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4/5 60% Joy (2015) Even as it gets stuck between stations, "Joy" is an engaging - and, at the right moments, enraging - tale about both perseverance and the psychology behind purchasing. It may be time for David O. Russell to move on from his repertory players, though.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 22, 2015
3.5/5 38% Cutthroat Island (1995) It's hardly the landlubber suggested by its reputation (which has more likely shifted more toward novel curiosity than cautionary tale). But if all the parties involved suspected they were going broke, they should have gone *for* broke to boot.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 3, 2015
4/5 51% In the Mouth of Madness (1995) Despite its otherworldly milieu, "Madness" taps into apocalyptic anxieties about real-world rhetoric - chiefly that it's turning virulent to a point where our collective cultural antibodies can't, or won't, fight off the disease. A fine horror film.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 29, 2015
4/5 89% Mississippi Grind (2015) A captivating, contemporary, sometimes comic spin on the antebellum allure of a downriver gambling odyssey - soaking in the sights of the trip and soaring on unexpectedly excellent juju of the odd-couple casting for the two low-rollers at its center.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 11, 2015
4/5 90% After Hours (1985) As absurdist angst-ridden comedy, "After Hours" isn't flawless. As Martin Scorsese's way of using art to cathartically shake off bugaboos, exorcise demons and bounce back stronger after major dream-project setbacks, it's its own sort of masterpiece.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 2, 2015
3.5/5 84% The Walk (2015) Despite a wobbly start, "The Walk" eventually finds its feet once you realize Zemeckis and company are delivering a confident, charming and unexpectedly stirring version of the tale aimed more at children than Marsh's warts-and-all documentary.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 2, 2015
3.5/5 33% The Green Inferno (2015) Minor beefs aside, "The Green Inferno" is both a furious, full-stop cannibal horror show and a way for Eli Roth to ferociously gnaw at meat on the bone he has to pick with today's social-media milieu.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 26, 2015
5/5 75% Real Genius (1985) A witty, whip-smart and wise classic. It checks crowd-pleasing boxes of college-comedy tropes while boasting a cheerful view that optimism in education is not a sucker's bet but one to place over and over to keep things interesting ... and weird.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 17, 2015
2.5/5 14% My Science Project (1985) The inventive finale can't save a painfully slow film that feels like a cheap, hastily wrapped assembly-line product. Like "Back to the Future," it's instructive in the perils of rose-colored nostalgia, but only because it's worse than you remember.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 17, 2015
4/5 73% Everest (2015) The grueling obstacles here bypass injury straight into a sort of Cronenberg on Ice body-horror show. You want mountain-climbing ecstasy? Go see "Meru." Harsh, humbling, haunting and exhausting, "Everest" chronicles the agony and skillfully so.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 17, 2015
2.5/5 43% American Ultra (2015) Aided by martial arts training (footage of which would make the greatest Blu-ray extra ever), Jesse Eisenberg can only keep "American Ultra" moving for so long before it tops out at modest velocity squarely in the middle of the road.‐
Read More | Posted Aug 20, 2015
4/5 87% Straight Outta Compton (2015) The first hour is electrifying in all the right ways. Its second half trades impact for incident, ultimately rendering "Straight Outta Compton" little more than a multimillion-dollar reenactment - albeit a persuasively acted and vividly rendered one.‐
Read More | Posted Aug 13, 2015
4/5 92% The Gift (2015) It does little to reinvent how it riles you, but it doesn't have to. Co-star/writer/director Joel Edgerton delivers a confidently patient, psychologically potent and wonderfully acted (especially by Bateman) parable of victimization and vindication.‐
Read More | Posted Aug 7, 2015
4/5 94% Re-Animator (1985) To call "Re-Animator" campy and leave it at that seems a knee-jerk reaction to discredit, or disregard, the clear skill behind an excellent American horror movie. Even at its most outrageous, it's controlled by a steady, confident hand with a plan.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 31, 2015
4/5 81% Mute Witness (1995) It feels like Waller poured all the inspiration he ever had into one movie. But for a film forged through a favor and trial-by-fire moviemaking, it earns its place in the panoply of '90s psychological thrillers that throw you for a loop or six.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 31, 2015
4.5/5 93% Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation (2015) You expect this to raise a fist to the awesomeness of being The Guy, and it does with gusto. But what really keeps this fifth installment fresh is a look at how exhausting it must also feel to always be The Guy...whether it's Ethan Hunt or Tom Cruise.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 31, 2015
2/5 19% Self/less (2015) "Self/less" stubbornly refuses to deliver even modest thrills no matter how hard its star kicks at it. This second-rate sci-fi thriller hastily and lazily slaps together ideas from "Seconds" and "Freejack" with wan One-Percenter finger wagging.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 24, 2015
