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4/5 76% Split (2017) Split represents the director's A-game, and showcases his talent for fantastical storytelling grounded in the everyday. ‐ SciFiNow
Posted Jan 19, 2017
5/5 99% The Wailing (Goksung) (2016) In just three films, Na Hong-jin has emerged as one of South Korean cinema's best kept secrets. ‐ CineVue
Posted Dec 20, 2016
5/5 85% The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) In just three films, Na Hong-jin has emerged as one of South Korean cinema's best kept secrets. ‐ CineVue
Posted Dec 20, 2016
3/5 74% We Are the Flesh (Tenemos la carne) (2017) Challenging, daring, provocative, disgusting - We are the Flesh is all those things and then some, but also superbly crafted and always visually compelling. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 31, 2016
5/5 98% Under The Shadow (2016) ★★★★★ Babak Anvari's Under the Shadow uses the haunted house set-up and classical filmmaking techniques expressly for political purposes. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 31, 2016
4/5 50% 31 (2016) 31 is a horror show delivered in hammer blows. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 31, 2016
3/5 60% Red Christmas (2016) Craig Anderson's Red Christmas is more Bob Clark's Black Christmas than Michael Curtiz's White Christmas. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 30, 2016
3/5 32% Abattoir (2016) Bousman might not quite pull off the 'Howard Hawks meets The Wicker Man' vibe he's going for, but Abattoir is horror for grown-ups ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 30, 2016
4/5 89% Another Evil (2015) Nothing else this year can match Another Evil for its expert chills, comic dialogue, Office-level cringe and disturbing themes. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 30, 2016
4/5 95% The Love Witch (2016) Anna Biller's The Love Witch is a movie aesthetes of kitsch will embrace with open arms. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 30, 2016
3/5 9% Cell (2016) Gives the tired zombie survival horror subgenre a much-needed recharge. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 26, 2016
4/5 86% My Father, Die (2017) Full of Old Testament values and punishing degradation. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 26, 2016
4/5 95% The Similars (Los Parecidos) (2016) Like an episode of The Twilight Zone guest-directed by Luis Buñuel, The Similars is richly absurd in premise but also founded on a bedrock of social and political issues. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 26, 2016
3/5 78% The Shallows (2016) Displaying an exemplary commitment to knuckle-biting tension, director Serra has made a riveting B-movie. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 11, 2016
2/5 63% The Killing$ of Tony Blair (2016) The Killings of Tony Blair is a selective portrait of a monster fit for a 'Stop the War' rally and it'll appeal directly to true believers for whom New Labour and Blair were an aberration. ‐ CineVue
Posted Jul 25, 2016
5/5 80% The Conjuring 2 (2016) James Wan has delivered what should rightfully be considered his masterpiece. ‐ CineVue
Posted Jun 14, 2016
5/5 57% The Neon Demon (2016) Imagine a Vogue fashion shoot directed by Count Dracula. That's The Neon Demon. ‐ Grolsch Film Works
Posted Jun 7, 2016
3/5 38% Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) It won't change the face of comic-book movies forever -- but then it was clearly never intended to do so. ‐ SciFiNow
Posted May 31, 2016
2/5 67% Kill Command (2016) Kill Command mostly sucks. Mostly. ‐ SciFiNow
Posted May 26, 2016
4/5 75% The BFG (2016) The BFG is candy for the eyes and a beautifully imagined tale of two outsiders finding their place in the world. ‐ SciFiNow
Posted May 19, 2016
3/5 62% Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) A smart and worthy continuation of this comedic battle of the age-groups. ‐ CineVue
Posted May 4, 2016
5/5 83% Midnight Special (2016) This is a movie featuring awe, magic and wonder unburdened by an over-reliance on computer-animated imagery to add the wow factor and unique selling point. ‐ Grolsch Film Works
Posted Feb 17, 2016
1/5 10% Dirty Grandpa (2016) Dirty Grandpa wants to be as filthy as a Tijuana peep show featuring a beleaguered performer and put upon donkey, but ends up as sickly sweet as a Werther's Original. ‐ CineVue
Posted Jan 27, 2016
2/5 50% 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi (2016) Michael Bay dialling it back still leaves plenty of room for bombast, bombs and baloney. ‐ CineVue
Posted Jan 27, 2016
5/5 94% Contempt (1964) Godard was the artist who tore cinema apart and rebuilt it to suit his own interests and ends. ‐ CineVue
Posted Jan 14, 2016
4/5 40% Landmine Goes Click (2015) There is more to Landmine Goes Click than some might give it credit for. To dismiss it as another grotty exercise in terrorising women is missing the point somewhat. ‐ CineVue
Posted Dec 27, 2015
3/5 93% Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict (2015) Peggy was a one-off and would be utterly astonished by the art world today paying, as it does, tens of millions for works she picked up for next to nothing. ‐ CineVue
Posted Dec 10, 2015
5/5 81% Sunset Song (2016) Sunset Song is a reminder of what British cinema can be and do, when not enthralled to trends or traditions. ‐ CineVue
Posted Dec 2, 2015
