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Nev Pierce
"Match me, Sidney"

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4/5 63%

High-Rise (2016)

"Don't expect a thriller in the seat-edge sense, but you will be thrilled - and repulsed - by this bold, faithful adaptation of Ballard's ever-prescient picture of First World strife." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 17, 2016
4/5 94%

Carol (2015)

"Mara and Blanchett make for an unforgettable couple in a beautiful film about longing, loss and the confusion and wonder of love." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 22, 2015
4/5 89%

What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy (2015)

"My Nazi Legacy becomes horribly gripping." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 12, 2015
4/5 46%

Closer To The Moon (2015)

"Caranfil's unlikely, odd little film is quietly moving - all the more so because it is true." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 12, 2015
4/5 58%

The Program (2016)

"This powers on, visually dynamic and, like its compelling antihero, doesn't have an inch of fat on it." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 15, 2015
4/5 No Score Yet

Convenience (2013)

"A lo-fi Brit com with all the pleasures of an American indie." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 1, 2015
3/5 61%

Life (2015)

"Doesn't register emotionally in the way it strives for, but is diverting as a portrait of the nascent celebrity industry, with fine performances from Dane DeHaan and Robert Pattinson." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 16, 2015
2/5 52%

Escobar: Paradise Lost (2015)

"Surprisingly forgettable considering its mesmering villain, although Del Toro sparks the movie into life with what screentime he does get." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 20, 2015
3/5 64%

We Are Monster (2015)

"Contains a stark beauty and a poignant, nagging sense of sorrow." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 26, 2015
4/5 90%

Catch Me Daddy (2015)

"A bold and uncompromising debut feature from a bright new directing team. There's a question over whether it justifies its own misery, but if you care about homegrown cinema then you have to see it." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 26, 2015
4/5 90%

Wild (2014)

"A quietly moving coming of age story that resists formula or easy redemption, driven by a strong, unvarnished performance from Witherspoon, who deserves huge credit as both star and producer." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 15, 2015
4/5 27%

Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

"As spectacular and surprising as you would expect from Scott. Its spiritual uncertainty - and lack of triumphalism - perhaps robs it of a truly satisfying, cathartic conclusion, but also makes for a truly modern, thoughtful biblical blockbuster." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 7, 2014
4/5 80%

Black Sea (2015)

"Though it perhaps inevitably lives in the shadow of some subgenre masterpieces, Black Sea is a superbly shot men-on-a-mission thriller with chest-tightening tension and a striking contemporary resonance." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 4, 2014
4/5 100%

Kilo Two Bravo (2015)

"Tense, blackly comic and troubling because it's so recent and so real." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 27, 2014
4/5 96%

'71 (2015)

"The villainy is, perhaps unavoidably, somewhat signposted, but this is a tense, gripping thriller that combines real-world relevance with high-concept entertainment. In a superb ensemble, O'Connell is outstanding." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 9, 2014
2/5 33%

Believe (2014)

"A well-meaning but corny football fable." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 24, 2014
3/5 85%

Under the Skin (2014)

"Odd and sexy, troubling and touching, frustrating and mesmerising, dull and haunting." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 9, 2014
4/5 No Score Yet

The Class Of '92 (2014)

"An absorbing documentary about a football fairy tale - engrossing for any admirer of the beautiful game, but for United fans, it's unmissable." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 1, 2013
2/5 57%

All Stars (2013)

"Derivative but occasionally fun." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 28, 2013
5/5 87%

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

"A fitting epitaph for the hero Gotham deserves." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 15, 2012
4/5 94%

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

"As funny, bittersweet and as distinct as you'd expect from Wes Anderson, a director who helps you know you are not alone." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted May 20, 2012
4/5 60%

Resistance (2011)

"A beautiful, elliptical war film with the haunting qualities of a ghost story. Riseborough is terrific and Gupta proves that he's a talent to watch." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 20, 2011
4/5 87%

Bobby Fischer Against The World (2011)

"A compelling look at the tragic and bizarre life of an enigmatic champion." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 10, 2011
3/5 22%

Blooded (2010)

"A compelling look at extremism in all its guises, Blooded boasts some genuine scares despite a narrative structure that allows little room for surprises." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 29, 2011
4/5 94%

Passenger Side (2010)

"A joy from start to finish. Bissonnette has crafted a unique, funny indie." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 27, 2011
4/5 50%

