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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
2/5 65%

Tamara Drewe (2010)

"It's just that it's difficult to reconcile the film's fluctuating tones." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Sep 9, 2010
2/5 65%

Dog Pound (2010)

"Kim Chapiron could make a seminal film about today's youth, but this isn't it." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Aug 26, 2010
4/5 83%

Black Dynamite (2009)

"A brilliant laugh-out-loud slapstick crowd pleaser made with love and talent." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Aug 13, 2010
4/5 52%

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2010)

"It's a tragic and sophisticated love story." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Aug 6, 2010
2/5 88%

Undertow (2010)

"Crisply shot and quietly acted, Undertow is heartfelt drama, but also a bit too well meaning for its own good." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Aug 6, 2010
4/5 86%

Inception (2010)

"By turns overpowering, spectacular and truly awe-inspiring. Nolan has just taken it to the next level." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Jul 16, 2010

Heartbreaker (L'Arnacoeur) (2010)

"Duris and Paradis are a perfect physical match in this topsy-turvy environment -- her severe, spiky, almost-masculine features contrasting with his soft, feminine vulnerability." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Jul 1, 2010

Shrek Forever After (2010)

"Obviously inspired by It's a Wonderful Life, Shrek may not be able to match Frank Capra's delicious pathos, but this is a fitting final chapter for the franchise." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Jul 1, 2010
4/5 97%

Ajami (2010)

"A rare film that will force you to confront your own prejudices." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Jun 17, 2010
3/5 68%

Black Death (2011)

"Dark and dirty entertainment." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Jun 10, 2010
3/5 58%

She's Out of My League (2010)

"Eve sparkles, Baruchel amuses and the film as a whole is irresistible." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Jun 4, 2010
1/5 49%

The Losers (2010)

"It's like being given the finger for 90 minutes." ‐Little White Lies
Posted May 28, 2010
1/5 36%

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)

"Yet another example of the criminal recidivism of the American blockbuster. When will they learn? When will we?" ‐Little White Lies
Posted May 20, 2010
2/5 75%

Heartless (2010)

"Sturgess gives it his all in a sweaty, breathless, claustrophobic performance, but commitment alone isnâ(TM)t enough to lift this film all that far above the pack." ‐Little White Lies
Posted May 20, 2010
5/5 84%

Eyes Wide Open (Einaym Pkuhot) (2010)

"One of the best and most moving love stories you'll ever see. Absolutely top draw." ‐Little White Lies
Posted May 13, 2010
2/5 43%

Robin Hood (2010)

"The film gets notably dumber as it continues, culminating in a final battle overstuffed with unlikely and ill-conceived moments shot in overwrought slow-motion close-up." ‐Little White Lies
Posted May 13, 2010
2/5 90%

Lebanon (Levanon) (2010)

"Maoz has taken the most important event of his life and coupled it with a great idea only to make a film that, although sincerely felt, is both underwhelming and disingenuous." ‐Little White Lies
Posted May 13, 2010
4/5 90%

24 City (Er shi si cheng ji) (2008)

"Enthralling, beguiling and haunting." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Apr 30, 2010
2/5 53%

Agora (2010)

"The metaphysical moments inspire, but the earth bound action is mundane in the pejorative sense." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Apr 23, 2010
3/5 59%

Centurion (2010)

"It may be cheese, but it's of a fine vintage." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Apr 23, 2010
5/5 92%

City of Life and Death (2011)

"One of the most powerful films you'll ever see. Literally unforgettable." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Apr 21, 2010
1/5 22%

Repo Men (2010)

"One of the worst endings of any film, ever. Seriously. Ever." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Apr 21, 2010
4/4 94%

Samson and Delilah (2010)

"Thornton's command of space, location and mood is exemplary, recalling the Taiwanese master Tsai-ming Liang in the way this love story plays out in the interstitial spaces of the city." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Apr 7, 2010

Kick-Ass (2010)

"Among the heavy hitters of the superhero genre, it may not be the biggest, but Kick-Ass is definitely the brightest, and it may just be the best." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Apr 1, 2010
1/5 76%

Nightwatching (2007)

"Nightwatching is a noble experiment in bringing the inner life of Rembrandt's work sharply into focus, but the effect is one of stupefying dullness." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Mar 25, 2010

Beyond the Pole (2009)

"It is by turns a ferocious 'j'accuse' of the limits of liberal intervention and the myth of personal responsibility, underpinned by a surprisingly bitter current of darkness and despair." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Mar 19, 2010

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009)

"The effect is a diminution of the book's giant reputation, which, on reflection, may not be such a bad thing." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Mar 15, 2010
3/5 100%

Oil City Confidential (2009)

