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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
1.5/4 44%

Love Me if You Dare (2004)

"It doesn't point toward a new way to live our lives; it smugly applauds the 'radical' choices of one self-absorbed, sociopathic boy-girl couple." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Jul 2, 2004
3.5/4 74%

Les égarés (Strayed) (2003)

"If Bon Voyage ... didn't satiate your desire for films about the Nazi occupation of France in World War II, you're in luck. Another one has washed up on our shores, and it's even better." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Jun 25, 2004
3/4 89%

Kitchen Stories (2004)

"What you're left with is a relationship between two men that is untouched by macho posturing or any trace of anxiety -- and a perfect respite from the action flick mentality." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Jun 17, 2004
2.5/4 26%

A Slipping-Down Life (1999)

"The film does little more than clock the highs and lows of another of cinema's many, many, many couples." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted May 27, 2004
3/4 95%

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring (2003)

"The payoff of this intoxicating film is less a deep, coherent message than a series of gorgeous surface images: the smoky visuals, the calm, committed rapport with nature, the dramatic seasonal shifts." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted May 13, 2004
3/4 76%

Bon Voyage (2004)

"It's an utterly accessible, thoroughly entertaining World War II thriller whose mild comedic touches detract not a whit from the haunted memory of Nazi occupation." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted May 7, 2004
2.5/4 24%

The Statement (2003)

"All Jewison has to offer us is an exquisitely packaged reminder of the Catholic Church's collaboration with the Vichy government. But why distort history when your sole purpose is to offer a history lesson?" ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Mar 25, 2004
3/4 36%

Neil Young - Greendale (2004)

"The ceaseless 4/4 lumber of Young's perennial backing band, Crazy Horse, combined with the aggressive grunginess of the imagery, bespeaks commitment, and a sense of purpose." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Mar 11, 2004
2.5/4 68%

Zero Day (2003)

"Zero Day simply proves that feel-bad films are no more instructive than feel-good films." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Mar 5, 2004
1.5/4 89%

Im Juli. (In July) (2001)

"We've been to this place many times before, folks: An overly fastidious, brainy male gets led through a series of zany adventures by a free-spirited female, and the moral of the story is to not live life so cautiously." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Feb 12, 2004
2/4 72%

Girl With a Pearl Earring (2004)

"For the most part, Girl With a Pearl Earring is simultaneously heaving and static, like the cover of a Harlequin romance novel and about as exciting to contemplate for more than 90 minutes." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Jan 29, 2004
2/4 19%

Chasing Liberty (2004)

"Amounts to little more than a nearly two-hour travelogue of Europe, a la The Lizzie McGuire Movie." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Jan 8, 2004
2.5/4 82%

Gigantic (2002)

"Suffers the same banal fate of most band documentaries. It's essential for rabid fans but even ordinary ones will live rich and meaningful lives without ever having seen one minute of it." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Aug 21, 2003
1/4 63%

Camp (2003)

"A film best avoided by teenage misfits of any stripe." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Aug 21, 2003
4/4 88%

The Cuckoo (2003)

"Demonstrates how little communication has to do with language. And isn't that what the greatest films show us?" ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Aug 15, 2003
2/4 56%

Northfork (2003)

"Beware of smarty-pants filmmakers run amok in small-town America." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Aug 7, 2003
2.5/4 76%

Respiro (2003)

"After 90 minutes of policing female sexuality, the film is left with little to say on the matter." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Jul 8, 2003
3/4 90%

Whale Rider (2003)

"For a better look at the sexism behind ancestral traditions, try Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi's masterpiece The Circle. But this easier-to-take film has an intoxication all its own." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Jun 27, 2003
3/4 73%

Together (He ni zai yi qi) (2003)

"What makes it all work in the end is the actors, especially Tang Yun as the child prodigy." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Jun 13, 2003
1/4 64%

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Kaubôi Bibappu: Tengoku no Tobira) (2003)

"A joyless hatchet job." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Jun 13, 2003
2.5/4 73%

The Italian Job (2003)

"A 'robbers and robbers' film that fails to distinguish itself from any of the others." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted May 29, 2003
4/4 96%

Time Out (L' Emploi du temps) (2001)

"[A] rare, beautiful film." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Jun 14, 2002
2.5/4 84%

La Stanza del Figlio (The Son's Room) (2002)

"Moretti plays Giovanni, a psychiatrist who predictably finds it difficult to sustain interest in his profession after the family tragedy. Too predictably, in fact." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted May 30, 2002
3/4 48%

The Triumph of Love (2002)

"Has an unmistakable, easy joie de vivre." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted May 9, 2002
2/4 49%

Harrison's Flowers (2002)

"It's as if the complex backdrop of war could support only the most generic melodrama." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Mar 15, 2002
3/4 89%

101 Reykjavik (2001)

"The director wisely resists the temptation to treat slackerdom as just a blase counterpoint to the craziness of the world." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Mar 8, 2002
2.5/4 23%

John Q (2002)

"It looks much more like a cartoon in the end than The Simpsons ever has." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Feb 15, 2002
2.5/4 60%

Hart's War (2002)

"[E]ventually, every idea in this film is flushed down the latrine of heroism." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Feb 14, 2002

Slackers (2002)

"The unique tug-of-war with viewer expectations is undeniable, if not a pleasure in its own right." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Feb 1, 2002

I Am Sam (2001)

"Each heart-tuggingly placed Beatles tune and life-affirming moment of triumph pats us on the back just for sitting through such a socially responsible film." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Jan 25, 2002

Come Undone (2000)

"If you found films like But I'm a Cheerleader or Edge of Seventeen profoundly unimaginative, Sebastien Lifshitz, making his directorial debut, has something to show you." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Dec 14, 2001

Focus (2001)

"What we're left with suspiciously resembles a moderately clever episode of The Twilight Zone." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Dec 7, 2001

Cure (1998)

"Don't expect the meticulously honed story of Seven or an evening of pretzel-raveling a la Memento. But if you've had a particularly stressful workweek, it'll make you question whether the stress was worth it." ‐Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted Dec 7, 2001
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