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Mark Peikert

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Year of the Fish (2007)

"Year of the Fish does feature more than enough clever moments and ideas to compensate for forcing audiences to sit through yet another tale of a woman who needs a man to rescue her from a life of drudgery." ‐ New York Press
Posted Aug 27, 2008

I.O.U.S.A. (2008)

"For a topic as inherently boring as economics, [director Patrick] Creadon has managed a creditable job of keeping our attention throughout I.O.U.S.A." ‐ New York Press
Posted Aug 20, 2008

Baghead (2008)

"But what makes Baghead more than just a hipster version of The Blair Witch Project (young filmmakers in the woods, being terrified) is the bromance at its core." ‐ New York Press
Posted Jul 23, 2008

Take (2008)

"While Take has a few moments of eye-rolling absurdity, the film has a way of slithering under your skin and staying there." ‐ New York Press
Posted Jul 16, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

"While the actual meat of the film features at least one spectacular sequence involving a chasm and floating magnetic rocks, the rest is marred by badly conceived 3-D effects." ‐ New York Press
Posted Jul 9, 2008

Holding Trevor (2007)

"In Holding Trevor, there's a depressed form of anger bubbling beneath the surface." ‐ New York Press
Posted Jul 2, 2008

Brick Lane (2008)

"Fewer incendiary incidents and a red pencil applied to the script might have freed the good movie that's buried somewhere beneath layers of unearned emotional conflict." ‐ New York Press
Posted Jun 18, 2008

The Go-Getter (2008)

"More than a movie about becoming an adult, The Go-Getter is a feature-length audition reel for Deschanel to finally get the roles she deserves." ‐ New York Press
Posted Jun 4, 2008

Stuck (2008)

"That Stuck is mostly based an actual event is frightening, but ultimately irrelevant thanks to Suvari's and Rea's nuanced performances." ‐ New York Press
Posted May 28, 2008

The Strangers (2008)

"Any good thriller should make you worry about walking through the door and into your dark apartment, but The Strangers may prevent you from ever going home again." ‐ New York Press
Posted May 28, 2008

Yella (2008)

"Somehow, this tightrope walk between the supernatural and underhanded business deals (call it Carnival of Michael Clayton) manages the neat trick of keeping its balance." ‐ New York Press
Posted May 14, 2008

Sangre De Mi Sangre (2007)

"To write Sangre off as an unglamorous fairytale devalues what screenwriter/director Zalla achieves." ‐ New York Press
Posted May 14, 2008

The Babysitters (2008)

"By undermining the subtle feminism of his movie, [director] Ross ends up undermining the whole thing, culminating in a terrifying parking-lot scene that doesn't quite make sense." ‐ New York Press
Posted May 7, 2008

OSS 117: Le Caire Nid d'Espions (OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies) (2008)

"Director Hazanavicius and co-writer Jean-Francois Halin have created an impressively believable throwback to those late '50s international Hitchcock films." ‐ New York Press
Posted May 7, 2008

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008)

"By the time the relatively brief movie finally (and happily) ends in a flurry of True Love and an exhale of stale smoke, you're ready to embrace your own drug of choice." ‐ New York Press
Posted Apr 30, 2008

Anamorph (2008)

"A grimy, ugly film about death and the living dead in New York City, without the redeeming ambition of Seven or even the cultural commentary of Summer of Sam." ‐ New York Press
Posted Apr 16, 2008

Smart People (2008)

"There is a certain reassuring quality about Smart People for bright audiences, but most of the film keeps you in an agony of frustration." ‐ New York Press
Posted Apr 9, 2008

Sex and Death 101 (2007)

"Writer/director Waters has crafted a darkly funny look at the pursuit of sex, but he undermines his fairy tale story with a strange trio of omnipotent men who attempt to explain how the list was released." ‐ New York Press
Posted Apr 2, 2008

Irina Palm (2008)

"There's little new in terms of the plot's bold strokes. But the details and minutiae keep Irina Palm fresher than it would have been otherwise -- along with Faithfull's low-key performance, turning her rasp from jaded to shy." ‐ New York Press
Posted Mar 19, 2008
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