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Kevin McCarthy

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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
3/5 80%

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

"The flick's action sequences and cinematography save the film from the awful pacing and cheesy romance. The real star is the shield! Stay away from the post-converted 3D. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Jul 21, 2011
4/5 96%

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 (2011)

"As a standalone film, it delivers intense and engaging action. Though, I couldn't help but feel a bit underwhelmed by the final battle sequence we have waited ten years to see." ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Jul 13, 2011
4/5 35%

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

"Bay has mastered and improved upon Cameron's technology to create a mind-blowing, nerd-tear shedding, action experience that is finally worth seeing in 3D!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Jun 28, 2011
1/5 26%

Green Lantern (2011)

"Green Lantern is lifeless, lacks emotional connection, charisma, good special effects, a flowing story-line and everything else that makes a movie entertaining. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Jun 15, 2011
5/5 82%

Super 8 (2011)

"A mind-blowing masterpiece. The films works perfectly on both an emotional and suspenseful level. Every aesthetic from Giacchino's score to Abrams' use of lens flares was epic!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Jun 8, 2011
4/5 86%

X-Men: First Class (2011)

"Nerd tears came streaming down my face everytime Michael Fassbender took the screen for his epic performance. Entertaining, fun, action-packed and thankfully not in 3D!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Jun 2, 2011
2/5 33%

The Hangover Part II (2011)

"You already paid for and saw this film two years ago. Though, the version you saw then was a thousand times better. Beyond disappointing!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted May 25, 2011
4.5/5 77%

Thor (2011)

"Masterfully directed by Branagh, Thor delivers a Shakespearian-esque superhero flick with epic action, performances & emotions making it the strongest Marvel film to date." ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted May 6, 2011
4/5 77%

Fast Five (2011)

"Easily the best film in the series! If you can turn your brain off and not be too persnickety about dialogue and acting, you will be blown-away by the action! " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Apr 28, 2011
4/5 60%

Water for Elephants (2011)

"Water for Elephants is a beautiful and captivating film that you will never forget! Robert Pattinson delivers a magnificent performance alongside Witherspoon and Waltz!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Apr 21, 2011
3/5 59%

Scream 4 (2011)

"Scream 4 has the perfect opening and then slowly declines to a slightly above average slasher flick. It could have used more scares and less self-aware satire shtick." ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Apr 13, 2011
1.5/5 27%

Your Highness (2011)

"Your Highness is painfully bad!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Apr 7, 2011
2.5/5 26%

Arthur (2011)

"Did Arthur need to be remade? The short answer is no but Brand does bring an entertaining charisma to a rather dull and average script. Catch a matinee!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Apr 7, 2011
4.5/5 71%

Hanna (2011)

"Bad-A**!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Apr 7, 2011
2.5 66%

Insidious (2011)

"The film delivers haunted house-type scares throughout but I just wish the second half was as good as the first. Wait for the flick to come out on DVD. " ‐ WJFK-FM (CBS Radio)
Posted Mar 31, 2011
4.5 92%

Source Code (2011)

"You know a movie is amazing when you don't want to get up to use the restroom in fear that you'll miss a single frame. I just wish it ended five minutes earlier." ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Mar 31, 2011
2/5 10%

Red Riding Hood (2011)

"Red Riding Hood is basically a beautifully photographed episode of 'Days of Our Lives.' The script is laughably bad. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Mar 10, 2011
2.5/5 35%

Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

"Whoever cut together the epic first trailer for Battle:LA deserves an Academy Award. There is a reason why we hear no dialogue in that trailer..." ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Mar 10, 2011
4/5 87%

Rango (2011)

"Anytime you have a rattlesnake attached to a machine gun and voiced by Bill Nighy, you can sign me up. Cleverly written, not for kids and not in 3D. Go see it. Now." ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Mar 4, 2011
5/5 72%

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

"While the film's source material dates back to 1954, it is still one of the more original, though-provoking and down-right entertaining films to hit the big screen in years." ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Mar 4, 2011
2.5/5 33%

I Am Number Four (2011)

"The flick should be called I Am Number Six because Teresa Palmer steals the show with minimum screen time. I wish the movie was as good as the last twenty minutes. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Feb 18, 2011
4/5 56%

Unknown (2011)

"There is a car chase sequence in Unknown that is so awesome, even Steve McQueen would be impressed. Liam Neeson needs to play these types of roles from now on! " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Feb 18, 2011
3.5/5 64%

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2011)

"Never Say Never is a legit documentary made for the fans and the haters. I dare anyone to watch this movie and tell me they weren't inspired. The 3D was fantastic!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Feb 9, 2011
2.5 20%

The Rite (2011)

"The Rite is just another exorcism film that will be forgotten in a long line of films that have followed The Exorcist. Look out for Colin O'Donoghue though!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Jan 27, 2011
2.5 53%

The Mechanic (2011)

"There is a line of dialogue said by Tony Goldwyn's character that is worth the entire price of admission! Other than that, the rest of the film is mediocre at best." ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Jan 27, 2011
0/5 10%

