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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
94% Lore (2013) Lore and her siblings make a harrowing journey across Germany ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Mar 15, 2013
60% Vincent will Meer (Vincent Wants to Sea) (2011) Whether classed as a drama, a comedy, or a road movie, Vincent Wants to Sea is a perennially favorite Hollywood tale. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jul 7, 2011
No Score Yet Christopher And His Kind (2010) a powerful evocation of a place lost in time but richly alive in collective gay memory ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jun 23, 2011
62% Gun Hill Road (2011) The downbeat story of Michael, who is trapped half way in the process of coming out as a transgender-identifying person. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jun 23, 2011
75% These Amazing Shadows (2011) a long commercial promotion for The National Film Registry ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted May 18, 2011
73% Heartbeats (2011) Director Dolan focuses on the fetishes of fashion ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Apr 2, 2011
100% We Were Here (2011) ... the document of record, establishing the public, collective memory of a time and place so many have wanted to forget. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Mar 1, 2011
98% Avaze gonjeshk-ha (The Song of Sparrows) (2009) Achingly poetic in a way that recalls the Italian neo-realism of The Bicycle Thief. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jun 12, 2009
65% Watchmen (2009) ... a total immersion experience. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Mar 10, 2009
92% Aanrijding in Moscou (Moscow, Belgium) (2008) Barbara Sarafian's performance in this incongruously scintillating little film is a joy. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Mar 4, 2009
78% A Jihad for Love (2008) To be called a monster and then be stoned to death is pretty much as bad as it can get. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Aug 29, 2008
98% For the Bible Tells Me So (2007) The Bible Tells Me So ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Oct 30, 2007
No Score Yet Sound of the Soul (2005) Part travelogue, part primer on world religions, part concert film, Sound of the Soul delivers a powerful and timely message to a world increasingly seized in the paralyzing grip of self-destructing partisan fundamentalist-fueled strife. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Aug 4, 2007
88% The Witnesses (2007) Never polemical, frequently philosophical, occasionally saturnine, and beautifully filmed and acted, this film is a minor masterpiece, and one of the best films about AIDS to date. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jul 11, 2007
83% The Rape of Europa (2007) The relationship between Hitler's obsession with art, as a means to dehumanize his enemies and apotheosize his master racial aesthetic values -- and just how integral to Hitler this strategy to redraw the geopolitical map through bald physical brute force ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jul 10, 2007
75% Four Minutes (2007) A riveting film-going experience, Four Minutes may prove "too German" for many non-German-speaking audiences. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jul 10, 2007
74% La Vie en Rose (La Mome) (2007) A memorable cast, vivid cinematography, crisp and resonant sound recordings, and dramatic storytelling make this a must-see film for fans and novices alike. Though, at 140 minutes, the film may feel like it runs as long as Piaf's tragically short life. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted May 14, 2007
55% Marie Antoinette (2006) As a serious film, only an American could love Marie Antoinette. To the French, it must be gravely insulting. As an unwitting camp, it may have a great future. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Mar 27, 2007
37% Death of a President (2006) There is little of the fall of the Twin Towers trauma, but much of All the President's Men here. That this film's buzz has launched such vitriol and condemnation is not surprising. Range's film exposes wider audiences to some basic truths of our times. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Mar 27, 2007
57% Sommer vorm Balkon (2007) In Summer in Berlin, director Andreas Dresen presents the portrait of a friendship between two women, Nike (Nadja Uhl) and Katrin Engel (Inka Friedrich). In the German tradition of the Kammerspielfilm, this is a closely and lovingly observed study in psyc ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Mar 26, 2007
No Score Yet Pervert! (2005) The heteros become homos, the unsatisfied virgins become red meat, over and over. If you liked Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, you will like this bit of silliness. And, if you understand this film, then, truly, you are a pervert too. Go, be with your peopl ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Mar 20, 2007
88% Man Push Cart (2006) A sad, powerful, austere experience of a movie, this is the story of a man who has known profound, compound loss. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Mar 12, 2007
No Score Yet Fisherman and His Wife (2005) Meanwhile, Dörrie sends up, more with humor than rebuke, the present decade's global-wide obsession with its win-at-all-cost competitive spirit, the blurring of boundaries between profit-making and service providing, the West's infatuation with Japanese d ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Mar 12, 2007
94% Three Kings (1999) Keilich strikes a sweetly engaging balance between humor and pathos. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Mar 12, 2007