Stone (2010)

"Great performances from the cast in this engrossing drama." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 15, 2011
4/5 75%

The Insatiable Moon (2010)

"Real and rewarding." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 27, 2011
4/5 100%

Waste Land (2010)

"Compelling and vivid, it's another fine piece of work from an up-and-coming talent." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 21, 2011
4/5 88%

Blue Valentine (2010)

"A raw but beautiful picture of love uniting and dividing: tender, real and heartfelt." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 9, 2011
3/5 66%

The American (2010)

"A muted thriller, weighed a little too obviously with existential angst. Still, sexy and tense, with a brave, bare performance from Clooney." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 29, 2010
2/5 65%

Dog Pound (2010)

"Offers a punchy insight to prison life. Unfortunately, it is a familiar and tepid storyline." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 26, 2010
3/5 47%

The A-Team (2010)

"An energetic escape from Development Hell: suitably OTT, often fun and always loud." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 29, 2010
5/5 86%

Inception (2010)

"With physics-defying, thunderous action, heart-wringing emotion and an astonishing performance from DiCaprio, Nolan delivers another true original: welcome to an undiscovered country." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 8, 2010
4/5 91%

Crazy Heart (2009)

"A phenomenal, heart-breaking performance from Jeff Bridges powers this simple but affecting redemption story." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 19, 2010
3/5 56%

Edge of Darkness (2010)

"An uneven, somewhat meandering thriller is given emotional pull by Mel Gibson's excellent comeback performance. The lethal weapon hasn't lost it." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 2, 2010
4/5 63%

Exam (2008)

"A modern morality tale in the sleek guise of a sci-fi-tinged thriller. The setting is modest, the ambition is big." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 7, 2010
2/5 55%

The Descent 2 (2009)

"An uninspired retread of a horror classic, this tries hard to justify its existence... and fails." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 4, 2009
1/5 27%

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009)

"Sometimes this kind of comedy just goes too far into rubbishness to make it back." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 23, 2009
4/5 86%

Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee (2009)

"A monumental mockumentary from Brit cinema's premier director/actor double act. True, daft, emotional, hilarious." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 8, 2009
4/5 85%

Looking for Eric (2010)

"Play It Again, Eric... Ken Loach perfectly captures the feeling of football and the need for hope. Touching and hilarious - a blinder." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 11, 2009
4/5 94%

In the Loop (2009)

"Spinal Tap meets Strangelove. A satirical demolition of Whitehall and Washington: politically astute, hilarious and terrifyingly real." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 16, 2009
3/5 57%

Defiance (2009)

"An amazing true tale is somewhat diminished by second-hand storytelling: entirely admirable, largely entertaining, and yet curiously hollow." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 8, 2009
4/5 79%

Johnny Mad Dog (2011)

"Grubby and yet vital, it stays with you." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 14, 2008
4/5 59%

The Fall (2006)

"Beguiling, befuddling, brilliant. It's sure to divide audiences but, for all its ocular opulence and wild fantasy, at heart The Fall is a tender, touching tale about childhood, hope and the power of story." ‐ Total Film
Posted Oct 2, 2008
3/5 82%

Tropic Thunder (2008)

"Apparently actors are narcissistic and Hollywood is ruthless... Stiller doesn't say anything we don't know, but stand-out turns from Downey Jr and Cruise make Tropic Thunder very funny for all its flaws." ‐ Total Film
Posted Sep 18, 2008
4/5 59%

RocknRolla (2008)

"Forget the tabloids - this cocksure caper shows Ritchie is much more than Mr Madonna, while Butler and Kebbell have talent to burn. Punchy, funny, criminal entertainment." ‐ Total Film
Posted Sep 4, 2008
2/5 14%

Made of Honor (2008)

"An inoffensive but bland romantic comedy." ‐
Posted May 5, 2008
4/5 60%

Lonesome Jim (2006)

"The world would be a better place if Steve Buscemi made more movies." ‐ Total Film
Posted Apr 11, 2008
4/5 74%

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)

"Another comedy winner; if you have to ask why, it's because it involves the Knocked Up guy. Hilarious - even the Beatles bit, this looks set to be a hit." ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 18, 2008
4/5 74%

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)

"Reilly, one of our best supporting actors graduating to star status, finally bound for glory." ‐
Posted Jan 18, 2008
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