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96% Manchester by the Sea (2016) With an outstandingly icy Casey Affleck as a mournful loner drawn back into his old fold, Kenneth Lonergan's New England community study is a masterful, darkly American account of a heart in the dead of January. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted Jan 20, 2017
No Score Yet Journey, The - V. 1 (1991) The Journey isn't made to be seen by the greatest number of people, but to be really seen by those who do brave it. ‐ Artforum
Posted Jan 12, 2017
92% Toni Erdmann (2016) Lacking anything to disturb its basic binary or to put a complacent viewer momentarily on their back foot, there's little here that lifts the ongoing game of farcical imposture and father-daughter sparring above briskly repetitive actor's exercises. ‐ Artforum
Posted Dec 30, 2016
34% Live By Night (2017) An outright catastrophe as historical drama, it gets halfway to redeeming itself as camp. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 21, 2016
90% The Son of Joseph (Le fils de Joseph) (2017) What a pleasure it is to step into the light. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted Dec 18, 2016
89% Jackie (2016) Though Larraín sometimes fails entirely to convince on that emotional level... his talent and intelligence have never really been in question. And then there was Jackie. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 7, 2016
100% Things to Come (L'avenir) (2016) Hansen-Løve's film is operating outside the schematic categories of fulfillment and frustration, while her heroine is beyond the illusion of eternal renewal. ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Nov 3, 2016
82% A Quiet Passion (2017) Davies has honored the enormous gravity with which she viewed the events and personages that made up her domestic sphere-"I can't imagine myself beyond my family," as she puts it. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Oct 12, 2016
79% American Honey (2016) Maybe this movie is a mess because America is too? Maybe there are better ways to spend your time? ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Oct 4, 2016
85% Sully (2016) It is a professional's tribute to professionalism, and as with any job well done, there's love in it. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Sep 14, 2016
100% Happy Hour (Happî awâ) (2015) Happy Hour commands respect through the audacity of its conception and scale, and it earns affection through its humane attentiveness. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Aug 31, 2016
70% Café Society (2016) Café Society is a movie of plush period trappings, generously spritzed with wistful, bittersweet mistiness. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Jul 21, 2016
93% Our Little Sister (Umimachi Diary) (2016) There is a great deal to be said for simple dishes, prepared well. ‐ Artforum
Posted Jul 12, 2016
89% No Home Movie (2016) It's not hard to imagine having a hostile reaction to this piece of work, so convincing is it in giving the impression of being tossed off that anyone not paying attention might overlook its calm control and the deep core of pain hidden in plain sight. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted Jun 27, 2016
57% The Neon Demon (2016) The Neon Demon is as lethargic as it is elegant. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Jun 24, 2016
100% Feng ai ('Til Madness Do Us Part) (2013) It is almost imperative to see [Wang's] latest in a cinema setting; in the comfort of home, the temptation to hit the release valve would be too great. ‐ Artforum
Posted Jun 15, 2016
88% Django Unchained (2012) The horror that Django Unchained expresses isn't of slavery, finally, but of a filmmaker attempting historical tragedy while shackled by his own supercilious persona. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted Jun 14, 2016
91% Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006) For better or for worse, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is unique, an important movie, a multiplex comedy that doubles as a conceptual art epic. ‐ Stop Smiling
Posted Jun 8, 2016
61% High-Rise (2016) Ben Wheatley's High-Rise bowdlerizes a queasily mesmerizing piece of fiction into dystopian nostalgia; apparently even the apocalypses were sexier in the 1970s. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted May 18, 2016
98% Love & Friendship (2016) One of the most ingenious movies of recent memory and also the funniest. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted May 12, 2016
75% Last Days In The Desert (2016) Replacing the kitschy pieties of Son of God with art-house arthritis and a fretful string section doesn't go far toward revivifying the Greatest Story Every Retold. ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted May 3, 2016
76% Keanu (2016) It's not visionary as advertised, but roundly competent -- and I'm afraid that's rare enough. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted May 2, 2016
90% Green Room (2016) A total and abject cop-out, artfully composed and utterly comatose. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Apr 15, 2016
86% Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) [Linklater's] latest is, to borrow from Henry Miller, an "incurably healthy" film, about nothing so much as the pure pleasure of having a body and a mind to play with, and a smorgasbord of opportunities for putting both to work. ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Mar 17, 2016
46% Knight of Cups (2016) Terrence Malick's Knight of Cups is an adventure in perception, a city symphony, and an excruciatingly lavish crucible. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Mar 4, 2016
85% Hail, Caesar! (2016) Joel Coen and Ethan Coen's Hail, Caesar! is the most deliriously enjoyable photoplay to open wide in what's thus far been a pretty barren new year -- and also a seriously funny comedy of ideas. ‐ Artforum
Posted Feb 5, 2016
