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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
B+ 97%

Moana (2016)

"Gorgeously animated, heartwarming, exciting, and slyly self-aware." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Nov 27, 2016
A- 97%

Manchester by the Sea (2016)

"Complex, layered, and respectful of the audience's intelligence and attention span. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Nov 27, 2016

The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

"Captures the intensity and chaos and drama drama drama of this age ..." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Nov 21, 2016
A- 89%

Loving (2016)

"He may need a lawyer to tell the nine old men on the Supreme Court he loves his wife. We see it in every frame." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Nov 12, 2016
B 50%

Almost Christmas (2016)

"Talbert's sweet potato pie makes for a treat, with a enough laughs to keep us going until the exact right moment for some tears. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Nov 12, 2016
B+ 93%

Arrival (2016)

"The Chomsky-esque notions that language shapes our thinking even more than our thinking shapes language is conveyed in the film's own structure as well as its dialog. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Nov 12, 2016
B 86%

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

"The scenes in battle are as harrowing as any ever put on screen. We are in the midst of utter carnage and chaos." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Nov 3, 2016
B+ 75%

Trolls (2016)

""Trolls" is pure delight, lots of jokes, great music, and a surprisingly wise take on the elusive quest for happiness." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Nov 3, 2016
B+ 91%

Doctor Strange (2016)

"Just the right balance between consistency and distinctiveness, between action and wit, and, perhaps the most difficult hurdle, between magic and superpowers. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Nov 3, 2016
D 20%

Inferno (2016)

"One action scene is underwater, but the rest of it drags so much it feels like it might be, too." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Oct 27, 2016
A- 98%

Moonlight (2016)

"We are continually challenged, yet held close to the heart of the story by its romantic lyricism and, most of all, the spacious humanity of its love for its characters. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Oct 27, 2016
C 19%

American Pastoral (2016)

"Even McGregor's palpable sincerity cannot obscure the film's smug misogyny. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Oct 21, 2016
B 38%

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)

"Tom Cruise still runs very fast and looks good with his shirt off." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Oct 21, 2016
B 74%

Coming Through The Rye (2016)

"Owen and Wolff, and Chris Cooper in a brief but telling role, make it a worthwhile trip." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Oct 13, 2016
B+ 51%

The Accountant (2016)

"As he did with "Warrior," O'Connor plays with the borders of genre. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Oct 13, 2016
B+ 81%

Denial (2016)

"This is a compelling courtroom drama, that goes to the deepest questions not just of Holocaust history or any history but of how we know what we know and who we believe. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Oct 6, 2016
B+ 72%

The Birth of a Nation (2016)

"Transcends its storytelling shortcomings because of its palpable sincerity and passion, its force as a searing statement of history and its relevance today." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Oct 6, 2016
B+ 55%

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (2016)

"Bright direction and an exceptionally engaging cast of kids make this film a genuine family treat." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Oct 6, 2016
B 84%

Deepwater Horizon (2016)

"Berg has an exceptional clarity in conveying a three-dimensional space on screen and balancing the urgency of the action with genuine emotion. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Sep 29, 2016
B+ 92%

Queen of Katwe (2016)

"Nair has a great eye, and a great gift for creating vibrant, layered, wonderfully inviting communities on screen. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Sep 22, 2016
B 53%

The Dressmaker (2016)

"Alternately wildly funny, wildly romantic, wildly satiric, and, at the same time, dark and tragic " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Sep 22, 2016
B+ 94%

Command and Control (2016)

"A terrifying dossier of denial and neglect." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Sep 22, 2016
B- 67%

Finding Altamira (Altamira) (2016)

"Some striking shots cannot make up for static storytelling and a clunky script. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Sep 15, 2016
B+ 63%

The Vessel (2016)

"Gentle, poetic, touching." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Sep 15, 2016
B 15%

Mr. Church (2016)

"Eddie Murphy gives a thoughtful, nuanced, sensitive performance in a film that suffers from a too-predictable script and suffers even more from very bad timing. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Sep 15, 2016
C 77%

Bridget Jones's Baby (2016)

