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B+ 81%

Christine (2016)

"The life and times of an unfortunately infamous person now comes into sharper focus. "Christine" doesn't glorify suicide, but it does explain what pushed one woman over the edge, and it honors who she was before it happened." ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 29, 2016
B- 48%

Complete Unknown (2016)

"After a while, all the narrative ellipses and question marks start to feel like an affectation - beguiling on the surface, but un-genuine." ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 29, 2016
B+ 98%

Little Men (2016)

"The beauty of "Little Men" - and of the director's work in general - is that it displays a rare understanding of how the world works. " ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 29, 2016
B+ 97%

Sing Street (2016)

"What makes "Sing Street" such a joyously entertaining film (besides the songs) is that it thinks the best of its characters, and it presents them the way they'd like to think of themselves." ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 29, 2016
A- 92%

Certain Women (2016)

"The glacial storytelling has a mesmerizing effect, and gives audiences time to drink in the big skies - against which the humans look so insignificant - and to appreciate the careful way that Reichardt establishes what the heroines are up against. " ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 29, 2016

Rabid Dogs (Enragés) (2016)

"French filmmaker Eric Hannezo's new "Rabid Dogs" never betters its predecessor, but it's a smoother ride." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Jan 28, 2016
B 98%

Love & Friendship (2016)

"Sharp insight, coupled with the amusing way that the heroine phrases her quips, make "Love & Friendship" pleasurable to watch even when it all starts to feel like too much about too little. " ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 24, 2016
A- 98%

Manchester by the Sea (2016)

"By the time the film ends, we know so much about these people and their town that they don't even need to articulate their feelings for us to understand them." ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 24, 2016
B+ 83%

The Eyes of My Mother (2016)

""The Eyes of My Mother" is a must-see. It's intense as hell, and a supreme example of how the morally repugnant can be made to look weirdly beautiful. " ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 23, 2016
B- 77%

Goat (2016)

"At its core, "Goat" is really an old-fashioned exploitation film - one that clucks its tongue over a social problem while inviting its audience to enjoy the spectacle. The spectacle is actually pretty spectacular. The tongue-clucking not so much." ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 23, 2016
B- 76%

Wiener-Dog (2016)

"What saves the movie is Solondz's sensibility, which is still one-of-a-kind. " ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 23, 2016
C+ 87%

Other People (2016)

""Other People" is ultimately a cancer dramedy about the life lessons learned by someone other than the patient-where one person suffers for someone else's enlightenment." ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 23, 2016

Synchronicity (2016)

"A dialogue-heavy genre exercise that's smart about the philosophical implications of messing with the timeline but sophomoric when it comes to telling a good story." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Jan 21, 2016

Martyrs (2016)

"Pointlessly repellent." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Jan 21, 2016
C 61%

Monster Hunt (2016)

"Scene after scene of violent standoffs, narrow escapes, and weird-looking creatures-like Star Wars but with a lot more slapstick and fart jokes." ‐ AV Club
Posted Jan 20, 2016
B 80%

Ip Man 3 (2016)

"The bright idea of the first Ip Man was to use a real person's life as the rough outline for a conventional martial arts adventure. That basic premise still has some juice left, given that it's always a joy to watch Yen work." ‐ AV Club
Posted Jan 20, 2016

Intruders (2016)

"The actors alone can't sustain "Intruders" for its full 90 minutes, but for the most part they follow Starr's lead, carrying a film that's both menacing and magnetic." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Jan 14, 2016
C+ 74%

Band Of Robbers (2016)

"In its goofier opening half, Band Of Robbers spends so much time giving every story-point a Sawyer/Finn context that the gimmick eventually becomes stifling." ‐ AV Club
Posted Jan 14, 2016

Diablo (2016)

"A relatively ordinary oater ..." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Jan 8, 2016
No Score Yet

Seahorses (2016)

"Much of the film's potential appeal is tied to whether the viewer cares about the two main characters, with all of their fussy quirks and personal baggage. It doesn't help that both of them resemble script-notes assembled into rough human form." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Jan 8, 2016
B 84%

Lamb (2016)

"Throughout Lamb, Laurence makes sure that every one of the character's bad choices makes sense. That's what makes the movie so sad." ‐ AV Club
Posted Jan 6, 2016

Point Break (2015)

"Tedious and overblown - as though the filmmakers were so preoccupied with "updating" the material that they forgot what made it so popular in the first place." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Dec 27, 2015

Finders Keepers (2015)

"It's a complex portrait of class conflict, sad family legacies, and the dangerous allure of the spotlight." ‐ AV Club
Posted Dec 21, 2015

He Never Died (2015)

""He Never Died" isn't as fleshed out as it could be, but what the film lacks in vivid supporting characters and rich plotting it gets back from Rollins, whose innate charisma carries the film." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Dec 17, 2015

Sound of Redemption: The Frank Morgan Story (2015)

"Collectively, the mixed approaches illuminate a complicated man, at once spiritual and temperamental." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Dec 17, 2015
C- 59%