Little Fockers (2010)

"Easily one of the worst films of the year. What a waste of time and talent!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Dec 22, 2010
4.5/5 96%

True Grit (2010)

"Beautifully executed on all levels including Deakins' stunning cinematography, Burwell's emotional score, the Coen's perfect direction and Bridges/Steinfeld's epic performances. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Dec 22, 2010
4.5/5 95%

The King's Speech (2010)

"The King's Speech contains brilliant cinematography, acting and direction. The flick was as exciting as 3D action-adventure! Give Firth the Oscar!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Dec 16, 2010
0/5 13%

Yogi Bear (2010)

"Just awful." ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Dec 16, 2010
3.5/5 32%

How Do You Know (2010)

"How Do You Know is a well-written romantic comedy that stays away from formulas and cliches. I loved James L. Brooks' use of the close-up shot to show raw emotion." ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Dec 16, 2010
4.5/5 87%

Black Swan (2010)

"Simultaneously one of the most emotionally devastating experiences I have had in a theatre yet I could not look away. Aronofsky's best since Requie For a Dream." ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Dec 16, 2010
5/5 90%

The Fighter (2010)

"Give Christian Bale and Melissa Leo the Oscar right now! The Fighter contains the best boxing matches since Raging Bull. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Dec 16, 2010
4/5 51%

Tron Legacy (2010)

"Tron Legacy is one of the most visually stunning pieces of entertainment ever made. Dear the Academy Awards, please nominate Daft Punk for best original score!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Dec 16, 2010
4.5/5 49%

Love and Other Drugs (2010)

"You will laugh. You will cry. You will fall in love. Zwick perfectly blended together raunchy humor with a hard-hitting emotional story. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Nov 23, 2010
4/5 78%

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (2010)

"Easily the best Potter film since 'Azkaban.' The cinematography is beautiful, the magic is fun and the characters are deep. Did Peter Jackson direct the middle section?" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Nov 18, 2010
4.5/5 79%

Fair Game (2010)

"Fair Game is a powerful thriller that rides that fine line between telling the truth and keeping things entertaining" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Nov 13, 2010
4/5 73%

Megamind (2010)

"I am usually against 3D films but Dreamworks has found the right formula with Megamind and How To Train Your Dragon. Will Ferrell is back!" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Nov 13, 2010
2/5 40%

Due Date (2010)

"The film suffers because every funny joke is in the trailer and director Todd Phillips overuses Zack Galafianakis. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Nov 13, 2010
4/5 93%

127 Hours (2010)

"Franco's performance was brilliant but the real star here is director Danny Boyle who figured out a way to keep this film moving at a fast pace. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Nov 13, 2010
3.5/5 56%

Morning Glory (2010)

"Morning Glory is a sweet, fun and hilarious romantic comedy that survives mainly because of the charming and lovable performance from Rachel McAdams. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Nov 13, 2010
3.5/5 87%

Unstoppable (2010)

"In a world where CGI has become the standard in most films, director Tony Scott resorts to using real trains, real action sequences and real stunts. It pays off! " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Nov 13, 2010
2/5 9%

Saw 3D (2010)

"The 3D is bad. The acting is bad. The kills and torture sequences are mediocre. The ending is underwhelming. Do you really want to spend $15 dollars to see this movie?" ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Oct 29, 2010
3/5 67%

Conviction (2010)

"Betty-Anne Waters' story is better than the film itself. Though, the performances are very strong especially from Juliette Lewis who deserves an Oscar nomination. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Oct 21, 2010
2/5 58%

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

"Where is Steven Spielberg when you need him for a clever ending? I had trouble sleeping for three weeks after the original film but I slept perfectly fine after the sequel." ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Oct 21, 2010
2.5/5 46%

Hereafter (2010)

"Hereafter is a disappointing flick containing great potential that leads to absolutely nothing. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Oct 21, 2010
2.5/5 50%

Stone (2010)

"Norton, De Niro, Jovovich, Conroy all give performances that are better than the film itself. Save your money in the theaters and rent it when it comes out on DVD. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Oct 14, 2010
4/5 71%

Red (2010)

"I literally shed a nerd tear because I could not handle the awesome nature of the action sequences in this film. Imagine the Ocean's films with machine guns. " ‐ WJFK-FM (CBS Radio)
Posted Oct 14, 2010
3/5 64%

Jackass 3 (2010)

"The third installment of Jackass contains 3D that is as good as, if not better than, Avatar. The only issue is the pranks are tamer and get old after a while. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Oct 14, 2010
3.5/5 58%

It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

"Zack Galafianakis delivers a surprisingly emotional yet awkwardly funny performance in a film that rides that fine line of drama and comedy. I left with a smile on my face." ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Oct 8, 2010
3/5 63%

Secretariat (2010)

"The film's formulaic nature was ultimately saved by Randall Wallace's stunning horse racing sequences. Even though we know the ending, I still found myself cheering. " ‐ BDK Reviews
Posted Oct 8, 2010