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4.5/5 97% Rapt (2011) For two rapt hours, I also felt extremely fortunate not to be a rich and powerful industrialist.‐
Posted Jul 10, 2011
4/5 84% Jane Eyre (2011) All the ingredients are there in this captivating film.‐
Read More | Posted Jun 10, 2011
3/5 85% La princesse de Montpensier (The Princess of Montpensier) (2011) I was captivated by every costume change and new hair style of the young princess. ‐
Posted Jun 10, 2011
3.5/5 74% Everything Must Go (2011) Everything Must Go is a fine film on it's own, though the resolution, a happy ending of sorts, is far too clean and tidy considering its inspiration.‐
Posted Jun 10, 2011
3.5/5 96% One Lucky Elephant (2011) Flora is a gorgeous creature, truly gorgeous, and it is something to behold the affectionate relationship between the elephant and her keeper. ‐
Posted Jun 10, 2011
4/5 77% Zero Bridge (2011) Almost effortlessly, the plot of Zero Bridge grabs you.‐
Posted Feb 20, 2011
3/5 74% When We Leave (2011) Until the final scene, Feo Aladag's When We Leave is an effective melodrama.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 6, 2011
3/5 86% A Somewhat Gentle Man (2011) A somewhat charming movie.‐
Posted Jan 19, 2011
4/5 95% The Woodmans (2011) Though compelling, it is a complicated and difficult experience to watch The Woodmans. ‐
Posted Jan 19, 2011
4.5/5 70% Somewhere (2010) Coppola continues to surprise and amaze with her singular view of the world.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 23, 2010
4/5 90% The Fighter (2010) A classic story of a local boy who makes good is rendered electric by tremendous performances.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 15, 2010
4/5 85% Black Swan (2010) Entertaining, enthralling, over-the-top, terrifically tense, sometimes funny, and just plain good.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 15, 2010
3.5/5 87% White Material (2010) Watching White Material is in no way a passive experience. Denis has made a powerful, engrossing film. ‐
Posted Nov 21, 2010
4/5 69% Heartbreaker (L'Arnacoeur) (2010) "Unapologetically silly."‐
Posted Nov 21, 2010
3/5 69% Never Let Me Go (2010) An impeccably told story that failed to break my heart‐
Posted Nov 21, 2010
2.5/5 48% Jolene (2008) Chastain has long red hair, wide eyes, and an even wider smile. She is Jolene, of course, and she is appealing.‐
Posted Nov 21, 2010
2.5/5 67% Brotherhood (Broderskab) (2010) The acts of violence and hatred they commit are so appalling, that by the film's inevitable tragic end, I was unable to muster the requisite sympathy.‐
Posted Aug 20, 2010
4/5 73% Soul Kitchen (2010) Watch and laugh and groan. Laugh some more.‐
Posted Aug 20, 2010
2.5/5 42% The Extra Man (2010) The delightful premise of the film somehow becomes preposterous. It's a phenomenon in indie films I describe as "quirk overload."‐
Posted Jul 30, 2010
4/5 86% Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child (2010) Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child does not romanticize or glamorize, but tells his story with love and respect.‐
Posted Jul 23, 2010
4.5/5 85% Kisses (2010) Kisses is a short and beautiful movie. And I loved it. It made me cry.‐
Posted Jul 16, 2010
4/5 82% I Am Love (2010) Exhilarating.‐
Posted Jun 19, 2010
2.5/6 66% Two in the Wave (Deux de la Vague) (2010) The film, unfortunately, has the feel of a lesson from a school book.‐
Posted May 9, 2010
4/5 87% Welcome (2010) Loiret's story is inherently affecting, made more so by veteran actor Vincent Lindon, who owns one of cinema's all-time great hangdog expressions.‐
Posted May 9, 2010
3/5 33% Boogie Woogie (2010) The film cannot sustain the giddy, fast pace that sets it off. ‐
Posted May 9, 2010
4/5 91% Fish Tank (2010) Katie Jarvis is achingly good. Fish Tank is unremittingly bleak, but somehow, allows room for hope.‐
Posted Jan 18, 2010
4/5 66% Youth in Revolt (2010) As the precocious and nubile Sheeni Saunders, newcomer Portia Doubleday is the first major discovery of 2010.‐
Posted Jan 7, 2010
4.5/5 63% Ricky (2009) Ozon's Ricky contains moments of real grit, but also contains a dose of otherworldly magic that only movies can provide.‐
