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2.5/4 80% Europa Report (2013) What isn't straightforward about the plot is either hackneyed, implausible, or both. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 8, 2013
2.5/4 25% Planes (2013) Seems ... like a lesser version of what may be Pixar's two weakest efforts, the "Cars" movies. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 8, 2013
3/4 94% Museum Hours (2013) One of the world's great art museums, the Kunsthistoriches is the true star of the movie "Museum Hours." ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Jul 18, 2013
3/4 96% Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton As Himself (2013) Failure was at the heart of Plimpton's appeal - and of the documentary "Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself." ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Jun 20, 2013
89% The Iran Job (2013) A lively, engaging documentary directed by the German filmmaker Till Schauder ... ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Jun 19, 2013
3.5/4 No Score Yet Sign Painters (2014) A movie with a title like that - about a subject like that - must be pretty drab, right? Not hardly. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Jun 19, 2013
2/4 84% Dirty Wars (2013) Scahill's so busy Being A Reporter - capital letters are definitely called for - it gets in the way of what he's reporting on. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Jun 13, 2013
2.5/4 64% Pandora's Promise (2013) Robert Stone's documentary contends that the only feasible answer is nuclear power. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Jun 13, 2013
2/4 49% Now You See Me (2013) Big, noisy, slick, and empty. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted May 30, 2013
2/4 No Score Yet Cleopatra 50th Anniversary (2013) It's never a good sign when a movie is most famous for what happened off screen, and "Cleopatra" may be the all-time champ of off-screen famousness. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted May 24, 2013
2/4 89% Girl Rising (2013) The price of good intentions is that it looks and feels like an extended public-service announcement for goodness. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Apr 18, 2013
2.5/4 53% Oblivion (2013) Sometimes Oblivion can be pretty oblivious. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Apr 18, 2013
3/4 89% Koch (2013) What he really was was one of a kind. Whether intentionally or not, "Koch" shows that that's not necessarily a bad thing. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Apr 11, 2013
2.5/4 63% High Tech, Low Life (2013) "High Tech, Low Life" (not a good title) has a nice easy rhythm. It feels neither hurried nor emphatic. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Apr 4, 2013
2.5/4 93% Free Angela & All Political Prisoners (2013) People who weren't around during the '60s-'70s cusp can hardly appreciate just how weird that time was. "Free Angela" brings that weirdness back. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Apr 4, 2013
1.5/4 65% Starbuck (2013) Bertrand does his jelly-belly best to keep "Starbuck" a comedy. But even the broadest shtick can't prevent a movie that features a Busby Berkeley-style group hug from becoming a male weepie. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Mar 28, 2013
3/4 27% Upside Down (2013) "Upside Down" gives you four movies for the price of one. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Mar 14, 2013
2/4 32% Emperor (2013) It's a rich and significant subject for scholars, but not exactly filmic. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Mar 7, 2013
3/4 93% Little Fugitive (1953) That the filmmakers were able to make "Little Fugitive" at all is kind of miraculous, but the miraculousness has its limits. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Mar 5, 2013
1.5/4 90% A Place at the Table (2013) A tighter focus, or even just a voiceover narration, might have helped. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Feb 28, 2013
1.5/4 85% How To Re-establish A Vodka Empire (2011) Too many of the scenes here - a busted elevator, walking an elderly dog - seem included because Edelstyn didn't have any sense of structure or, worse, what exactly he was after. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Feb 27, 2013
3/4 87% Happy People: A Year in the Taiga (2013) The film has a relaxed, matter-of-fact feel. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Feb 14, 2013
2/4 81% Hitler's Children (2012) The moral weight of "Hitler's Children" is unmistakable. So is that weight's inertness. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Jan 3, 2013
1.5/4 80% Orchestra Of Exiles (2012) Writer-director Josh Aronson's flaccid "Orchestra of Exiles" squanders the material's promise. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Nov 22, 2012
3/4 96% Brooklyn Castle (2012) Katie Dellamaggiore's lively and affecting documentary introduces us to a cast of characters that's very winning (in both senses of the word). ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Nov 15, 2012
1.5/4 No Score Yet Love And Other Anxieties (2011) "Love and Other Anxieties" is amiable and earnest and has the courage not to force answers to unanswerable questions. It's also tentative and pallid and seems a bit afraid of those questions. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Nov 1, 2012