The Emperor's New Clothes (2015)

"The only experience more enervating than hearing about The Emperor's New Clothes is actually watching it." ‐ AV Club
Posted Dec 16, 2015
C+ 6%

Extraction (2015)

"Extraction's ... not, by any stretch of the imagination, "good." But at least it doesn't waste everybody's time." ‐ AV Club
Posted Dec 16, 2015

Stink! (2015)

"While Whelan repeats his points too much, it remains gripping and maddening throughout to watch him run into stone walls." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Dec 14, 2015
No Score Yet

Snervous Tyler Oakley (2015)

"For those baffled by the concept of "a YouTube celebrity," this movie won't elucidate much. "Snervous Tyler Oakley" is part of the phenomenon, not an examination of it." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Dec 10, 2015

Dementia (2015)

""Dementia" is the rare low-budget suspense movie that values performance and character over hooky concepts and cheap thrills." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Dec 10, 2015

The Wiz Live! (2015)

"This show was a treat to watch. Please, NBC: remember to keep making them this good." ‐ Rolling Stone
Posted Dec 9, 2015

A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

"When everyone's gathering around the piano to sing The Pogues' "Fairytale of New York", or when Coppola's filming Murray looking out over a beautifully chilly city on Christmas morning, well - that sweetness ain't artificial." ‐ Rolling Stone
Posted Dec 9, 2015
B+ 96%

Boy and the World (O Menino e o Mundo) (2015)

"It's both joyous and angry-an explosion of abstract colors that resolves into a vision of stooped human figures struggling to survive." ‐ AV Club
Posted Dec 8, 2015

Krampus (2015)

"It has enough personality and ambition that it could easily become an annual tradition for those who prefer "Silent Night, Deadly Night" to "It's a Wonderful Life."" ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Dec 4, 2015
C- 28%

The Letters (2015)

"A blandly positive biopic, with the crude shape of a melodrama, but none of the passion. The Letters feels dutiful, not artful." ‐ AV Club
Posted Dec 3, 2015
B 61%

Life (2015)

"While the script is sometimes too heavy footed, on the whole Life has an unassuming quality that wears well over the course of its two hours." ‐ AV Club
Posted Dec 3, 2015

Submerged (2015)

"The jumbled chronology is the movie's biggest misstep. The writer and director don't seem to trust their own premise, jumping around in time to fill in the dull details of why the limo's in the drink." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Nov 26, 2015
B+ 93%

Janis: Little Girl Blue (2015)

"For anyone who just wants "the Janis Joplin story," told from start to finish-with plenty of examples of why anyone should care about the untimely death of a substance-abuser-Little Girl Blue is the way to go." ‐ AV Club
Posted Nov 24, 2015

Altered Minds (The Red Robin) (2015)

"A good mystery and earnest performances keep the movie lively, though the confined location and limited plot ultimately make the end product feel paltry." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Nov 19, 2015
B+ 89%

Mediterranea (2015)

"There's a specificity to Mediterranea that at times makes it feel like an actual documentary." ‐ AV Club
Posted Nov 19, 2015
B- 61%

Legend (2015)

"It's hard to imagine though how any of this would go over without Hardy, who convincingly embodies both sides of Legend's dialectic." ‐ AV Club
Posted Nov 19, 2015

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)

"If there's anything really disappointing about Episode I, it's not being able to line up for Episode 2 tomorrow." ‐ Nashville Scene
Posted Nov 16, 2015

Condemned (2015)

"A stylish, pointless exercise in sleaze." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Nov 12, 2015

The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

"The minimal story quickly devolves into one methodical murder after another - their effect blunted by the jokey tone." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Nov 12, 2015

The Hallow (The Woods) (2015)

"This backwoods monster movie boasts compelling performances, eye-catching creatures and an effective blend of practical and digital effects." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Nov 12, 2015
C- 26%

Heist (2015)

"The movie as a whole takes itself way too seriously, missing either the exaggerated pulpiness or kicky looseness of a good B-crime saga." ‐ AV Club
Posted Nov 12, 2015
A- 91%

James White (2015)

"An honest, moving, and occasionally even funny portrait of what happens when a cripplingly immature young man gets hit with one reality check after another." ‐ AV Club
Posted Nov 12, 2015
No Score Yet

Wrecker (2015)

"Less a chase picture than a driving-around picture, the movie relies heavily on long action sequences that never develop much zip." ‐ Los Angeles Times
Posted Nov 5, 2015
A- 97%

Brooklyn (2015)

"This is an old-fashioned entertainment, but one so masterfully crafted and heartfelt that it's hard not to love." ‐ AV Club
Posted Nov 5, 2015
C+ 89%

What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy (2015)

"Sands executive produced the movie and wrote the narration, and his doggedness forces the film to be one thing and one thing only: a sort of cinematic intervention for Horst Von Wächter." ‐ AV Club
Posted Nov 4, 2015