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"Noah Cross: See, Mr. Gitts, most people never have to face the fact that, at the right time and the right place, they're capable of... anything! (Chinatown) --- Harry Lime: Don't be so gloomy. After all it's not that awful. Like the fella says, in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock. So long Holly. (The Third Man) --- Michael Corleone: I saw a strange thing today. Some rebels were being arrested. One of them pulled the pin on a grenade. He took himself and the captain of the command with him. Now, soldiers are paid to fight; the rebels aren't. (Godfather part 2)"

Agrees with the Tomatometer 79% of the time.

I am a long-time socialist with a an interest in the problems of developing countries. Therefore, films made in Latin America, Africa and Asia are of great interest to me. I am also the moderator of a Marxism mailing list at www.marxmail.org.
1. Burn 2. Strawberry and Chocolate 3. Battle of Algiers 4. Moolaade 5. Sargeant Shakespeare
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92% Nebraska (2013) " Tis the season of misanthropic condescension. First "Inside Lleywn Davis" and now this hateful mess." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Dec 10, 2013
95% Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) " A joyless, misanthropic 105 minutes worth of "comedy" that rates as Coen brothers at their worst. How one can take such a marvelous period and turn it into a voyage into hell is an imponderable mystery to this critic." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Dec 6, 2013
75% The End Of Time (2013) " A scientific/philosophical/religious meditation on Time. That's something you don't see in a movie theater routinely, all the more compelling since it is visually rewarding as well." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Nov 30, 2013
—— Schooled: The Price of College Sports (2013) " Produced by ML King Jr. biographer Taylor Branch who makes the case that college athletes are like indentured servants." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Nov 24, 2013
89% Narco Cultura (2013) " Although it would have benefited from some expert testimony, the film does capture the Mexican equivalent of gangsta rap." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Nov 24, 2013
74% Blood Brother (2013) " Braat's choices remain a mystery throughout, something that adds to the appeal of this unusual documentary." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Nov 24, 2013
100% Musicwood (2013) " Why preserving the Martin guitar is as important in the long run as saving the spotted owl or the snail darter." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Nov 12, 2013
95% Birth Of The Living Dead (2013) " A reminder that this zombie flick was as much a product of its time as "Easy Rider" or "The Graduate"." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Nov 11, 2013
85% At Berkeley (2013) " I wish I could rate this as "frotten" since Wiseman's filmmaking is as adept as ever, even though the politics of the film is hostile to the student movement. I guess that being lionized as a director helps dull the edges." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Nov 11, 2013
83% People Of A Feather (2013) " Visually stunning and featuring the always engaging Inuits, the film hones in on the threats to the animals they rely on for survival but all of humanity. No man is an island..." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Nov 8, 2013
83% Following the Ninth: In the Footsteps of Beethoven's Final Symphony (2013) " A perceptive look at how the "Ode to Joy" served as an anthem for liberation struggles, something Beethoven clearly intended as a partisan of the French Revolution." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Nov 2, 2013
—— Behind The Blue Veil (2013) " Not only a passionate defense of the right of a people to live according to their own culture but a dazzling look at one of Africa's most elegant tribes." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Nov 2, 2013
76% Kill Your Darlings (2013) " The interplay between Ginsberg and Carr characters in the first half of the film is supremely entertaining; the crime melodrama that follows much less so." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Nov 1, 2013
44% On the Road (2012) " Despite the obvious enthusiasm of the screenwriter, the director, and the actors for Kerouac's novel, they get it wrong. Probably nobody can get it right, since the power is in the words, not the story." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Nov 1, 2013
45% Big Sur (2013) " Competent adaptation of Jack Kerouac's swan song. Those expecting a groovy good time should look elsewhere since this is a movie about a nervous breakdown." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Nov 1, 2013
90% The Pervert's Guide To Ideology (2013) " Way too long but interesting as a lecture on film. For insights into Marxism, look elsewhere." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 30, 2013
91% The Green Wave (2012) " A reminder that the first instance of the "Arab Spring" might have occurred in Iran. A reminder that the thirst for human rights and political freedom is universal." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 26, 2013
100% The Square (2013) " If John Reed had been armed with a digital camera rather than a typewriter, I doubt that he could have surpassed this masterpiece. My pick for best documentary of 2013." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 26, 2013
93% We Steal Secrets: The Story Of Wikileaks (2013) " A subtle trashing of Wikileaks by someone echoing the outlook of the NYT and the Guardian--anxious to make a buck off of the leaks but anxious to preserve the status quo." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 24, 2013
37% The Fifth Estate (2013) " A throwback to red scare movies of the 1950s with Julian Assange portrayed as the fanatical intellectual bent on destroying bourgeois society and the lives of those naive enough to follow him. Utter trash." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 24, 2013
25% Assault On Wall Street (2013) " Seemingly inspired by "Taxi Driver" with its security guard stand-in for Travis Bickle wasting Wall Street brokers who are arguably worse than the pimps in "Taxi Driver"." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 19, 2013
93% All Is Lost (2013) " Like "Gravity", a film about survival that opens to great acclaim--in this case well-deserved." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 17, 2013
97% Gravity (2013) " Much less than meets the eye. A victim once again of the professional critic's blurb machinery." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 17, 2013
—— Cooper and Hemingway: The True Gen (2013) " Cooper and Hemingway remain fascinating even if their machismo evokes a distant and depressing past." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 11, 2013
