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A- 28% The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) "A triumph for Twilighters. " ‐ MTV
Posted Nov 19, 2009
86% Trick 'r Treat (2007) "Trick 'r Treat sequals " ‐ E! Online
Posted Oct 15, 2009
67% The Killing Room (2009) "Brutal, daring and utterly unpedictable - three qualities quite rare in movies these days. " ‐ MTV
Posted Aug 3, 2009
86% Big Fan (2009) "Siegel's shots are dirty, his dialogue sharp, and his knack for avoiding cliches is rare; Oswalt's performance is a selfless, measured descent into madness that deserves some sort of award " ‐ MTV
Posted Aug 3, 2009
60% Spring Breakdown (2009) "Is "Spring Breakdown" as good as "Mean Girls"? Or even as good as "Baby Mama"? No, not quite. But it's funny enough to be in the same neighborhood, and that makes it well worth a recommendation. " ‐ MTV
Posted Aug 3, 2009
80% Humpday (2009) "The script feels about ten re-writes short of being filmable. " ‐ MTV
Posted Aug 3, 2009
44% Helen (2010) ""Helen" is a very heavy film. Heavier than Rosie O'Donnell at a Hometown Buffet. " ‐ MTV
Posted Aug 3, 2009
38% Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (2009) "The most impressive thing about Krasinski's direction is his self-assured ability to know when it's time to mix in visual elements, and when it's best to simply point a camera at a good storyteller and let the actor speak. " ‐ MTV
Posted Aug 3, 2009
B- 67% The Yellow Handkerchief (2010) "The film plays like "The Notebook," if James Garner's character had been convicted murderer. " ‐ MTV
Posted May 19, 2008
B- 10% Hell Ride (2008) "It's got more gunplay than your local post office, enough close-ups of the female posterior to make Sir Mix-a-Lot blush, and so many dirty words it'll likely be banned before you finish reading this sentence. " ‐ MTV
Posted May 19, 2008
A- 50% Assassination of a High School President (2008) "The flick plays like "Rushmore" meets "The Usual Suspects," alongside shout-outs to everything from "Sixteen Candles" to "Chinatown" to "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." " ‐ MTV
Posted May 19, 2008
5/10 60% Reno 911!: Season 4 (TV, 2006-2007) "Overall... the fourth season gets off to a somewhat anticlimactic start. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Jul 10, 2006
82% Fear Strikes Out (1957) "Mulligan does his best to get around Perkins' lack of baseball credibility, even laughably avoiding any shots of him fielding a groundball during the shortstop experiment. " ‐
Posted Apr 5, 2005
47% The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005) "Day-Lewis IS Jack, but no matter how large a font you could use on that capitalized two-letter word, it still wouldn't do his performance justice. " ‐
Posted Apr 1, 2005
91% Downfall (Der Untergang) (2004) "Some kind of special Oscar needs to be created for Bruno Ganz, who transformation into Adolf Hitler shatters clich├ęs. " ‐
Posted Mar 9, 2005
6% Son of the Mask (2005) "If your idea of a good time is watching your favorite cartoon classics butchered by a CGI dog and a creepy baby resembling a deleted scene from The Polar Express, then... " ‐
Posted Feb 18, 2005
46% Constantine (2005) "Here's hoping that Keanu Reeves begins to get a bit of respect with Constantine, and that Francis Lawrence doesn't get sold short for doing a tentpole film. " ‐
Posted Feb 17, 2005
58% Fear X (2003) "Imagine an hour of birds flying backwards and rooms with red curtains, and there's the rest of your movie. " ‐
Posted Feb 3, 2005
4/5 65% Coach Carter (2005) "Inspirational, entertaining and gripping. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Jan 15, 2005
C 35% Racing Stripes (2005) "Old McDonald had a farm, EEIEEIO. And on that farm there was no clear sense of direction, EEIEEIO. " ‐
Posted Jan 14, 2005
A+ 90% Hotel Rwanda (2004) "A small, honest, emotionally complex film, Hotel Rwanda simultaneously destroys and reaffirms your belief in the intrinsic goodness of man. " ‐
Posted Jan 14, 2005
D- 8% White Noise (2005) "Michael Keaton stares at a fuzzy TV image, waiting for something to happen; we stare at Michael Keaton, waiting for the same. " ‐
Posted Jan 6, 2005
B- 42% Beyond the Sea (2004) "The artist formerly known as Keyser Soze reminds us with every classic high note in the titular song that we're listening to a facsimile with a weaker range. " ‐
Posted Dec 30, 2004
B 38% Meet the Fockers (2004) "Streisand and Hoffman are a hoot, the most entertaining Haight-Ashbury movie refugees since Lily Tomlin and Alan Alda similarly tormented Stiller in Flirting With Disaster. " ‐
Posted Dec 21, 2004
B 53% Spanglish (2004) "This commingling of Down and Out in Beverly Hills and El Norte is best described by the following Spanglish phrase: Una less than caliente James L. Brooks. " ‐
Posted Dec 17, 2004
C- 72% Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004) "Let's hope Paramount's deal with AFLAC includes cinematic disaster insurance. Because this one's about as memorable as Carrey's old sitcom The Duck Factory. " ‐