3/5 71% Crimson Peak (2015) As gorgeous to behold as Crimson Peak (2015) often is, Guillermo del Toro's latest film has zero dramatic gravitas. It is pop-up book Gothic, rather than a full-bodied recreation of dreamlike exotic weirdness. ‐ CineVue
Posted Oct 15, 2015
4/5 79% Tales of Halloween (2015) Tales of Halloween (2015) is the latest stab by well-regarded horror directors at the anthology format. Created by Axelle Carolyn, the intent is to replace the V/H/S series as a showcase for filmmakers whose names will be very familiar to genre fans. ‐ CineVue
Posted Sep 3, 2015
5/5 96% Nina Forever (2016) Nina Forever is a brilliant, intelligent and emotionally rewarding debut feature. ‐ CineVue
Posted Sep 1, 2015
4/5 90% Emelie (2016) For much of its brisk eighty-two minutes running time, Emelie (2015) is a devilishly good thriller of notably transgressive bent, giving the slasher and home invasion formats a rare matriarchal focus. ‐ CineVue
Posted Sep 1, 2015
5/5 85% Sun Choke (2016) Ben Cresciman's intense psychological horror film, Sun Choke (2015), is the story of a woman staring into the abyss of nothingness and liking what she sees: absolute nothing, a retreat from the chaos of the light. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 30, 2015
4/5 86% Deathgasm (2015) What We Do in the Shadows (2014), Housebound (2014) and now Deathgasm (2015): New Zealand is fast becoming the go-to place for crowd-pleasing horror comedies. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 30, 2015
4/5 95% We Are Still Here (2015) Ted Geoghegan's We Are Still Here (2015) is a fittingly gruesome tribute to the halcyon days of 1980s splatter movies and the cosmic horror mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 30, 2015
4/5 91% Aaaaaaaah! (2015) Steve Oram's directorial debut, Aaaaaaaah! (2015), comes on like a collaboration between Dogme '95 and Chris Morris. It's hard to think of another film closely like it in British cinema. It really is that out-there and singular. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 28, 2015
1/5 13% Cherry Tree (2016) The film is nothing but a clumsy constructed yarn with a final scene/shot so cheap and misguided; it sums up Keating's clunker with aplomb. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 28, 2015
3/5 75% Pod (2015) The third act munsons - there is no better word for it (thanks, 1996's Kingpin) - a lot of the excellent build-up. ‐ CineVue
Posted Aug 28, 2015
5/5 89% The Lobster (2016) Beyond the cruel deadpan humour and icy, muted visuals is a thoughtful romantic tale set in a world where people are forbidden from marching to the beat of their own drum. The Lobster is a defiantly oddball take on the classic dystopian-future narrative. ‐ SciFiNow
Posted Aug 21, 2015
5/5 96% Touch of Evil (1958) Touch of Evil is one of Orson Welles's greatest achievements on film. ‐ CineVue
Posted Jul 7, 2015
4/5 89% The First Film (2016) The First Film should be a worthy resource for cinema history enthusiasts and students alike. ‐ CineVue
Posted Jun 30, 2015
4/5 93% Slow West (2015) Robbie Ryan's cinematography gives off a sun-dappled haziness akin to a map pointing to buried treasure; one that has turned mucky yellow due to being pawed endlessly by tobacco-stained fingertips. ‐ CineVue
Posted Jun 24, 2015
2/5 6% Accidental Love (2015) Even with Russell on board to see his 'madCapra' farce all the way to release day, its whole raison d'être - as a political knockabout satire - would still have made the film dead on arrival at the box office. What happened? Barack Obama, that's what. ‐ CineVue
Posted Jun 18, 2015
4/5 94% Freaks (1932) Undoubtedly flawed, Freaks is also admirably bonkers and quite simply unforgettable. ‐ CineVue
Posted Jun 10, 2015
3/5 58% Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015) Taking over from James Wan, Leigh Whannell directs with some confidence. As a directorial debut and horror film it also demonstrates a clear understanding of haunted house tropes. ‐ CineVue
Posted Jun 4, 2015
4/5 94% Bai ri yan huo (Black Coal, Thin Ice) (2015) It's easy to see why it won the prize at Berlin. As well as being moodier than a Nine Inch Nails soundscape and crackling with barely concealed sexual tension and brimming with angst, Jingsong Dong's cinematography is sublime. ‐ CineVue
Posted Jun 2, 2015
3/5 76% The Connection (2015) The Connection doesn't quite deserve to be put in concrete shoes and thrown to the fishes from a foggy wharf at midnight, but it's nowhere near as entertaining as the many past classics it seems so determined to riff on. ‐ Film Divider
Posted May 29, 2015
2/5 41% Love (2015) After an astounding 1998 debut, I Stand Alone, followed by 2002's notorious Irreversible and 2009's psychotropic odyssey Enter the Void, French cinema's arch provocateur, Gaspar Noé, has finally delivered the grand folly that was perhaps always in him. ‐ Grolsch Film Works
Posted May 28, 2015
4/5 90% Green Room (2016) If director Jeremy Saulnier's debut feature, Blue Ruin, was a bit of mournful Appalachian bluegrass, his follow-up, Green Room, is a fast-paced stomper with a snappy three-chord chorus: the film equivalent of The Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop". ‐ Grolsch Film Works
Posted May 22, 2015
4/5 100% Gente de bien (2014) Gente de bien is a sensitive and rewarding viewing experience about the social barriers we erect and the economic hardships and necessities impacting on working families in Latin America. ‐ CineVue
Posted Apr 14, 2015