100% God Loves Uganda (2013) " Colonialism is alive and well in Uganda. How the evangelicals use their superior wealth and power to force their sexual politics on a weaker nation." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 11, 2013
92% A Touch of Sin (2013) " Zhangke is a throwback to the golden age of cinema, evoking Ray, Kurosawa and Sembene. Like them, he embodies the national idiom while addressing the universal human condition." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 5, 2013
—— Lost Rivers " A reminder that ecology is not just about clean air and water but the right of urban dwellers to enjoy the spiritual and esthetic benefits of liberated rivers." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 4, 2013
67% Symphony Of The Soil (2013) " Sets the standard for films about the ills of chemical farming and the need for organic alternatives. Not only is it educational in the deepest sense of the word but artistically captivating." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 4, 2013
100% A River Changes Course (2013) " Deeply compassionate and artistically realized study of the Cambodian poor by a Cambodian. Remarkable testimony to the power of committed film-making." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Oct 4, 2013
56% Inch'Allah (2013) " The director stated she did not intend to make a political film. It shows." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Aug 28, 2013
42% Closed Circuit (2013) " Can't make it up whether it is John Le Carre or Robert Ludlum. It ends up as quite a mess. " — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Aug 28, 2013
94% Fruitvale Station (2013) " A good first film but not quite deserving of the hype. The best parts have nothing to do with Oscar Grant's murder but the quotidian tale of survival by a young man with the best of intentions." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Aug 26, 2013
76% The Help (2011) " Lifetime Channel movie with paternalistic liberalism bordering on Paula Deen malignity." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Aug 26, 2013
72% Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013) " Maudlin claptrap" — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Aug 26, 2013
86% The Conjuring (2013) " A pastiche of every horror movie you've ever seen but one that is enlivened by the screenplay written by the twin brothers who wrote the superlative 2006 remake of "House of Wax"." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Aug 17, 2013
68% Elysium (2013) " The latest in a string of anti-corporate dystopian films that has the evil CEO's overthrown by a superhero rather than the workers. What would Karl Marx say, I wonder?" — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Aug 17, 2013
54% Spark: A Burning Man Story (2013) " A documentary that examines the contradictions of staging an elaborate "subversive" art festival that relies on donations from hedge fund operators. Commerce once again trumps art." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Aug 17, 2013
46% Off Label (2013) " If you haven't made up your mind that big pharma is a criminal enterprise, this documentary should close the deal. " — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Aug 11, 2013
64% The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear (2013) " Pure film poetry woven from the daily woes and joy of a most unpoetic people." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Aug 10, 2013
81% Informant (2013) " Gripping documentary about a snitch responsible for two young men being entrapped by the FBI. In a period where federal agencies are breaking crimes left and right, a most topical offering." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Aug 6, 2013
93% Our Children (2013) " The title can refer to the children whose tragic death the film is based on but more subtly on the dependency of Mounir, a North African, on his adoptive father and that of the wife on Mounir. " — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Aug 2, 2013
52% When Comedy Went to School (2013) " Works equally as social history as a survey of standup comedians of the Borscht Belt. Will be enjoyed by everybody but particularly by those who spent time in the Catskills." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jul 31, 2013
94% Drug War (2013) " A sizzling crime melodrama seemingly inspired by "The French Connection". The best Hong Kong movie I have seen in years even remarkably filmed in China." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jul 26, 2013
68% Terraferma (2013) " Ignore the bad reviews from my jaded colleagues. This is not only a compelling story that goes to the heart of the immigration debate, it is a lovely work of art in the grand Italian neorealist tradition." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jul 24, 2013
40% Colossus (2013) " Orson Welles's "F for Fake" was obvious the inspiration for this film. It would have been better if the script was up Welles's more modest productions. But very few films are today unfortunately." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jul 20, 2013
86% Computer Chess (2013) " The film is very much in the vein of "Mad Men", laughing at the silly clothes and life-style of a past generation. Foolishly, I went expecting it to be an exploration of how computers became so good at chess." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jul 20, 2013
95% The Act Of Killing (2013) " A cynically exploitative film made in the name of human rights, which it has about as much to do with as the Punked show on MTV." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jul 20, 2013
20% Breakaway (2011) " Much better than the other reviews reflect. A feel-good entertainment that sheds light on the misunderstood but heroic Sikh peoples. Now available on Netflix streaming, see for yourself and don't rely on the critics." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jul 13, 2013
86% Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) " Exhilarating entertainment that is a great introduction to both Bollywood and the saga of the heroic Sikh people." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jul 13, 2013
—— Oxyana " Unblinking study of the Oxycontin epidemic in West Virginia. Essential viewing for those who care about the transformation of the USA into a 3rd world country." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jul 12, 2013
86% Terms And Conditions May Apply (2013) " This film makes you understand why a whistle-blower like Edward Snowden emerged. The incestuous relationship between the Facebooks of the world and the NSA will certainly lead to a Stasi-like police state unless an aroused population takes action." — rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jul 12, 2013
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