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Michael Ferraro
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0/5 1%

Daddy Day Camp (2007)

"Daddy Day Camp is a perfect family film for the blind and deaf." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Aug 11, 2007
3.5/5 76%

Stardust (2007)

"Stardust is the best live-action fairytale fantasy in recent memory. There is a great deal of humor peppered all throughout the entire film that, unlike that other animated fairytale franchise, isn't captured through pop culture references." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Aug 11, 2007
2/5 14%

Underdog (2007)

"The screenplay, tackled by three people, follows the formula of the show (and the genre in general) rather well. If only it wasn't so stale." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Aug 6, 2007
1.5/5 40%

Hot Rod (2007)

"It's sad when the most interesting part of a film is a dream sequence involving a large taco fighting an equally massive grilled cheese sandwich." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Aug 3, 2007
0/5 6%

Who's Your Caddy? (2007)

"...let us call the completely dreadful Caddyshack II the Glitter of golf cinema, leaving Who's Your Caddy to be its From Justin to Kelly." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jul 29, 2007
2.5/5 34%

DOA: Dead or Alive (2007)

"There is enough masturbation fodder here to keep many 11-year-old kids who have yet to find daddy's porn stash very happy." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 23, 2007
1/5 23%

Evan Almighty (2007)

"We as an audience are to believe that "God" (the Christian version of course) would seek the aid of a white politician to build an ark to save less than a hundred white people in suburbia, yet he chose to do nothing about the Holocaust?" ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 21, 2007
2/5 17%

Georgia Rule (2007)

"The only people who would be attracted to actually watching this film aren't going to be able to watch it anyway." ‐ Film Threat
Posted May 18, 2007
2.5/5 41%

Shrek the Third (2007)

"...if you've only seen one Shrek film, you've seen them all." ‐ Film Threat
Posted May 17, 2007
0/5 4%

Delta Farce (2007)

"A motion picture so awfully annoying, I couldn't even find a reason to recommend it to my dead dog Corky." ‐ Film Threat
Posted May 13, 2007
3/5 56%

Vacancy (2007)

"Vacancy is a fun and violent ride, in the best possible guilty-pleasure sense of course, that suffers from only minor flaws. If only it ended 4 minutes sooner ..." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Apr 30, 2007
5/5 74%

Awesome: I F. Shot That! (2006)

"Awesome; I... Shot That! is exactly that; it's f...in' awesome!" ‐ Film Threat
Posted Apr 16, 2007
0.5/5 11%

Perfect Stranger (2007)

"Screenwriters Todd Komarnicki and Jon Bokenkamp provide a script with enough foreseeable twists and turns that, if it were an actual road, a blind person wouldn't have any difficulty handling it." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Apr 13, 2007
1.5/5 54%

The Protector (Tom yum goong) (Warrior King) (2005)

"Scene after scene is fashioned together in the most confusing (read that as meaning 'dull') fashion, like a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle missing half the pieces." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Sep 7, 2006
2/5 63%

The Ant Bully (2006)

"Ant Bully, though short and well voiced, is nowhere near as important or influential as it tries to make itself seem and it feels more unnecessary than anything else." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Aug 7, 2006
2/5 22%

Barnyard (2006)

"Barnyard isn't a complete waste of time, it's just too familiar." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Aug 7, 2006
2/5 26%

John Tucker Must Die (2006)

"Its storyline is very predictable and cliché but teen girls will no doubt have a good time with this movie anyway. Parents on the other hand (especially dads out there), who get stuck in theater with their kids, may want to bring a flask with them to help" ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jul 30, 2006
1/5 63%

Clerks II (2006)

"Just like the new Star Wars trilogy before it, my youth has been raped once more by another large man sporting a beard. Thankfully this one doesn't wear flannel. " ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jul 23, 2006
4/5 36%

Park (2006)

"It's a hilarious, crowd-pleasing film about everything from honesty to sex to freedom that's definitely smart without being too overbearing." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 24, 2006
4/5 No Score Yet

5up 2down (2006)

"...a brutally honest film about the struggle of addiction filled with great performances and harrowing symbolism." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 23, 2006
3/5 No Score Yet

Inside (2006)

"A little more tightening here and shortening there could have really given this film more of the thriller edge it feels like it was working towards, only it never quite made it." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 21, 2006
2.5/5 No Score Yet

Intellectual Property (2006)

"Think of it as a new age Pi, but less kinetic and intellectually challenging." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 21, 2006
3.5/5 No Score Yet

Ghost Of Mae Nak (2006)

"Ghost of Mae Nak does have some really cool deaths that are reminiscent of the Final Destination movies. Unlike those films, this picture has a pretty interesting story to go along with it." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 21, 2006
2/5 No Score Yet

One Last Dance (2006)

"It's not that the entire piece is written so terribly; it's just that the film is thrown together in the most undesirable fashion." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 19, 2006
2/5 No Score Yet

Interkosmos (2006)

"Numerous times throughout slow buildup finally makes its way to a comedic payoff, but the wait is sometimes a test of cinematic endurance." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 18, 2006
4/5 No Score Yet

