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100% Ship Of Theseus (2012) It's an ambitious outing for a first-time feature and, despite some unadventurous editing and an occasionally too-talky script, young playwright-turned-filmmaker Anand Gandhi should be commended for his commitment to intellectual truth-seeking. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 9, 2017
91% Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance (2007) The affection with which the breezy Australian mockumentary Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance tweaks the twinkle-toed denizens of the competitive dance scene makes it easy to like. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 27, 2016
62% The Little Death (2015) It's quite a trick Lawson has pulled off, creating a film that's as genuinely sweet as it is borderline offensive, and funny throughout. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 23, 2015
63% The Water Diviner (2015) Making his directorial debut with the brawny and big-hearted Australian war drama The Water Diviner, Russell Crowe taps a deep well of symbolism, cultural empathy and good old-fashioned storytelling. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 9, 2014
76% Canopy (2014) This is a film that eschews epic battle scenes and carnage to delve into the quieter, no less terrifying, moments of waiting and watching. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 28, 2014
No Score Yet Rise Of The Eco-warriors (2014) Despite the jazzy externals, the result is more educational than engrossing, although it's a hard heart that's not stirred by the charming presence of the featured orangutans. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 13, 2014
83% Patrick: Evil Awakens (2014) This Ozploitation remake is a spookily effective fright-fest. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 21, 2014
67% Despite the Gods (2012) An absorbing documentary chronicling the derailment of an ambitious, Bollywood-style filmmaking effort. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 17, 2013
69% The Wolverine (2013) Until a third act that collapses in a harebrained heap, the director largely succeeds in keeping the more cartoonish aspects at bay, roughing up the surface with organically staged fight scenes and, crucially, raising the stakes. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 22, 2013
83% 100 Bloody Acres (2013) You'll laugh, you'll squirm. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 27, 2013
90% Storm Surfers 3D (2013) Australian surfing legends Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones unite and conquer some mighty big waves in this immersive 3D documentary. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 14, 2013
40% Mental (2013) A cuckoo comedy that puts the fun in dysfunctional. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 25, 2013
54% I Give It a Year (2013) It winds up rather inelegantly shoehorning salty humor and abrasive sentiment into a genre template, but an above-average number of laugh-out-loud set-pieces compensate for the resulting wobbly narrative. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 25, 2013
45% Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away (2012) A negligible narrative takes nothing away from the heart-stopping beauty of the visuals in this 3D spectacular. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 19, 2012
63% Dead Europe (2012) In the end mood is all, and it's a bummer. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 16, 2012
No Score Yet Ace Attorney (2012) A cartoonishly fun, if overlong, ride for those who've never even heard of side characters like Detective Dick Gumshoe and Lotta Hart. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 6, 2012
37% Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) It's familiar, drawn-out shtick, and the humor lacks the subtlety of the first and best Ice Age, but there are some visually inventive high points. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 26, 2012
37% Swerve (2013) The sun-bleached terrain of the Australian outback is not the natural habitat of the noir thriller, so Craig Lahiff's feisty genre outing is a neat surprise. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 8, 2012
49% Maniac (2013) This is down and dirty genre filmmaking, and the various slaughters, excruciatingly detailed scalpings and other atrocities are no less gruesome because of the highfalutin approach. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 28, 2012
No Score Yet Children of Sarajevo (2012) Shows a filmmaker whose passion for her subject has now twinned with a maturing proficiency to deliver a drama of some power. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 24, 2012
91% Holy Motors (2012) A deliciously preposterous piece of filmmaking that appraises life and death and everything in between, reflected in a funhouse mirror. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 24, 2012
64% Antiviral (2013) If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, David Cronenberg should be feeling pretty chuffed with son Brandon's big-screen debut, a petri dish of high-concept perversity and cultural commentary teeming with lo-fi ickiness. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 21, 2012
0% Confession of a Child of the Century (2012) The role of a beautiful and damned 19th century libertine sounds like a perfect fit for disheveled English rock poet Pete Doherty, but then there's the little matter of being able to act. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 21, 2012
91% The Sapphires (2013) A jewel-bright charmer about four spunky indigenous women whose powerhouse voices catapulted them onto the 60s-era world stage as Australia's answer to the Supremes. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 20, 2012
