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1/4 No Score Yet

Another Gay Movie (2006)

Quote not available. ‐Boston Globe
Posted Nov 24, 2011
2/4 84%

The Singing Revolution (2007)

Quote not available. ‐Boston Globe
Posted Nov 24, 2011
3/4 84%

Beyond the Gates (2005)

Quote not available. ‐Boston Globe
Posted Nov 24, 2011
2/4 11%

The Architect (2006)

Quote not available. ‐Boston Globe
Posted Nov 24, 2011
1/4 6%

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)

"This is a movie for the overcaffeinated, undereducated teenager in all of us." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Mar 2, 2009
3/4 44%

Chandni Chowk To China (2009)

"Chandni Chowk to China is Bollywood's all-singing, all-dancing, all-Hindi bid to conquer America." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Jan 16, 2009
.5/4 58%

Quarantine (2008)

"I have seen many execrable films -- Plan 9 From Outer Space, Disaster Movie, Batman & Robin -- but never has a movie made me so physically ill." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Oct 13, 2008
3.5/4 96%

The Pool (2008)

"Many directors claim to value local color, but few have gone as far, or achieved such impressive results, as has Chris Smith in The Pool." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Oct 3, 2008
0.5/4 40%

Fireproof (2008)

"With the production values of a straight-to-video cheapie and the script of a mediocre soap opera, Fireproof is good for just about one thing: dousing whatever flames might be left in your marriage." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Sep 29, 2008
4/4 64%

Beautiful Losers (2008)

"One of the year's best documentaries." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Sep 26, 2008
3/4 7%

Red Roses and Petrol (2008)

"Because Petrol is so grim, its few moments of repentance and reconciliation don't feel as contrived as they might otherwise; if any film has earned the right to be sentimental, it's this one." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Sep 12, 2008
.5/4 1%

Disaster Movie (2008)

"No one spoofed in the film -- yes, including Jessica Simpson -- is more worthy of derision than the people responsible for making it." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Sep 2, 2008
3/4 78%

A Jihad for Love (2008)

"Makes an invaluable contribution by recording the names, faces, and stories of gay men and women struggling to reconcile their religion with their sexuality." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Jun 27, 2008
2/4 56%

Bab'Aziz: The Prince Who Contemplated His Own Soul (2008)

"Perhaps inevitably, the story and characters in Bab'Aziz never rival the interest of its photography." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Apr 25, 2008
2/4 7%

Shutter (2008)

"If Shutter is any indication, the reputation of professional photographers is still on the wane. Not only are photographs creepy, the film suggests, but so are photographers." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Mar 24, 2008

Blood and Chocolate (2007)

"The city ends up being more interesting than the story or characters. Too bad we can barely see it." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Dec 3, 2007
2/4 78%

The Page Turner (La Tourneuse de pages) (2006)

"The stakes in this story seem too low to justify its audience's attention. If The Page Turner were a novel, it would hardly be a page turner. Why should we hold films to a lower standard?" ‐Boston Globe
Posted Apr 20, 2007
1.5/4 12%

The Aryan Couple, (The Couple) (2005)

"Mainly notable for its inappropriate, blithe sentimentality. In another film this would be the usual Hollywood hokum. In a film about the most serious subject imaginable, it amounts to moral idiocy." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Oct 6, 2006

Material Girls (2006)

"It succeeds on its own terms. These days, even pre teens live in a material world." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Aug 21, 2006
2/4 60%

Lower City (Cidade Baixa) (2006)

"Everyone involved in the film seems better than the material." ‐Boston Globe
Posted Aug 12, 2006
1.5/4 63%

Saint Ralph (2005)

"It's hard to dislike schmaltz as mild as Saint Ralph, but let's try: The film is as bland as a communion wafer, sentimental as a Christmas homily, and predictable as the liturgy." ‐Houston Chronicle
Posted Aug 5, 2005
2/4 46%

Dark Water (2005)

"Salles seems too uncomfortable with the fantastic to get full value from the creeps and jumps his camerawork delivers." ‐Houston Chronicle
Posted Jul 8, 2005
1/4 13%

Rebound (2005)

"Rebound's reiteration of the Mighty Ducks paradigm of kiddie sports movies often feels tediously academic as it scrambles to touch all the generic bases." ‐Houston Chronicle
Posted Jul 1, 2005
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