4/5 72% Jurassic World (2015) This isn't an annoyingly self-reflexive shredding of its forefather. It's very much its own smart, sleek endeavor with momentum, confidence ... and minor drawbacks. In all, it's pulpy summer fun with more on its mind than first glance may reveal.‐
Read More | Posted Jun 25, 2015
2/5 34% Max (2015) In trying to sharpen its edge where sincere empathy suits it fine, "Max" swerves its story in the worst possible direction. By the utterly preposterous third act, you'll wish the simple tale had stuck to its guns rather than draw them and fire away.‐
Read More | Posted Jun 25, 2015
3.5/5 58% Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015) By twisting the gotcha-scare geometry just off-kilter enough to goose you, carefully considering the psychology of paranormal belief, and giving Lin Shaye room to play with a lead role, this prequel unexpectedly proves the best of this series' bunch.‐
Read More | Posted Jun 5, 2015
3/5 32% Poltergeist (2015) Its slight pleasures are more indicative of Gil Kenan's plea for time off from Movie Jail for good behavior than his directorial skills. However, he brings impish, effective efficiency to a remake that works modestly on its own single-serving terms.‐
Read More | Posted May 23, 2015
5/5 97% Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) It marries unadulterated, uncompromised thematic weight to an onslaught of juggernaut action, creating a film to which all other blockbusters this summer might as well bow down in deference. This is like mainlining the reason why we go to the movies.‐
Read More | Posted May 14, 2015
4/5 81% Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) If "Mad Max" embraced a geneticist's acumen and "The Road Warrior" a philosopher's spirit, "Thunderdome" is about cold, hard economics - not just in Bartertown's transactions but the market expectations that come with the receipt of studio funding.‐
Read More | Posted May 8, 2015
1.5/5 7% Hot Pursuit (2015) You've got to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy it. Like desperate and trapped on a domestic flight with a dead iPad, no headphones and 87 minutes of cruising altitude to fill with something by watching it over someone's shoulder without sound.‐
Read More | Posted May 7, 2015
3/5 55% The Age of Adaline (2015) Via someone who's not Adaline, the film eventually addresses, with elegiacal eloquence, the nexus of never-was or the crossroads of coulda-been to which we can all achingly relate. Pity about the Nicholas Sparks playbook finale & damnable narration.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 23, 2015
4/5 33% The Last Dragon (1985) A remake could bring more cohesion to a film with an identity crisis. But it also might not strike the funky, daffy sweet spot in which "The Last Dragon" takes an inner-city poke at the hero's journey without ever taking the piss out of it.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 9, 2015
3/5 79% Furious 7 (2015) Paul Walker's action scenes excite without feeling exploitative and the finale saves it. The bummer is that "Furious Seven" needs saving, as too much of it feels more like joyless, obligatory and bereaved due diligence than a fist-pumping thrill.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 9, 2015
2/5 17% The Gunman (2015) An ill fit for Sean Penn on any front - too tight to let his action-hero experimentation breathe and too loose for his geopolitical ire to take hold. In the areas of art and altruism, it plays like something Penn probably loathes: voluntourism.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 23, 2015
1.5/5 60% Run All Night (2015) Liam Neeson's most arthritic action movie yet isn't one with a number wedged in its title. It's difficult to not think about the fun and finesse "John Wick" brought to a similar scenario, and how joylessly obligatory all of this feels by comparison.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 12, 2015
2.5/5 32% Chappie (2015) Ultimately, "Chappie" is about someone whom you know to have better instincts that you hope win out in the end. After this, you'll feel the same about Blomkamp. It's the kind of bad from which he can bounce back ... but damn, does it hurt to watch.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 5, 2015
4/5 30% Stuart Saves His Family (1995) Wisely, "Stuart Saves His Family" attempts something tougher than the usual "SNL" movie, painting a fully fleshed-out portrait of seriocomic misery. In a subgenre littered with films worth forgetting, here is one that's good enough and smart enough.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 26, 2015
4.5/5 97% Two Days, One Night (2014) Cotillard shows us resignation, recommitment and rediscovery. But there's never resentment, which creates the film's thematic linchpin A social drama with real sting and a fascinating field study of life on the working class's financial fringe.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 19, 2015
3/5 14% Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015) The Platonic ideal of a sorta-welcome sequel no one needs. Like "Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay" or "Horrible Bosses 2" before it, "Hot Tub Time Machine 2" proves some bottles aren't built for much more than a single bolt of lightning.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 19, 2015