"The only thing that works in this mess is Emma Thompson...her scenes have a wit and crackle that is sorely missing from the rest of the film. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Sep 15, 2016
B 63%

Snowden (2016)

"An absorbing version of the story...flawed, as Stone's "historical" films tend to be, by unnecessary stacking of the deck that detracts from the credibility of the film. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Sep 15, 2016
C 15%

The Wild Life (2016)

"The animation is quite good but the voice talent is poor, the characters are dull, and the story and script start out badly and go downhill from there. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Sep 9, 2016
B+ 85%

Sully (2016)

"One of the most well-crafted, tightly constructed screenplays of the year." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Sep 7, 2016
B 33%

Max Rose (2016)

"Old-timers bring their decades of experience to the under-written script." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Sep 1, 2016
B 59%

The Light Between Oceans (2016)

"Fassbender and Vikander give powerful performances and their on-screen chemistry holds the film together when the story wavers. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Sep 1, 2016
A- 92%

Southside With You (2016)

"Utterly witty, charming, and captivating ." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Aug 25, 2016
B+ 92%

Floyd Norman: An Animated Life (2016)

"This delightful documentary is a must-see for fans of animation, movie history, and stories of lives filled with creativity, courage, and a sense of adventure. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Aug 25, 2016
B 25%

Ben-Hur (2016)

"Huston is always engaged and engaging and the movie is true to the story that has endured in its various versions for more than a century." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Aug 18, 2016
B 59%

War Dogs (2016)

" There are some fine moments, but the control of tone and character is uncertain and it relies too much on songs ("Fortunate Son," "Time in a Bottle") to carry the story." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Aug 18, 2016
A- 97%

Kubo and the Two Strings (2016)

"A gorgeous, epic adventure with grandeur, scope, and spectacular settings, wonderfully imaginative." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Aug 18, 2016
B+ 98%

Little Men (2016)

"Exquisitely observed." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Aug 14, 2016
B+ 81%

Equity (2016)

"A razor sharp financial thriller about people who are themselves razor sharp. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Aug 11, 2016
B+ 98%

Hell or High Water (2016)

"A gripping story that touches on the most profound American struggles - from guns to real estate, race, and income inequality - specific in detail but universal in scope. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Aug 11, 2016
B+ 87%

Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

"You have to know how to sing well to sing this badly and you have to be an actor of sublime perfection to make terrible singing funny and brave and poignant. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Aug 11, 2016
B+ 86%

Pete's Dragon (2016)

"Genuinely enchanting." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Aug 11, 2016
B+ 99%

Don't Think Twice (2016)

"Clear-eyed but generous." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Aug 4, 2016
B 26%

Suicide Squad (2016)

"Margot Robbie is a huge movie star who owns this film and every moment she is on screen in "Suicide Squad" you get your money's worth and then some. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Aug 3, 2016
C 59%

Bad Moms (2016)

"There is a lot to be said about parenting, impossible standards, and judgey people. But that requires actually saying something, not just pointing it out." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Jul 28, 2016
C 56%

Jason Bourne (2016)

"Whoever thought that the "Fast and Furious" series would keep getting better while the once-smart "Bourne" series is the one that drives off a cliff?" ‐Beliefnet
Posted Jul 28, 2016
B 69%

The Infiltrator (2016)

"By-the-numbers, but Cranston is always compelling." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Jul 14, 2016
B+ 72%

Ghostbusters (2016)

"It's funny, smart, and sweet and in every way as good or better than the original. Fanboys, have at it." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Jul 14, 2016
B+ 89%

Zero Days (2016)

"The most terrifying movie you will see this year." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Jul 7, 2016
B+ 93%

Life, Animated (2016)

"Tells Owen's story in a way that lets us see through his eyes the way that "Peter Pan" and "Aladdin" let him see through ours." ‐Beliefnet
Posted Jul 7, 2016
C 36%

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016)

"Your ability to appreciate the result of this unstoppably bro-tastic marketing juggernaut will depend entirely on your tolerance for bro humor. " ‐Beliefnet
Posted Jul 7, 2016
Showing 1 - 50 of 3602