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B 44%

The Last Ride (2012)

"The Last Ride doesn't give us a complete picture of Hank Williams. But it does ably illustrate the final days of his life." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 23, 2012
B 76%

Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012)

"I gained respect for Perry, her work ethic and personal rediscovery." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jul 5, 2012
C+ 33%

Joyful Noise (2012)

"Joyful Noise works best when the screen is filled with music, or when stars Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah are slinging spirited one-liners at each other." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 12, 2012
3/5 No Score Yet

Pure Country 2: The Gift (2010)

"There are, however, three strokes of genius. Bronson Pinchot, Michael McKean and Cheech Marin as the angels light up the screen. Their celestial banter is a joyful hoot to watch." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 15, 2010
4/5 81%

Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009)

"It's purpose isn't to reinvent Jackson, but to recapture some of the creative magic that made the kid from Indiana a worldwide musical ambassador." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 30, 2009
B+ 95%

The Class (2008)

"Never feels scripted, even with so much talking." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Feb 20, 2009
B 25%

Filth and Wisdom (2008)

"For an artist who has spent so much of her career reinventing herself to lead pop culture, not to mention fatten her pocketbook, Madonna seems at her most sincere behind this camera. She coaxes genuine moments from the three principals." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 24, 2008
D 0%

Surfer, Dude (2008)

"Willie and ganja, yes, yes, the cliches abound." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 12, 2008
B+ 69%

American Teen (2008)

"American Teen is The Breakfast Club in real time." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 1, 2008
B+ 83%

As It Is in Heaven (Så som i himmelen) (2004)

"As It Is in Heaven works best as a thematic piece of art. It's a statement on the ugliness of humanity and the power of music to wound, but then heal." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted May 2, 2008
B+ 42%

The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)

"Ms. Johansson fills the screen in her usually quiet but piercing manner." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Feb 29, 2008
C+ 60%

Resurrecting the Champ (2007)

"Despite generating plenty of turmoil, Resurrecting the Champ fails to be compelling. It does, however, succeed in being implausible." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 24, 2007
C 25%

El Cantante (2007)

"Nothing gets explored at length, and some key points are glossed over altogether, namely Héctor's out-of-wedlock son and his frequent womanizing. Such factual details would demoralize Puchi. They are merely mentioned, then ignored." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 3, 2007
B+ 91%

Rescue Dawn (2007)

"Rescue Dawn avoids all the land mines inherent in most war movies. There's no hero worship; no noisy, confusing, special-effects-enhanced battle scene." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jul 13, 2007
B- 50%

Nancy Drew (2007)

"[Roberts is] a natural in front of the camera, so warm and cute you're instantly charmed. Nancy Drew works largely because of Ms. Roberts." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 15, 2007
D No Score Yet

The Night of the White Pants (2006)

"The film's attempts at humor fall flat." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 9, 2007
B 89%

Venus (2006)

"The film gives Mr. O'Toole all the space he needs to prove that his craft is still fresh and virile." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 26, 2007
B+ 95%

Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

"Pan's Labyrinth works on several levels. It boldly captures the horror of war, the bloody violence as well as the emotional stifling of the soul, and juxtaposes it with the enchantment of a nether land bathed in hope and eternity." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 12, 2007
B+ 88%

Dixie Chicks - Shut Up and Sing (2006)

"What's most compelling about the movie are the film's revelations about the out-of-the-spotlight lives of Ms. Maines and fellow Chicks Emily Robison and Martie Maguire." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Nov 9, 2006
B 67%

Shortbus (2006)

"It's more than a porno movie with a plot. The reality of the heart manages to always temper the allure of the flesh. Ultimately, Mr. Mitchell shows us that sex doesn't mean a whole lot without a deeper connection." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 13, 2006
B+ 21%

Man of the Year (2006)

"At a time when politicians are most in question, [director] Levinson feels no qualms about depicting the process as a hilarious and yet dangerous farce." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 13, 2006
C- 33%

Flyboys (2006)

"When Flyboys finally ends, a too-long 139 minutes later, there's a sense of emptiness, perhaps even disgust." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 22, 2006
A- 76%

Time to Leave (2006)

"A beautiful, frank and utterly absorbing examination of death." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 7, 2006
C+ 5%

Broken Bridges (2006)

"At every turn, Broken Bridges is filled with clichéd predictability." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 7, 2006
B 68%

Brothers of the Head (2006)

"... the story of British conjoined twins turned underground punk-rock tragic figures can't be ignored, if not for the ingenious way of disguising truth, then for the unsettling presentation of human emotions." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 12, 2006
B- 27%