93% The Lives of Others (2006) Relative newcomer screenwriter and director Florian Henkel von Donnersmarck makes a remarkably self-confident and promising debut with the tensely sublime film The Lives of Others...The Lives of Others is a rare film achievement, arguably a "perfect" film ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Mar 12, 2007
C- 57% The Astronaut Farmer (2006) It could be portending the decline and fall of Hollywood, except that it is so unexceptionally bad, and unexceptionally typical of the studio fare right now. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Feb 25, 2007
72% Stranger Than Fiction (2006) When it flies, it soars. But it develops leaden feet as it spins over into a convoluted, overly long wind down. This is an intelligent, engaging film that gets it right, for the most part, before ultimately capitulating to the demands of Hollywood. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Dec 30, 2006
92% Volver (2006) It is an impossible hybrid, (in the words of at least one observer) an epic comedy. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Dec 30, 2006
60% Al Franken: God Spoke (2006) Always engaging, often insightful, [and] at times deeply moving. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Nov 11, 2006
13% Haven (2006) By the time this quasi Robert Altman-like meeting of unrelated characters happens -- and even if the viewer has kept track of all the characters -- it's hard to care about much of anything, other than knowing the film is nearly over. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Oct 16, 2006
29% Zen Noir (2006) The acting is stylized, the sets are stylized, the editing is stylized, all toward a Zen-like minimalist aesthetic. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Oct 16, 2006
86% My Country, My Country (2006) Journalism at its finest, as has not been practiced in the U.S. in some time. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Sep 5, 2006
21% The Quiet (2006) In the most inappropriate moments, the film slides into archly dark humor, even bombast. The prompted urges to laugh tend less to defuse the sting and more to render banal. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Aug 31, 2006
No Score Yet Fifth Horseman Is Fear (1965) Brynych draws upon German Expressionist film techniques, blending both Hollywood noir and classic horror film styles. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Aug 28, 2006
90% Half Nelson (2006) Philosophically sound, dramatically absorbing, highly entertaining and highly instructive, 'Half Nelson' is hands down one of the best films of the year. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Aug 26, 2006
76% Factotum (2006) Dillon shambles, dishevels and enunciates, simulating with precise timing and bearing a wholly satisfying portrayal of Charles Bukowski. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Aug 25, 2006
78% House of Sand (2006) The slow-moving plot, the oppressively vast and empty landscapes of The House of Sand hearken back to the moral landscapes of John Ford and seem to fill up with the deep passions of Greek heroines. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Aug 10, 2006
86% Quinceañera (2006) Set in a cultural borderland, the film...straddles realism and melodrama, telenovela and parable. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Aug 10, 2006
69% Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man (2006) A mostly engaging, informative, entertaining film ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jul 15, 2006
97% Army of Shadows (L'Armée des ombres) (1969) Taut, superb acting, narrative told by mood rather than action, the understated visuals, the elements of 'Army of Shadows' merge to seep in under the skin and create an unforgettable and disturbing experience. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jul 8, 2006
76% Superman Returns (2006) [Director Singer] reinvigorates an original American archetype. 'Superman Returns' gets it exactly right. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jun 28, 2006
71% Lemming (2006) A transparently formal film that plays along the narrative boundary between the psychological and the supernatural. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jun 17, 2006
73% Twelve and Holding (2006) The excellent casting and acting, the strong script and subtle plotting build into a carefully crafted roller coaster ride. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jun 16, 2006
74% Cars (2006) Richly silly, but also solid, with something for the kids and the adults ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jun 8, 2006
93% An Inconvenient Truth (2006) Gore's multimedia presentation is like a rock concert: ever-changing visuals and on-stage mini-shticks that draw the audience into a mountain of scientific data, anecdotes that connect the dots and make the larger picture clear... ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jun 2, 2006
73% Cavite (2006) The directing duo brilliantly stretch the limits of their very low budget to moving aesthetic and dramatic effect. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jun 1, 2006
25% Peaceful Warrior (2006) By turns a riveting study of the world of competitive gymnastics, a parable for an alternative vision for today's society, and a study in the psychology of mentoring, 'Peaceful Warrior' is a satisfying movie-going experience, with or without 'the message. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Jun 1, 2006
53% Wah-Wah (2006) A somewhat unsettled balance between domestic and epic, serious drama and nostalgic recollection. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted May 25, 2006
No Score Yet Grain In Ear (2005) The film is entirely without human interiority, the sets and camera work serving as objective substitutes. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Apr 12, 2006
68% Evil (Ondskan) (2006) The second half of 'Evil' takes this genre into new and challenging territory. ‐ culturevulture.net
Posted Apr 12, 2006