Posted Dec 16, 2004
B+ 76% The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004) "The best biopic you're likely to see this year won't be coming to a theater near you. " ‐
Posted Dec 5, 2004
B+ 68% The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (2004) "We're all goofy goobers deep down inside, and it's great news that there's finally a movie that invites us to embrace it. " ‐
Posted Nov 19, 2004
B- 55% P.S. (2004) "With Roger Dodger, Kidd knew that his strength was in creating two compelling characters, so he left everyone else in the background. This time he's stretching, and it shows." ‐ Valley Scene Magazine
Posted Nov 9, 2004
3/5 38% Birth (2004) "Flashes of brilliance which are ultimately squandered. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Nov 7, 2004
B+ 97% The Incredibles (2004) "As a die-hard Red Sox fan, the highest praise I can give Pixar's latest is that it held my full attention after a madcap and largely sleepless Victory Parade weekend. " ‐
Posted Nov 5, 2004
C 81% Ray (2004) "Foxx, like Will Smith in Ali, has perfected a party trick rather than a performance. Give him some sunglasses, let him rock back and forth, and he does a great Ray Charles. " ‐
Posted Oct 29, 2004
B- 38% Birth (2004) "In the context of the film, the scene where Anna and Sean make the rubber ducky blush is perfectly appropriate. " ‐
Posted Oct 29, 2004
B+ 64% Stage Beauty (2004) "Crudup is astounding as a man playing a woman who is forced to become a man once again, but insists he can only play a man when he's portraying a woman portraying that man. " ‐
Posted Oct 18, 2004
1/5 27% Riding the Bullet (2004) "Goes beyond simply being a bad movie, to the point where it becomes one that insults your intelligence. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Oct 15, 2004
C 88% Tying the Knot (2004) "Probably the least controversial "controversial" documentary ever made. " ‐
Posted Oct 11, 2004
B- 15% Raise Your Voice (2004) "As refreshing as it may be to see Duff shed tears, drop the 'like' and wear shirts that don't show off her midriff, this is more of a baby step than a giant leap forward. " ‐
Posted Oct 7, 2004
B+ 83% Sex and the City: The Complete First Season (2000) "Rarely has desperation been so intriguing, or so unabashedly sexy. " ‐
Posted Oct 1, 2004
C 89% Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry (2004) "Butler has 2 goals: to show that Kerry was a hero and that Vietnam was wrong. Well, give any sensible person 5 minutes of your time and they could do it much more efficiently. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Oct 1, 2004
B+ 40% Ladder 49 (2004) "If Phoenix is destined for greatness, this, his upcoming Johnny Cash biopic and last year's Buffalo Soldiers may be looked back on as the time he finally hit his stride. " ‐
Posted Oct 1, 2004
A- 84% The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) "Wait until Francis Ford Coppola gets a load of this gem. It is every bit the movie that his long gestating On the Road should become. " ‐
Posted Sep 25, 2004
B+ No Score Yet Alias - The Complete Third Season (2004) "A gut-wrenching, unpredictable and gleeful romp through experimental television, Lost cranks up the adrenaline early and keeps it flowing throughout its premiere episode. " ‐
Posted Sep 21, 2004
B 90% Mean Creek (2004) "A remarkable feat...the audience not only becomes part of the film, but becomes young again. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 17, 2004
C- 55% Cellular (2004) "...leaves the audience wondering whether it should laugh along or simply wince. " ‐
Posted Sep 17, 2004
B+ 95% End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones (2004) "Very much the movie Metallica: Some Kind of Monster should have been. It captures a band at its peak, rather than just wallowing in the desperation that sets in years later. " ‐
Posted Sep 13, 2004
C- 21% Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) "Rarely have so many bad accents been on display, from the wandering German of the evil Major Cain to could-that-be-Russian? of two soon to be chomped soldiers. " ‐
Posted Sep 10, 2004
C- 26% Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004) "The CGI snakes are so blatantly computer-based that you expect them to occasionally pause and say 'You've got mail! " ‐
Posted Aug 27, 2004
B- 25% The Princess Diaries 2 - Royal Engagement (2004) "Still going strong at the respective ages of 69 and 68, director Garry Marshall and his singing co-star Julie Andrews are the true royal couple of this straightforward sequel. " ‐
Posted Aug 11, 2004
B+ 50% Code 46 (2004) "Just close enough to Blade Runner to be great, but far enough away to make its own mark. " ‐
Posted Aug 6, 2004
C 21% Little Black Book (2004) "If she keeps this up, the number listed for Brittany Murphy in your PDA will soon need to be changed from Moviefone to a neighborhood video store. " ‐
Posted Aug 6, 2004
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