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4/5 88% Born To Be Blue (2016) Touched by resonant tragedies amongst his own friends and learning to play the trumpet for the role, Hawke is compelling, offering a magnetic portrayal of an exasperating but deeply charismatic, engaging figure. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 29, 2016
4/5 90% Dheepan (2016) Once again Audiard articulates big themes within a mosaic of everyday struggles. A painful yet rewarding tale of social strife and uplifting resilience. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 7, 2016
5/5 84% Victoria (2015) Full of twists that feel authentic and believable characters, it grips from the first compelling frame to the last. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 31, 2016
3/5 62% The Intern (2015) As you'd expect, Meyers handles the material with assurance and charm, and there's fun to be had in the odd-couple dynamic at her film's heart. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 23, 2015
3/5 43% Comet (2014) The complex machinations of the concept become confusing at times but this is still an ambitious and promising debut. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 29, 2015
4/5 75% Moomins On The Riviera (Muumit Rivieralla) (2014) A treat for the whole family. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted May 18, 2015
4/5 69% Futuro Beach (2015) Karim Aïnouz's film is a beautifully shot, melancholy meditation on identity, loneliness and love. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted May 4, 2015
3/5 71% Before the Winter Chill (2014) An affecting midlife mood piece. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 7, 2015
3/5 67% Laggies (2014) Lynn 'Humpday' Shelton takes a sideways look at the challenges of growing up. Not, perhaps, her very best but still very watchable. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 3, 2014
4/5 91% The Way He Looks (2014) Touching and well-acted, Brazil's Best Foreign Film entry is a worthy Oscar candidate. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 20, 2014
5/5 98% Boyhood (2014) Linklater's beautiful film is an extraordinary achievement - tender, funny, wise and wistful, full of warmth and humanity. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 6, 2014
5/5 93% Stranger by the Lake (2014) Beautifully crafted, sinister, frightening, erotic and thought-provoking, Alain Guiraudie's multi-faceted Cannes triumph is already one of the most provocative, intriguing films of the year. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 17, 2014
96% The Crash Reel (2013) Another memorable piece of storytelling from the Oscar-winning director. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 22, 2013
3/5 62% One Chance (2014) A fluffy but fun telling of a rags to riches story. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 21, 2013
3/5 75% Populaire (2013) Offers plenty of easy nostalgia and Duris charm. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted May 27, 2013
4/5 95% Ping Pong (2012) The sight of this elderly bunch hobbling around the table may well make you laugh, but the passion with which they play each game as if it might (and probably will) be their last will also make you cry. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 1, 2012
4/5 65% 2 Days in New York (2012) Full of wit, intelligence and flair, once more Delpy has created a delightfully irresistible sort-of-romantic comedy. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted May 14, 2012
3/5 63% The Woman in the Fifth (2012) An ambitious thriller from Pawlikowski assisted by excellent performances from Hawke, Kulig and Scott Thomas. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 12, 2012
4/5 72% Like Crazy (2011) Felicity Jones shines in Drake Doremus' deceptively simple romance, a refreshing take on an age-old dilemma. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 29, 2012
3/5 91% The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (2011) While it assumes a fair bit of knowledge of the social changes exploding in sixties America, there's a wealth of fascinating material and punchy insights into an earth shaking movement. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 17, 2011
4/5 76% We Need to Talk About Kevin (2012) Guaranteed to haunt you for days, and possibly prompt a rethink on your position on parenthood. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 17, 2011
2/5 68% West Is West (2011) Eleven years on but without a great deal more to add, DeEmmony's saga runs out of gas. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 22, 2011
4/5 80% Barney's Version (2011) While perhaps a touch overlong and with plot strands that don't hang together as well as they might, this is remains a triumph, illuminated by a terrific leading man turn from Paul Giamatti. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 26, 2011
3/5 36% New York, I Love You (2009) As with Paris, Je T'Aime, New York, I Love You works as both romance film and seductive travelogue, but some will find its 'arty' posturing more maddening than magical. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 6, 2010
3/5 80% Made in Dagenham (2010) While the political grit behind the saga is somewhat sidelined, this is a fun watch enhanced by its stellar British cast. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 29, 2010