34% Battleship (2012) Impressive visual effects and Berg's epic set pieces fight against an armada of cinematic clichés and some truly awful dialogue. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 11, 2012
43% Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012) As the band of adventurers skips from one supersized Survivor-like challenge to the next, one can't help feeling the creative potential of Verne's vision is wasted. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 17, 2012
39% Johnny English Reborn (2011) A redundant spy farce sequel that's less of a rebirth than a retread. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 19, 2011
62% Griff the Invisible (2011) A superhero wannabe fights the forces of loneliness and alienation in this uneven Aussie indie. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 19, 2011
58% The Eye of the Storm (2012) An intelligent, visually sumptuous drama that embraces the grandeur of the Australian literary classic upon which it's based. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 25, 2011
83% The Snowtown Murders (2012) A well-made but hard-to-watch portrait of Australia's worst serial killer. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 17, 2011
77% Fast Five (2011) Utterly preposterous, but this car-crazy franchise is armor-plated. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 19, 2011
77% Thor (2011) The hammer-hurling god of thunder kicks off this superhero summer with a bang. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 18, 2011
72% Rio (2011) A tropical-colored wingding that will have kids and their chaperones shaking a tail feather to its pulsating Latin beats. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 7, 2011
16% Skyline (2010) A laughably bad sci-fi mash-up with some above-average special effects. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 11, 2010
64% Tomorrow, When the War Began (2012) Australia may finally have a homegrown blockbuster on its hands with the terrifically engaging Tomorrow, When the War Began, an action-packed war film for and about teenagers. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 6, 2010
61% Love the Beast (2009) Bana's easygoing manner and a lingering sense of nostalgia build a mellow mood overall, while shrewd editing by Conor O'Neill and a rocking Aussie soundtrack pump up the volume on the race sequences.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 3, 2009
55% Australia (2008) The most expensive Australian film ever made is rousing and passionate.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 18, 2008
61% Newcastle (2008) Cinematographer Richard Michalak's gorgeous water-based action shots guarantee the young target audience will want to head straight out for surf lessons, but there's even less dramatic heft here than in the superior Blue Crush.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 2, 2008
88% The Black Balloon (2008) Young love triumphs in a terrific Australian indie that deals with autism in an authentic, unsentimental way.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 6, 2008
51% 30 Days of Night (2007) A terrific horror premise goes begging in the garbled Halloween offering 30 Days of Night.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 24, 2007
54% Gone (2007) First-time director Ringan Ledwidge conjures up an effectively creepy mood to accompany three young backpackers on an ill-fated road trip across the Aussie desert.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 13, 2007
70% Opal Dream (2006) This is another tale about dreamers, transplanted to the Australian opal-mining hub of Coober Pedy, where the frenzied quest for the rainbow-colored gemstones creates a modern-day gold rush atmosphere.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 7, 2006
69% The Book of Revelation (2006) The premise is provocative but the film lingers too long on the scenes of imprisonment, turning them into a kind of soft-porn performance art and leaving the emotional aftershocks less satisfyingly explored.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 16, 2006
40% The Silence (2006) Eloquent direction lifts this beyond a genre whodunit.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 13, 2006
48% Macbeth (2006) This is Shakespeare as action film -- furiously paced and unapologetically cinematic. If the baroque sets and costumes often overwhelm the acting, it's unlikely the hipsters will mind.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 13, 2006
65% Jindabyne (2006) A coiled and enigmatic psychodrama that cements Australian director Ray Lawrence's standing as a fine, if not prolific, filmmaker.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 20, 2006
73% Jet Li's Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) (Legend of a Fighter) (2006) Witty choreography juices the pedestrian plot.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 15, 2006
No Score Yet Caterpillar Wish (2006) While intelligent performances from the luminous Porter (Better Than Sex) and newcomer Thaine make their unconventional mother-daughter relationship feel thoroughly organic, the script finally collapses under the weight of a narrative pile-up.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 8, 2006
98% Ten Canoes (2007) An enchanting fable rich in authenticity and shot through with unexpected humor.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 20, 2006
3.5/4 55% The Polar Express (2004) Devoid of 21st-century irony, this visually stunning, action-packed yuletide treat is sweet and, yes, magical in a way that will enchant kids and give older viewers a twinge of nostalgia.‐ New York Post
Posted Nov 10, 2004