Apart From That (2006)

"Most of the acting is done with a sort of brilliant perfection not usually seen with a group of mostly first-time actors... a film as real and honest as that of an old Cassavetes film." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 18, 2006
3.5/5 59%

Mary (2008)

"...both Forest Whitaker and Juliette Binoche (as with the rest of the cast) give such amazing performances that they should be added to the list of the best work of their careers." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 14, 2006
3.5/5 100%

Running Stumbled (2006)

"It's a documentary, however, comparing it to fiction filmmaking, Running Stumbled plays out like a twisted Cassavetes film." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 13, 2006
3/5 29%

Danika (2006)

"This film has enough sporadic scares and psychological tension throughout to entertain a Friday night crowd but a more sophisticate audience may not give it the chance. " ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 13, 2006
3/5 No Score Yet

The Gold Bracelet (2006)

"The beginning moves a little slow, and it takes a while to get going but once it starts moving, it's a very touching and interesting look into a culture not that often exposed." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 6, 2006
4/5 75%

Over the Hedge (2006)

"Over the Hedge is a great improvement over some of their previous efforts (like Shark Tale or Shrek 2) and one that isn't as easily dismissible. Aside from having some great animation, the writing is funny and clever..." ‐ Film Threat
Posted May 19, 2006
1.5/5 25%

The Da Vinci Code (2006)

"It's hard to comprehend how a film with so much questioning and answering between characters has less character development than Poseidon." ‐ Film Threat
Posted May 19, 2006
1/5 13%

Just My Luck (2006)

"Just My Luck is the kind of film that's too romantic for younger viewers and too redundant for young teens." ‐ Film Threat
Posted May 13, 2006
4/5 60%

The Almost Guys (2006)

"The ultimate goal is entertainment and from an entertainment standpoint, The Almost Guys succeeds." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Apr 20, 2006
0.5/5 11%

The Benchwarmers (2006)

"An idiotic piece of filmmaking." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Apr 7, 2006
1.5/5 92%

Solntse (The Sun) (2005)

"It's an outrageously long-winded drama that's awfully directed with the skill of a high school play." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Mar 24, 2006
3.5/5 88%

Festival (2005)

"Festival is like the Nashville of the fringe scene; a multi-character exercise that shows writer/director Annie Griffin's wonderful ability to juggle a large cast with an enjoyable story and constant laughs." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Mar 21, 2006
4/5 74%

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005)

"Lady Vengeance isn't as horrifying as its predecessor but it's certainly powerful enough to end the trilogy on a high note. One thing is for sure... no one dishes out vengeance quite like Chan-wook Park." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Mar 20, 2006
1/5 41%

American Dreamz (2006)

"Instead of making dreamz come true, it will only give you nightmarez." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Mar 20, 2006
3/5 58%

Night Watch (2006)

"There is a lot of buildup throughout the entire piece that's never released. The climax is almost laughable and when the credits finally role, you'll no doubt find yourself yearning for more, which is both a good thing and a bad thing." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Mar 3, 2006
3.5/5 40%

Running Scared (2006)

"Running Scared is an overly ambitious guilty pleasure with enough action and violence to keep you interested, it just doesn't have much else." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 23, 2006
2/5 43%

Final Destination 3 (2006)

"James Wong makes his return to the series he started, after bowing out for 2003's lackluster sequel, only to essentially remake the first film." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 9, 2006
4/5 92%

An Unreasonable Man (2007)

"An Unreasonable Man takes the story of a man usually associated with being an egomaniac, megalomaniac and even psychologically disturbed and creates a fascinating account of a man typically known just for rabblerousing two elections." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 3, 2006
2.5/5 55%

No. 2 (Naming Number Two) (2008)

"Suffering from a formulaic story, ridden with clichés, the film has enough remarkable performances to make up for where it lacks. Not entirely, though." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 30, 2006
3.5/5 75%

American Blackout (2006)

"American Blackout exposes a few issues we have already known about for years (the voting situation) before finally turning towards greater things by focusing itself on a truly remarkable individual." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 30, 2006
3.5/5 92%

The Short Life of Jose Antonio Gutierrez (2007)

"The Short Life... is one of those docs that takes the life of an individual and surrounds it with other people's stories that are just as absorbing." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 27, 2006
3.5/5 No Score Yet

Independent Lens (2005)

"Hurt asks all the right questions regarding these social issues in the scene but many times, the answers come up short. It's a fascinating subject rarely explored in the depth this short documentary submerges in." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 26, 2006
3/5 No Score Yet

5 Days (2005)

"While it may not be structurally sound, 5 Days is certainly absorbing enough to look out for." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 26, 2006
2/5 83%

Son of Man (2006)

"The religious set will certainly enjoy this vividly colorful new take on Jesus but the film sort of limits itself from the rest of us." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 26, 2006
5/5 63%

Allegro (2006)

"Ignoring any traditional storytelling boundaries, Allegro is an existential masterpiece from Denmark about the flaws of perfection and the consequences of allowing your memories to slip away into the unknown." ‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 26, 2006