87% The Club (El Club) (2016) Pablo Larraín's The Club is a purgatorial piece of work -- I say this as a recommendation. ‐ Artforum
Posted Feb 4, 2016
31% Mojave (2016) There are pleasures to be had in Mojave, but it doesn't succeed in summoning up the pathos or menace or uncanny mystery that every cue of Andrew Hewitt's score indicates it's straining for. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Feb 2, 2016
94% Hard to be a God (2015) A profoundly, wilfully destabilising experience. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted Jan 15, 2016
81% The Revenant (2015) It is overwhelming but unmoving, a rush of brute force that leaves the nagging afterthought, "Is that all there is?" ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted Jan 15, 2016
94% In The Shadow of Women (2016) The importance of love, the deceptive lure of political nostalgia, and the problems of two people in a room-what Philippe Garrel's art lacks in variety, it makes up for in crystalline focus. ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jan 4, 2016
93% Anomalisa (2015) The evident work that went into rendering the details of every banal gesture complements the material, for crabbed Michael is a man for whom every piece of common courtesy is an agonizing chore. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Jan 1, 2016
75% The Hateful Eight (2015) The Hateful Eight is a stubbornly, defiantly misanthropic movie, a film that brings back the spirit of Hollywood in the mid-60s -- not only in the Ultra Panavision, but in the stench of creative dry rot. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 29, 2015
60% Joy (2015) Rather than find a way for opposing ideas to coexist and overlap in the same scene, Russell's movie staggers from one theme to the next, shrilly insisting all along the way that the viewer feel something. ‐ Artforum
Posted Dec 23, 2015
92% Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) There are no glaring missteps in The Force Awakens, and on such a stage this kind of performance might even pass for greatness -- for a little while. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted Dec 17, 2015
19% The Invasion (2007) As straight-ahead, propulsive, reptilian-brain action, it "works" as often as not. But it's unworthy to stand with its predecessors. ‐ Stop Smiling
Posted Dec 12, 2015
88% The Big Short (2015) After breezing along for more than half of its running time, the film takes a turn for the tone-deaf and wrong-footed, never worse than when expressing fraudulent concern for "common people." ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 11, 2015
83% Stinking Heaven (2015) Stinking Heaven isn't a great leap forward for its director, but Silver's practice isn't the sort that invites that kind of tutelage-to-mastery conversation. ‐ Artforum
Posted Dec 10, 2015
85% The Wolfpack (2015) Why should it feel so curiously stretched and padded at 80 minutes? ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 7, 2015
84% The Walk (2015) There are moments when one regrets heeding its call to step right up, but when Petit steps right out, all is forgiven. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 7, 2015
50% Tomorrowland (2015) Tomorrowland is a folly and a failure, though there is something touching in its failure, tied as it is to the vision and personality of Walt Disney himself. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 7, 2015
90% The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq (2015) The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq is on one hand a rather ingenious take on the artist documentary, on the other, a tabletop comedy of manners, closer to something by Gianni Di Gregorio or Hong Sang-soo than to Houellebecq's own work. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 7, 2015
74% Youth (2015) To call this misty, low-risk collection of calculated revelations a high-toned The Bucket List would be a disservice to Rob Reiner. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 7, 2015
80% Black Sea (2015) Black Sea is a perfectly dutiful, professional piece of work, with several creditable performances, but it's the sort of movie that doesn't have quite enough of any one thing going for it that might eclipse its influences. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 7, 2015
89% White God (2015) In its vague antiestablishment posturing, drubbing yet puritanically thrill-resistant nastiness, and capsule-ready conceit, it embodies the worst aspects of an instinct dulled by professionalism. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 7, 2015
88% Buzzard (2015) [Potrykus]shows indications of being the rare filmmaker capable of stirring up ideas about class in America without resorting to the usual drab, po-faced miserablism. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 7, 2015
89% The Lobster (2016) [Lanthimos] takes his sweet time in unveiling the full breadth of his film's alternate reality and its governing laws, and the world we are introduced to looks very much like our own in the present day. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 7, 2015
88% Experimenter (2015) Experimenter isn't groundbreaking, but a respectable contribution to the existing body of knowledge -- and given its evident ambition, this must mark it a failure. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 7, 2015
63% Magic Mike XXL (2015) You think for a moment that there's a showdown in the works, but here is where Magic Mike XXL distinguishes itself -- competition has scarcely any place at all in its world, and problems aren't solved so much as dissolved. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 7, 2015
25% Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) Rather than anything to do with sexual connoisseurship or philosophy in the bedroom, all that comes across through Fifty Shades of Grey's absence of erotic heat is a lust for the appurtenances of luxury, something that's more commonplace than singular. ‐ Reverse Shot
Posted Dec 7, 2015