2/5 40% Letters to Juliet (2010) The film unravels in a dispiriting morass of clichés and cringy lines. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 6, 2010
3/5 68% Leaving (Partir) (2010) A vital, if slight, study of selfishness and fractured relationships, Leaving is illuminated by the odd, off-balancing twist. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 6, 2010
4/5 70% Heartbreaker (L'Arnacoeur) (2010) A romantic-comedy that packs charm, humour and warmth in spades. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 30, 2010
3/5 50% Cherry Bomb (2004) Strong turns from Grint and Sheehan, and a punchy storyline elevate this from TV drama to something powerfully cinematic. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 22, 2010
3/5 65% The Infidel (2010) Funny and unthreatening, it's not subversive but it's plenty of fun. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 16, 2010
4/5 43% Brooklyn's Finest (2010) A jagged, hard-hitting thriller, Fuqua's Training Day follow-up expertly traces shades of light and dark in its conflicted cops. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 5, 2010
2/5 18% Valentine's Day (2010) For all Valentine's Day's obvious pulse-quickening attributes, ironically what proves its undoing is a lack of real heart. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 12, 2010
3/5 57% Burlesque Undressed (2010) Peeping behind the curtain seems a little inappropriate in the world of Burlesque, but this is a charming introduction the art form. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 22, 2010
2/5 21% Spread (2009) Allegedly a sex-com, this has moments of charm but the shallow tawdryness of the lead's life choices taints the whole film. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 1, 2010
4/5 83% Bright Star (2009) Campion has created another resonant paean to love's pain and joy, and gives new life to John Keats, too often now associated with dusty school books. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 6, 2009
2/5 9% My Life in Ruins (2009) Nia Vardalos is as charming and watchable as ever but this is cliche ridden fluff. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 4, 2009
3/5 38% The Time Traveler's Wife (2009) Competent and well-cast, but it crams too much into the runtime and loses the elegance of the novel. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 14, 2009
3/5 63% Coco Before Chanel (2009) More a snapshot of a moment than conventional biography, and while less complex than it might want to be, still a quietly thoughtful look at one of the 20th century's most influential characters. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 31, 2009
4/5 68% The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009) Miller, who also scripted, takes a familiar premise but gives it life and originality, repeatedly thwarting expectations with quirky diversions and smart twists. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 10, 2009
3/5 47% Electric Dreams (1984) Dated of course, being typically 80s, but maintains a certain charm. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted May 28, 2009
2/5 58% The Secret Life of Bees (2008) The source material remains affecting and the cast work hard to add dimension to a lacklustre screenplay. But sadly, it adds up to less than the sum of its parts. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 5, 2008
4/5 67% Paris (2008) As Klapisch wanders through vignettes of dreams and disappointments, he offers a captivating and never prescriptive paeon to humanity's will to survive. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 4, 2008
3/5 52% Margot at the Wedding (2007) A sharply observed but bleak examination of family dysfunction, anchored by solid performances. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 28, 2008
4/5 90% Starter for 10 (2006) This is a true winner, and the smartest comedy you will see this year. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 22, 2007
4/5 86% 2 Days in Paris (2007) Quirky, fresh and sharply intelligent. A promising debut for director Delpy, both thought-provoking and painfully funny. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 31, 2007
3/5 78% Stolen Holidays (Les Petites Vacances) (2006) Visually and atmospherically moving with some very decent performacnes. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 29, 2007
2/5 8% The Reaping (2007) The impressive cast do their best to bring a sense of conviction to the piece, but it had to have been blind faith that brought them into such an unholy mess. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 28, 2007
4/5 58% Becoming Jane (2007) A charming, intriguing biopic, given extra depth and sparkle by attractive performances from its superior cast. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 8, 2007
2/5 69% Freedom Writers (2007) Despite solid work from the engaging cast, there's nothing new here to distinguish Freedom Writers as anything beyond a C+. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 27, 2007
4/5 87% The Last King of Scotland (2006) Both an enthralling examination of a horrific time and an adrenalin-filled thriller full of wry humour. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 4, 2007