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Noah Berlatsky

Agrees with the Tomatometer 65% of the time.

Noah Berlatsky's reviews only count toward the Tomatometer when published at the following Tomatometer-approved publication(s): Chicago Reader, The Dissolve, The New Republic

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19% Self/less (2015) "Self/Less should be called Class/Less, and its tagline should read: "The rich white guy is everyman." " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Jul 9, 2015
0% Point of Honor: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "Point of Honor is a curiously thorough demonstration of the ways in which a refusal to think about racism is just another, slightly more subtle, form of racism. " ‐ The Atlantic
Posted Jan 28, 2015
3.5/5 71% Documented (2014) "[Vargas'] story can have no happy ending, absent from political change-which is why, whatever its faults, the documentary is so effective. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted May 1, 2014
24% The Other Woman (2014) "For all its faults, there is a kind of genius in the way that it takes the rom-com raison d'etre - the desire to see two lovable people fall in love with each other - and diverts it for its own purposes. " ‐
Posted Apr 27, 2014
3/5 No Score Yet Visions of Mary Frank (2014) "The film isn't so much a vision as a conversation, and it isn't revelatory, but it's engaging. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted Apr 15, 2014
1/5 No Score Yet How To Be A Man "The truth, unfortunately, is that the writing is flabby and tedious, and McInnes' delivery has little charisma or charm. The film is like being stuck in an elevator with a boorish drunk for an hour and a half. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted Mar 17, 2014
2/5 23% Shirin In Love (2014) "A pallid romantic comedy possessed of neither imagination nor heart, it stumbles, like its star, from one familiar setpiece to another with a kind of dutiful, joyless resignation. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted Mar 11, 2014
4.5/5 79% Bethlehem (2014) "In a spy story, Bethlehem insists, there are no good guys or bad guys, and no victor-just day-in, day-out deceit and betrayal, the weary work of hate. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted Mar 7, 2014
1.5/5 65% U Want Me 2 Kill Him? (2014) "Too calculated for campy exploitation fun, the film settles instead for the dreariness of shocked revelation, a kind of onscreen tabloid journalism. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted Mar 3, 2014
4.0/5 85% The New Black (2014) "Including these voices is a painful, but, the film implies, necessary step, not for a balanced presentation, but because the community that includes black and LGBT people also includes homophobia. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted Feb 20, 2014
3.0/5 22% Welcome to the Jungle (2014) "[Welcome to the Jungle] is smart enough to make the connection between petty boardroom oneupmanship and action-movie tropes, and deft enough to ridicule them both for their panicked performance of testosterone. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted Feb 13, 2014
3.5/5 60% Mercedes Sosa: The Voice of Latin America (2014) "[T]he documentary succeeds in conveying not just the bare facts of her life, but something of her magic, both to longtime fans and to those less familiar with her work. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted Feb 6, 2014
2.5/5 64% Old Goats (2014) "Even post-retirement, the film seems to say, guys will be guys, and women should go sit somewhere else. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted Feb 6, 2014
2.5/5 96% The Rocket (2014) "The Rocket is a well-constructed delivery system for sparkly cheer, but it lacks a more substantial payload. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted Jan 10, 2014
3/5 90% Nuclear Nation (2013) "The result is not exactly riveting often seems caught between trying to tell a story...and its recognition that the story it has to tell is no story. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted Dec 12, 2013
2/5 75% Caucus (2013) "It feels like 100 minutes of arch nudges, a highlight reel from Politicians Say The Darndest Things. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted Nov 13, 2013
3.5/4 88% When I Walk (2013) "His life isn't his disease, and neither, after an uncertain start, is his lovingly collaborative film. " ‐ The Dissolve
Posted Oct 25, 2013
67% The Network (2013) "The Network, though, makes a powerful case that, whatever its limitations, a free media, in the form of Sesame Street, cop dramas, travel shows, or women dancing without headscarves, is vital if Afghanistan is ever to know peace. " ‐ The Atlantic
Posted Oct 8, 2013
72% The Last Exorcism (2010) "In its eagerness to deliver familiar genre pleasures, it somehow misplaces its soul. " ‐ Chicago Reader
Posted Aug 26, 2010
49% The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) "This is definitely the worst installment of the franchise to date. " ‐ Chicago Reader
Posted Jun 30, 2010
42% Jennifer's Body (2009) "The flashes of competence just emphasize the extent to which the film has no idea what it's doing. " ‐ Chicago Reader
Posted Sep 21, 2009
65% Watchmen (2009) "The result is oddly hollow and disjointed; the actors moving stiffly from one overdetermined tableau to another. " ‐ Chicago Reader
Posted Mar 5, 2009
65% Quantum of Solace (2008) "A few years back, the easy sexism and narcissism of the James Bond series looked dated to the point of obsolescence, but Quantum of Solace proves that a revenge motive is just what's needed to rejuvenate all the Bond cliches. " ‐ Chicago Reader
Posted Nov 13, 2008
1/4 9% Catwoman (2004) "Obviously, no one involved in this disaster cares anything at all about Catwoman. " ‐ Chicago Reader
Posted Jul 30, 2004
3/4 84% Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004) "If he doesn't take care Tarantino could make something significantly worse. " ‐ Chicago Reader
Posted May 14, 2004
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