2/5 36% Project Almanac (2015) It's easy to imagine the folks behind "Looper," "Timecrimes" or "Predestination" chuckling over the paradoxical simplicities and deflated drama. But their time travelers never said "Whatever we did at Lollapalooza had some crazy ripple effects!" ‐
Read More | Posted Feb 1, 2015
3.5/5 40% Black or White (2015) For the first two acts, Mike Binder casts an honest look at these characters' pride and prejudices. Too bad its last act hinges more on incident and surprise than illumination or self-reflection. It mars an otherwise admirably tough-minded drama.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 1, 2015
3/5 14% The Loft (2015) Smug, cynical, sleazy and reasonably entertaining. The sort of disposable, high-end junk that can only belong to January - a psychosexual-thriller spin on "The Hangover." When it comes to winking trash, there are crummier pads in which to crash.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 1, 2015
3.5/5 84% The Falcon and the Snowman (1985) It's a watchable, likely accurate recitation of facts, with two outstanding performances. But in the case of the Falcon and the Snowman, the truth we don't see onscreen may be stranger, and stronger, than the historical fiction that has been created.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 31, 2015
4.5/5 89% A Most Violent Year (2015) You've seen this New York crime story, but you've rarely seen it as expertly controlled, tightly coiled and perfectly constructed. A thoroughly engrossing, endlessly suitable heir to Sidney Lumet's throne, with meat on its bones and ice in its veins.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 31, 2015
3/5 34% Blackhat (2015) "Blackhat" is a clunky Michael Mann movie and a classed-up Steven Seagal movie. To perceive either statement as an outright pan is to deny the surface pleasures in either. A lesser effort, but bleak, brooding and beautiful enough to skate by.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 19, 2015
2.5/5 11% Taken 3 (2015) "Taken 2" refashioned Bryan Mills in the image of Brosnan instead of Bronson. "Taken 3" works in a similarly bland, proficient groove. "It ends here," says the poster. Let's hope so. We, and Neeson, have better things to do.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 11, 2015
4.5/5 74% Inherent Vice (2015) Anderson's protagonists long for something different - prosperity, virility, respect, love. For Doc, it's a day when, as Jim Morrison said, "everything was simpler & more confused." His pursuit is witty, wise, ambitious & close to stoned immaculate.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 11, 2015
5/5 88% Once Upon a Time in America (1984) A tale of haunting introspection, unremitting power and potent symbolism. "America" ruminates on the corrosive effects of greed, violence, objectification and pain, and forces us to face despicable acts of a stand-in for our nation's worst impulses.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 1, 2015
4/5 72% Big Eyes (2014) Considered an awards contender by association with its leads' pedigrees, "Big Eyes" is many things - kooky, punchy, peppy, poignant, powerfully acted - but it's decidedly not that. Disabuse yourself of that idea and enjoy Burton's loose, limber work.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 1, 2015
2.5/5 27% Annie (2014) It's not an utter disaster. How could it be given Quvenzhané Wallis's unfettered joy and easy rapport with Jamie Foxx and Rose Byrne? But she's the only thing in a reimagined "Annie" that treats rather than tricks as it strains to manufacture whimsy.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 1, 2015
3.5/5 29% Dumb and Dumber To (2014) Nostalgic victory laps such as this ultimately come down to the pace their personnel can maintain. Although it's hardly a personal record for anyone involved, "Dumb and Dumber To" shows that sporadic and unsteady can still finish the race, too.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 1, 2015
1/5 7% Supergirl (1984) With catastrophe rotting its marrow, "Supergirl" exemplifies the wisdom in waiting to ensure a great female superhero movie. Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel will kick down very big doors. "Supergirl" knocks itself out by heedlessly running into one.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 1, 2015
4.5/5 100% The Terminator (1984) Cameron maintains the heedless, non sequitur pace of a nightmare without resorting to cheap tactics. The frights of these nightmares, those cracked reflections of reality, hardly feel manufactured or inauthentic. And neither does "The Terminator." ‐
Read More | Posted Oct 30, 2014
4.5/5 71% Léon: The Professional (1994) Luc Besson's original cut feels more like a journey than just a joy-buzzer jolt of action, and the deeper, braver, darker story he set out to tell - a fractured and fractious fairy tale. When people rave about "The Professional," they mean "Léon."‐
Read More | Posted Oct 24, 2014
4/5 85% John Wick (2014) It holds no candle to Keanu Reeves' holy trinity of "Point Break," "Speed" and "The Matrix." But this impish, insolent reminder of Reeves' instincts for adrenalized action should count as time off for good behavior from his stint in movie jail.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 24, 2014
1.5/5 23% Dracula Untold (2014) The fleeting moments of wit, subtlety, inventiveness and visual flair only clear the low bar of making this slightly more tolerable than "I, Frankenstein" -which similarly defiled a classic character in the futile hope for a fertile franchise.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 11, 2014