Posted Dec 18, 2009
5/5 92% Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) Cinema-candy for grown-ups. I left the screening room thinking, I want to see this movie again.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 11, 2009
3.5/5 94% Le Chant des Mariées (The Wedding Song) (2008) Many, many movies have been made about World War II; but Albou's film provides a fresh perspective. It also doesn't hurt that her two lead actresses are terrifically beautiful.‐
Posted Oct 27, 2009
3/5 59% Trucker (2009) Monaghan's good, despite being too pretty, and the film, with a melodramatic storyline that seems perfect for a Hallmark TV movie, is good, too.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 21, 2009
3.5/5 68% Wild Grass (Les Herbes Folles) (2010) Resnais's film keeps you guessing even beyond the audacious ending.‐
Posted Oct 6, 2009
2/5 44% Jennifer's Body (2009) Gory rather than scary, mean-spirited rather than funny, Jennifer's Body is a nasty piece of work.‐
Posted Sep 15, 2009
4/5 48% Taking Woodstock (2009) Taking Woodstock is enormous fun.‐
Posted Aug 29, 2009
3/5 30% The Answer Man (Arlen Faber) (2009) Answer Man is a pleasant and enjoyable film, easy to go down, and often wrong about details: perfect for network TV.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 26, 2009
4/5 85% 500 Days of Summer (2009) Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel light up the screen in Marc Webb's directorial debut (500) Days of Summer. That might sound corny, but they do.‐
Posted Jul 20, 2009
4/5 96% Somers Town (2009) Somers Town, shot in glimmering black and white, reveals a working class England that brims with possibility.‐
Posted Jul 14, 2009
3/5 49% Whatever Works (2009) "Whatever Works" is Boris Yellnikoff's personal motto. It works for him, for his rag-tag friends, and best of all, for the audience, too.‐
Posted Jun 11, 2009
2/5 67% Away We Go (2009) Time and time again, Burt and Verona strike an artful pose while a guitar strums plaintive chords and mournful singer Alexi Murdoch tells the audience just how to feel.‐
Posted Jun 4, 2009
2.5/5 79% Okuribito (Departures) (2009) The sweeping music and bucolic landscape serve to heap on the emotion to Takita's already heavy-handed manipulation.‐
Read More | Posted May 26, 2009
2/5 52% Easy Virtue (2009) A painfully unfunny flop.‐
Posted May 22, 2009
4.5/5 74% Julia (2009) Zonca's Julia is a difficult movie to stomach, but entirely worth the emotional unrest it puts through you.‐
Posted May 11, 2009
2/5 73% Rudo y Cursi (2009) To put it plainly, both actors play unlikeable dimwits. [...] It's a shame that Bernal and Luna could not have had a better project for their reunion.‐
Posted May 8, 2009
2/5 42% The Limits of Control (2009) The Lone Man remains inscrutably cool from beginning to end. He is is nothing more a hit man for hire who likes his coffee just so.‐
Posted May 1, 2009
4/5 85% Tyson (2009) Tyson offers no point of view other that that of Mike Tyson himself. He's impossible not to like and the gentle quality of his voice is entirely disarming.‐
Posted Apr 23, 2009
4/5 74% American Violet (2009) American Violet is a fine film. Dee Roberts is not an abstract symbol of injustice. To watch a mother be wrenched away from her children is heartrending.‐
Posted Apr 20, 2009
2.5/5 63% Lymelife (2008) Something about the flatness of Culkin's eternally dull expression makes him a difficult character to care about -- a fundamental problem since Scott is meant to be the heart and soul of Martini's sedentary film.‐
Posted Apr 10, 2009
4/5 64% The Cake Eaters (2007) Kristen Stewart is lovely, as is Masterson's beautifully crafted first film.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 13, 2009
4/5 96% Les Plages d'Agnès (The Beaches of Agnes) (2008) Varda's luminous depiction of a life lived well is entertaining, informative, and finally, inspirational.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 1, 2009
3/5 95% The Class (2008) While The Class is not a documentary, Cantet has created a film so life-like that it seems as if the filmmaker has captured actual footage of a real classroom.‐
Posted Jan 30, 2009