"A rugged piece of pulp entertainment charting the unlikely rise of UK blues outfit Dr Feelgood." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Feb 5, 2010

Tony (2009)

"Johnson and cinematographer David Higgs shoot this mundane horror in drab, flat colours, accentuating the invasive intimacy with which we're thrown into Tony's life. The entire screen has the greasy texture of accumulated filth." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Feb 5, 2010
3/5 76%

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (2010)

"Enlivened by some strong performances and a convincing emotional core, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll is a family melodrama in rock 'n' roll trousers. But man, it knows how to wear them." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Jan 8, 2010
4/5 75%

The Road (2009)

"The Road isn't flawless, it isn't quite the emotional masterpiece you want it to be, but it is both a worthy companion piece to the source material and, moreover, a dramatic slice of cinematic story telling in its own right." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Jan 8, 2010

Nowhere Boy (2010)

"There are brief moments when Nowhere Boy takes your breath away, when the frisson of future knowledge sends a shiver down the spine. But they're outweighed by the melodrama and the politesse of this disappointingly toothless biopic." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Jan 5, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

"It moves smoothly from the sublime to the ridiculous, it inhabits the dual worlds of fantasy and reality, and articulates something profoundly simple about both." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Dec 11, 2009

Bunny and the Bull (2008)

"An original, inventive, occasionally startling British comedy that showcases a breakout talent in Paul King." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Nov 27, 2009

We Live in Public (2009)

"What Timoner has done for sure is assemble another documentary of monumental scope. She has a priceless knack for being in the right place at the right time, allied to a filmmaker's instinct for narrative, and a journalistic tenacity." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Nov 13, 2009

Tulpan (2009)

"Investing the ethnographic documentary with sly wit and wry absurdity, Sergei Dvortsevoy's Tulpan is a quiet revelation." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Nov 13, 2009
3/5 100%

L'Enfer d'Henri-Georges Clouzot (Henri-George Clouzot's Inferno) (2010)

"What's clear is that the film really does look like a lost masterpiece, a synthesis of Hitchcockian psychosis and pure '60s style. Bromberg's doc deserves to be the last word on an enigmatic film." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Nov 6, 2009
3/5 91%

Tales from the Golden Age (2011)

"What shines through is the proud spirit of the Romanian people, who found ways to endure in a system that veered unpredictably from the comically ineffective to the starkly insidious." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Oct 30, 2009
4/5 94%

An Education (2009)

"What began as a tale of innocence lost ends with a sense of exciting discovery. Because the lesson to take away from An Education is that a new star has been found." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Oct 30, 2009

9 (2009)

"The story drifts towards the mawkish without answering any of the big questions it tentatively raises." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Oct 30, 2009
4/5 92%

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

"The director's genius for production design comes to the fore. The sets are a treasure trove of quirky details, retro-gizmos and snarky in-jokes." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Oct 23, 2009

Ong Bak 2 (2009)

"It's... weird. But then the whole film is. Tony Jaa obviously is. But like Jaa, it's also sporadically, triumphantly, transcendently amazing. Just, be prepared..." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Oct 16, 2009

Pandorum (2009)

"Pandorum is dumb, noisy fun. Its flaws are inoffensive inasmuch as Alvart doesn't give off Anderson's noxious vibe of insincerity." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Oct 4, 2009
3/5 100%

Kôkaku kidôtai 2.0 (Ghost in the Shell 2.0) (2008)

"It remains a powerful and intelligent film and looks to become all the more relevant as we drift into a future played out in series of noughts and ones." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Oct 4, 2009
3/5 100%

Three Miles North of Molkom (2007)

"It's impossible to overstate just how intimate Three Miles North of Molkom is. Though often hilarious, it is also difficult, at times excruciating, to watch." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Sep 18, 2009

Mesrine: Public Enemy #1 (2010)

"Though never less than entertaining, Killer Instinct and Public Enemy can't escape the shadow of the films they might have been. Both earn their place in the gangster canon. But not even Jacques Mesrine can escape the constraints of cinema." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Aug 29, 2009
3/5 96%

Mesrine: Part 1 (Killer Instinct) and Part 2 (Public Enemy #1) (2010)

"Killer Instinct and Public Enemy can't escape the shadow of the films they might have been. Both earn their place in the gangster canon. But not even Jacques Mesrine can escape the constraints of cinema." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Aug 7, 2009
2/5 51%

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009)

"Juvenile, hyperactive, obstreperous and obnoxious." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Jul 31, 2009

Burma VJ: Reporter i et Lukket Land (Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country) (2008)

"An inspiring, and occasionally horrifying, documentary." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Jul 17, 2009
3/5 89%

Moon (2009)

"This is a defiantly British film. It's one we can be proud of - in moderation." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Jul 17, 2009
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