) "As informative and passionate as he often is on screen, he also always toes the line toward shooting himself in the rhetorical foot with his own thuggish persona. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 30, 2015
2.5/4 92% The Lobster (2016) "The near-surgical precision with which Yorgos Lanthimos approaches the most surreal of conceits turns out to be a double-edged sword. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 27, 2015
1.5/4 71% He Named Me Malala (2015) "The effect of the film's animated sequences is to distance the viewer from real-life horrors--another misguided attempt at turning recent history into instant myth. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 27, 2015
2/4 40% About Ray "How does a film about a transgender teenager manage to morph into a conventional romantic melodrama? " ‐ Movie Mezzanine
Posted Sep 17, 2015
C- 68% Miss You Already (2015) "The under-imagined characters have the effect of dulling out one's interest in them -- fatal to a story that depends on engendering our emotional involvement to make the tearjerking moments land effectively. " ‐ The Playlist
Posted Sep 15, 2015
1.5/4 17% The Transporter Refueled (2015) "The titular Transporter is now but a blank slate serving the characters and mayhem surrounding him, a walking metaphor for a franchise that's run out of gas. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 3, 2015
1/4 8% Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) "If first-timer Aleksander Bach's choices as a director are any indication, he's a filmmaker who cares less about characters and actors than about dubious surface dazzle. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 19, 2015
2.5/4 67% The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) "Temperamentally, Buy Ritchie aligns more with the lithe, James Bond-like Solo: detached, above-it-all, eternally cool under pressure. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 12, 2015
1/4 20% Big Sky (2015) "Jorge Michel Grau's ambitions are stalled by a screenplay that seems to have never made it past a first draft. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 10, 2015
2/4 43% A Little Chaos (2015) "Alan Rickman's film is consistently, and often dispiritingly, mired in the quaint tradition of the classy costume drama. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jun 25, 2015
2.5/4 79% Infinitely Polar Bear (2015) "aya Forbes reveals herself as a sunny optimist, insistent on remembering the ecstatic highs and never dwelling on the despairing lows. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jun 15, 2015
2.5/4 64% Dark Star: HR Giger's World (2015) "It weaves through past and present, memories and reality, analysis and history, like a mercurial mind reminiscing seemingly at random. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted May 11, 2015
2/4 51% 5 Flights Up (2015) "Ira Sachs, for all the tenderness of feeling he brought to Love Is Strange, wouldn't have countenanced the stacked-deck sentimentality that lies at this film's heart. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted May 4, 2015
1.5/4 78% Hyena (2015) "The Gerard Johnson film's blanket cynicism is its most shopworn quality of all. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Apr 27, 2015
32% Anesthesia (2016) "The characters may feel less like thesis-demonstrating pawns than Haggis's characters do, but the end result feels about as manipulative. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Apr 25, 2015
59% The Emperor's New Clothes (2015) "Instead of any sense of intellectual curiosity to add depth to his agreeably impassioned anger, there's only a preaching-to-the-choir sense of foregone conclusions. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Apr 25, 2015
63% Sleeping with Other People (2015) "For all its gestures toward taking a more thoughtful approach toward genre tropes, it ultimately ends up conforming to them. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Apr 23, 2015
26% Dirty Weekend (2015) "It rarely feels like it's taking place in anything but a screenwriter's insular simulation of reality. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Apr 22, 2015
2/4 76% Felix & Meira (2015) "Maxime Giroux's sharp filmmaking instincts aren't always supported by similarly acute dramatic instincts. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Apr 13, 2015
3/4 100% Court (2015) "Chaitanya Tamhane's grand canvas is Indian society as represented by its legal system, and what it reveals is none too flattering. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 14, 2015
3/4 96% Listen To Me Marlon (2015) "Stevan Riley finds fascinating ways to put all of the video and audio footage together to suggest, among other things, how Marlon Brando's personal life affected his Method approach to acting. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 14, 2015
84% Cinderella (2015) "It's been made with enough care and belief in its material that it manages to refresh our relationship to the iconic tale. " ‐ House Next Door
Posted Mar 11, 2015
87% Mr. Holmes (2015) "The central mystery of Mr. Holmes is more emotional in nature than simply procedural. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 14, 2015
96% 45 Years (2015) "As was the case with his debut feature, Weekend, Haigh works in a familiar slow-burn mode, one in which high drama and extravagant visual invention is generally suppressed in favor of close observation of human behavior. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 14, 2015
6% Queen of the Desert " All the film adds up to, unfortunately, is a sweeping romantic epic made with barely any persuasive romantic feeling underpinning it. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 10, 2015
50% Knight of Cups (2016) "With Knight of Cups, Terrence Malick achieves the sense of stylistic ossification that many accused his last feature, To the Wonder, of embodying. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 9, 2015
94% The Forbidden Room (2015) "It has a Russian-nested-doll feel, with storylines, characters, and motifs weaving in and out of each other while the narrative itself seems to dive into one rabbit hole after another. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 6, 2015
3/4 98% Paddington (2015) "The film recalls its stylistic forbears at their best: flowing with whimsy, but never at the expense of the beating heart of its human (and animal) characters. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jan 12, 2015
2.5/4 94% The Search For General Tso (2015) " Director Ian Cheney doesn't delve too deeply into the possibly unsettling questions the documentary raises about society at large. " ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Dec 29, 2014
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