The Omen (2006)

"It's still an involving story. And the film's well-acted, particularly by Ms. Farrow and Mr. Postlethwaite. Plus, there are two really good scares that'll make you jump out of your seat. That alone was entertaining." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 6, 2006
C 6%

Hate Crime (2005)

"... a flawed film that frequently tries to rise above standard TV dramas of the week." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 27, 2006
C+ 20%

La mujer de mi hermano (2006)

"Had the film's director and screenwriter fleshed out the climax of the movie, Hermano's inherent predilection for melodrama might have been more palatable." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 13, 2006
A- 94%

Be Here to Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt (2005)

"[An] honest, sobering and poignant tribute to a tortured talent who died young and left behind a treasure chest of songs." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Mar 9, 2006
C+ 40%

Winter Passing (2006)

"It's a disturbing movie, particularly the first half, and one not easily digested." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Mar 9, 2006
B- 56%

16 Blocks (2006)

"[The film has] an air of believability that thankfully doesn't get lost in the sometimes fast pace of the flick." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Mar 2, 2006
B+ 37%

A Good Woman (2006)

"For the eyes, it's a cinematic banquet filled with the colors, wardrobe and scenery of 1930s Italy. For the mind, it's a sleek, intelligent story about love and money." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Feb 3, 2006
C+ 10%

Annapolis (2006)

"Annapolis is as predictable as stale bread. You can plot the film's conclusion, oh, at about the midway point. Even the few plot twists can be guessed miles away." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 26, 2006
B- 32%

Tristan & Isolde (2006)

"Tristan & Isolde is gorgeous to watch. The film's cinematography shines as a stunning example of setting, costumes, choreography and visual mood. And the story is entertaining, epic in scope but without an interminable length." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 12, 2006
C+ 52%

Garçon Stupide (2005)

"Understanding the ins and outs of a young, detached psyche requires careful cinematic dialogue and introspection, qualities Mr. Baier can't muster in his feature debut." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 2, 2005
A- 71%

Voces inocentes (2005)

"Director Mandoki has created a film with the gritty honesty of a documentary and the artistic masterstroke of a finely crafted cinematic piece." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 13, 2005
B 89%

Caterina in the Big City (2003)

"It's an adolescent-to-adult drama that never veers into maudlin or sugary territory. There's a realness on screen that translates to any culture." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 22, 2005
B 85%

The Perfect Crime (El Crimen Perfecto)(Crimen ferpecto) (2005)

"Packs laughs, over-the-top plot twists and even a socially conscious message or two into a twisted story about the ruthless competition between a couple of would-be managers in a sprawling department store." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 2, 2005
B+ 68%

The Reception (2005)

"Never maudlin." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 20, 2005
D 32%

November (2005)

"Director Greg Harrison seems more interested in pretentiously highbrow visual effects than developing a compelling narrative during November, his convoluted, ineffective psychological thriller." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 4, 2005
B 66%

O homem que copiava (2005)

"The Man Who Copied unfolds into a movie with a split personality, and the second half is no reproduction of the first." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jul 7, 2005
C- 57%

Happily Ever After (2005)

"If this is director Attal's attempt to dive into the complex world of marriages, he barely swam past the shoreline." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 16, 2005
B 83%

Lost Embrace (2005)

"Plays out in a low-key but charming fashion." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 3, 2005
B+ 89%

Brothers (2004)

"A film potent enough to shock, but beguiling enough to intrigue." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted May 26, 2005
B 75%

The Other Side of the Street (2004)

"The performances of Ms. Montenegro and Raul Cortez as Camargo light up the screen." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 21, 2005
C 33%

You I Love (Ya lyublyu tebya) (2004)

"The film comes off as little more than a shock-value exercise." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Mar 24, 2005
B- 35%

Imaginary Heroes (2005)

"The ending leaves unanswered questions, but it offers enough substance to justify the nearly two-hour commitment." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Feb 24, 2005
B+ 68%

The Chorus (Les Choristes) (2005)

"It's a thoughtful, moving celebration of hope and resilience that doesn't turn sappy or manipulative." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 27, 2005
B+ 77%

Cachorro (2004)

"A touching, frank movie about parenting." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 30, 2004
C+ 14%

Chasing Papi (2003)

"It's the engaging performances of Jaci Velasquez, Roselyn Sanchez and Sofia Vergara, as well as a few humorous Latin colloquialisms, that turn an otherwise inane script into a cute confection of a film." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 17, 2003
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