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7/10 80% The Grace of Jake (2017) A sincere picture, with a lot of interesting, ambitious writing that these blips mostly punctuate. ‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Feb 3, 2017
8/10 74% We Are the Flesh (Tenemos la carne) (2017) We Are the Flesh is a work of art masquerading as an atrocity.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Jan 12, 2017
5/10 35% Abattoir (2016) There's a reach on the part of Abattoir's makers that exceeds their grasp.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Dec 8, 2016
C- 50% Nekromantik (1987) NEKROMANTIK is first and foremost a blatant and childish (though successful) attempt to disgust the most jaded conceivable audience, and doesn't have many aspirations beyond this.‐ AboutCultFilm.com
Posted Sep 4, 2003
A 74% Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965) [The] subtext of childhood trauma that makes Faster, Pussycat a subtler movie than you might expect.‐ AboutCultFilm.com
Posted Sep 2, 2003
B+ 69% The Driller Killer (1979) Any fool can make a movie that's just frankly obscene, but it takes an edge of intelligence to make a film that crosses the line into the unspeakably abominable. DRILLER KILLER is such a film.‐ AboutCultFilm.com
Posted Sep 2, 2003
A No Score Yet The Curious Dr. Humpp (1967) Absolutely does not give a f*** about conventional film narration... spins a yarn with the deviant coherence of a paranoid fantasy or a death-bed vision.‐ AboutCultFilm.com
Posted Sep 2, 2003
B- No Score Yet Il Boia scarlatto (Bloody Pit of Horror)(The Scarlet Hangman)(A Tale of Torture) (1965) Peguri did the soundtrack for this film, and I mention him by name so that you will know to beat him senseless if you happen to see him in the street.‐ AboutCultFilm.com
Posted Sep 2, 2003
B No Score Yet yet another of those low-budget sexploitation films whose most interesting aspect is its accidents‐ AboutCultFilm.com
Posted Aug 27, 2003
67% Interview with the Assassin (2002) A Blair Witch-inspired mockumentary that, while based on a brilliant premise, is disappointingly bumpy nonetheless.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Jan 12, 2003
43% Someone Like You (2001) Quote not available.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Oct 31, 2001
52% Rock Star (2001) By using metal primarily to promote values at odds with the music's expressed philosophies ... it sadly misses an opportunity to be much more vivid and compelling than it is.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Sep 7, 2001
20% Lara Croft - Tomb Raider (2001) All questions of religious symbolism aside, if you think about Illuminati, eyes, and triangles, while looking at the back of a dollar bill (right over where it says, you may get a better sense of which Almighty this movie really worships.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Jun 15, 2001
25% Pearl Harbor (2001) Hackneyed script and posterboard characters‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted May 25, 2001
96% The Dish (2001) Suffers from a halting execution.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Apr 6, 2001
54% Enemy at the Gates (2001) As an occasionally somber meditation on the toll war takes on the human soul, it's not without its moments.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Mar 16, 2001
65% Dinosaur (2000) The sad story of the dinosaurs is one of the few Walt Disney got right the first time.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Jan 1, 2000
57% Dr. T and the Women (2000) We're stuck, the movie seems to say. Men and women: this is simply how we are.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Jan 1, 2000
90% Galaxy Quest (1999) It's a pretty funny movie, and thinking about all this too much while seeing it will just ruin all the jokes.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Jan 1, 2000
36% Rules of Engagement (2000) Utterly nauseating.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Jan 1, 2000
47% The Perfect Storm (2000) For audience members familiar with the story, the protagonists' journey is liable to feel like a simple, and dull, waiting game.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Jan 1, 2000
47% Me, Myself & Irene (2000) If you like intentionally offensive comedy, then parts of Me, Myself & Irene will undoubtedly make you laugh.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Jan 1, 2000
10% The Watcher (2000) The Watcher's hemmed-in, pervasively technological urbanscape only allows for one superstitious -- though maybe not entirely irrational -- belief: that the one who photographs you can steal your soul.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Jan 1, 2000
68% U-571 (2000) Resembles more the bulk of war movies before Vietnam than it does anything made in the last quarter-century.‐ PopMatters
Read More | Posted Jan 1, 2000