2.5/4 46% The Details (2012) The movie is many things, but a mess isn't one of them. Estes knows exactly what he wants. Whether it's worth wanting is another matter. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Nov 1, 2012
3/4 88% The Other Dream Team (2012) Clearly, there's a story here. The documentary "The Other Dream Team" tells it in a smart, lively, if somewhat hectic fashion. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Oct 11, 2012
1.5/4 28% Backwards (2012) The neatness of the plotting becomes almost comical after a while. Construction is one thing; contrivance is another. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Sep 27, 2012
1/4 66% Solomon Kane (2012) Who knew there were skinhead and zombie equivalents in late-Elizabethan England? ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Sep 27, 2012
3/4 73% Chicken with Plums (2012) "Predictability" is not in Satrapi and Paronnaud's vocabulary, and that is no small thing in this or any other movie era. But the whole those parts form never exceeds their sum. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Sep 20, 2012
2.5/4 No Score Yet What Time Is Left (2013) There's a callowness to "What Time Is Left" that's understandable in a first film - but dismaying in light of the subject of that film. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Sep 20, 2012
2.5/4 85% Detropia (2012) "Detropia" feels somewhere between loose (which is good) and aimless (which isn't). ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Sep 20, 2012
0.5/4 0% Last Ounce of Courage (2012) The problem with this numbskull travesty isn't that it's fatuous and smug (which it is). It's that it's slack and dull. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Sep 13, 2012
2.5/4 62% It Is No Dream: The Life of Theodor Herzl (2012) Richard Trank's film is sober, detailed, and handsomely mounted. Ben Kingsley narrates, to excellent effect. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Sep 6, 2012
2/4 77% Samsara (2012) The result is like an issue of National Geographic gone mad. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Sep 6, 2012
1/4 57% Kumaré (2012) There's a Morgan Spurlock narcissism to "Kumaré." It could just as well have been called "Super-Spiritualize Me." ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Sep 6, 2012
0.5/4 54% The Inbetweeners (2012) Who knew that when the "Porky's" movies (finally) died, they went to England? ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Sep 6, 2012
1/4 25% 2016: Obama's America (2012) Viewers may do some headscratching. This can be a very strange movie. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 31, 2012
2.5/4 67% Lawless (2012) Much of the action may be nearly as grim as in director John Hillcoat's previous feature, "The Road" - "Lawless" is very bloody - but the scenery and production design are a whole lot nicer. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 30, 2012
1.5/4 3% The Apparition (2012) The entity is a ghostly presence amid an even ghostlier absence. This is truly distressed real estate. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 29, 2012
2/4 64% Cosmopolis (2012) Poor Pattinson does the best he can. He's not terrible. But he's definitely out of his element, if not beyond his depth, an altar boy in a bishop's robes. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 23, 2012
2/4 75% Premium Rush (2012) "Premium Rush" has a lot of energy - too much, it's kind of exhausting. It also has a lot of trickiness. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 23, 2012
2/4 86% Robot & Frank (2012) "Robot & Frank" isn't sure whether it's a comedy or drama, buddy movie or sci-fi fantasy, family melodrama or social satire. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 23, 2012
0.5/4 89% Compliance (2012) There is a level of stupidity displayed by the people in this movie that beggars belief. Their behavior is to stupidity as the Death Star is to a doughnut. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 23, 2012
2.5/4 50% Hit & Run (2012) When Shepard's on, though, he's really on. There's hardly anything rote or predictable about "Hit & Run," other than its title. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 23, 2012
2/4 95% The Imposter (2012) Beverly Dollarhide, Nicholas's mother, says of the period after her son's disappearance, "My main goal in life at that time was not to think." Apparently, the filmmakers have taken a cue from her. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 16, 2012
1.5/4 71% Dark Horse (2012) Solondz has made a career out of specializing in highly aberrant views of middle-class life. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 9, 2012
2/4 75% Hope Springs (2012) "Hope Springs" panders with the clumsiness of grown-ups trying to do "Step Up" dance moves. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 8, 2012
1.5/4 71% Klovn: The Movie (Klown) (2012) It can seem sometimes that Hollywood has a monopoly on stupid, obnoxious comedy. Anyone who sees "Klown" will learn otherwise. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 2, 2012