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4/5 50% Crosscurrent (2016) Rarely has China's explosive economic growth been captured with such grace and with such a heavy heart.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Jul 5, 2018
No Score Yet Betty: They Say I'm Different (2018) The film is a cinematic interpretation of Davis' life, emulating her subversive style by blending testimony with psychedelic animation and an assortment of unconventional nonfiction techniques.‐ Little White Lies
Read More | Posted Jun 11, 2018
95% Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda (2018) The result is an inspirational and deeply moving biopic that resonates long after the closing credits roll, not only because of the uncertain health of its subject, but the tragedies and joys of the human condition that give meaning to his work.‐ Little White Lies
Read More | Posted Jun 8, 2018
No Score Yet Shock Waves - Diary of My Mind (Journal de ma tête) (2018) Eschewing the hysteria and salaciousness favoured by similar true-crime dramas, Meier once again relies upon her humanistic impulses to depict the violence of Benjamin's acts as revelatory rather than something to be exploited for cheap thrills.‐ Sight and Sound
Read More | Posted Feb 24, 2018
4/5 99% Lady Bird (2017) Gerwig's film moves beyond a traditional coming-of-age 'lessons learned' conclusion, into rather a moving portrait of the intimate ties we have with place. ‐ The Skinny
Read More | Posted Feb 6, 2018
4/5 97% The Rider (2018) While many filmmakers attempt to give a voice to the marginal and ignored, few do so with the same artistic and sensitivity displayed here [by Chloé Zhao].‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Jan 10, 2018
4/5 91% Heal the Living (Réparer les vivants) (2017) Quillévéré refuses to look away, forcing the viewer to expand their consciousness beyond the limitations of their own circumstances and reconsider the boundaries between life and death.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Dec 28, 2017
3/5 No Score Yet Godless (Bezbog) (2016) The raw, unflinching misery of Godless' plot is accented by some austere and implacably desolate cinematography.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Dec 28, 2017
4/5 92% The Road to Mandalay (2016) Thanks to Midi Z's brilliant command of visual metaphors and compassion for his subjects, [Mandalay] is elevated into an unnervingly immediate portrait of the human cost of displacement.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Dec 27, 2017
5/5 94% A Fantastic Woman (Una mujer fantástica) (2018) [Daniela Vega] carries the weight of the narrative on her shoulders, delivering a captivating and raw performance.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Oct 11, 2017
4/5 94% Glory (2017) Littered with amusing set-pieces involving bumbling state functionaries, the film's comedy is executed with a flair for comic timing, yet there's no escaping the ensuing laughter is tinged with a heavy sense of apprehension.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Jul 26, 2017
4/5 96% Argo (2012) A riveting and exceedingly assured feature, Argo is a first-rate thriller that whilst lacking in any sense of historical relevance remains a perfectly fashioned piece of evening escapism.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 26, 2017
4/5 99% God's Own Country (2017) A vivid depiction of love, lust and lambing.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 15, 2017
4/5 91% The Other Side of Hope (Toivon tuolla puolen) (2017) A funny, heartfelt story about the Syrian refugee crisis that's not dissimilar to the Finnish director's 2011 film Le Havre.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 15, 2017
5/5 95% Call Me by Your Name (2018) A major addition to the queer cinema canon.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 14, 2017
4/5 81% The Party (2018) A curt, nasty and deftly acted chamber piece high on laughs and savagery.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
3/5 91% On Body and Soul (A Teströl és Lélekröl) (2018) A romantic melodrama about the duality of our sleeping and waking personas.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
3/5 97% Félicité (2017) A graceful and deeply sympathetic piece of work.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
4/5 67% Golden Exits (2018) An exquisitely rendered study of entitlement and millennial dissatisfaction‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
4/5 87% The Lost City of Z (2017) There aren't many directors working today with the same ambition and exquisite craftsmanship of James Gray.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
3/5 86% Vazante (2018) A minor Greek tragedy transposed to colonial Brazil.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
2/5 50% Barrage (2017) An overwrought inquiry into inherited anxieties.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
4/5 81% Casting JonBenét (2017) A j'accuse at the media circus that surrounds these salacious stories.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
4/5 100% My Happy Family (Chemi Bednieri Ojakhi) (2017) A quietly devastating portrait of what it means to be a woman in a man's world.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 10, 2017
3/5 70% Dayveon (2017) An experiential coming of age tale very much anchored to its surroundings.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 10, 2017
4/5 94% Prevenge (2017) Behind all the gore and lacerating humour there's a tenderness that speaks about grief, prepartum depression and societal expectations surrounding motherhood.‐ The Skinny
Read More | Posted Feb 9, 2017
5/5 99% Cameraperson (2016) An enthralling journey of shifting perspectives of the world, Cameraperson dismantles the myth of the objective documentary.‐ The Skinny
Read More | Posted Jan 16, 2017
5/5 88% Jackie (2016) A bewitching study of mythmaking that underlines Pablo Larraín's status as cinema's most daring political filmmaker.‐ The Skinny
Read More | Posted Jan 12, 2017
4/5 100% Things to Come (L'avenir) (2016) A fluent, confident and deeply felt work by an astute chronicler of life, Things to Come considers the fragility of ideas when exposed to the eroding force of time in beautifully humane fashion.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Dec 28, 2016
4/5 81% Chi-Raq (2015) Spike Lee fires on all cylinders, combining outrage at the senseless loss of black lives with a near-operatic sense of bravado.‐ The Skinny
Read More | Posted Nov 28, 2016
4/5 89% United States of Love (Estados Unidos de Amor) (2016) There's no denying that Wasilewski is one of cinema's most promising new voices.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Nov 17, 2016
4/5 96% Paterson (2016) Paterson inhabits a wistful world in which language still has the power to cultivate art from the mundanity of everyday life.‐ The Skinny
Read More | Posted Nov 3, 2016
3/5 95% Creepy (Kuripi: Itsuwari no rinjin) (2016) Fans of Kurosawa's early work will welcome his return to genre with open arms.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Oct 18, 2016
3/5 95% Baden Baden (2016) An impossibly fragile and emotionally robust drama about identity, positioned on a razor's edge between comedy and melodrama. Baden Baden performs the rare trick of being simultaneously translucent, open, closed and opaque.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Oct 3, 2016
4/5 93% I, Daniel Blake (2017) A timely example of protest filmmaking that speaks to audience's hearts.‐ The Skinny
Read More | Posted Sep 12, 2016
3/5 76% Lights Out (2016) The anticipation of every jump scare is met with exceptional execution, and the film's frantic rhythm consistently denies the opportunity to bemoan the familiarity.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Aug 18, 2016
3/5 100% Ixcanul (2016) Jayro Bustamante's debut Ixcanul is a profoundly humanistic inquiry into the trafficking of Mayan children in North America.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Jul 26, 2016
4/5 83% Chevalier (2016) A hilarious critique of traditional gender roles, Tsangari creates a mordant portrait of the 21st century man.‐ The Skinny
Read More | Posted Jul 18, 2016
4/5 74% Ghostbusters (2016) The thought of scores of young girls growing up with their own proton packs suggests Ghostbusters could be a groundbreaking moment in Hollywood history.‐ The Skinny
Read More | Posted Jul 11, 2016
4/5 92% Queen of Earth (2015) A superb chamber piece constructed in pallid pastel shades.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Jul 1, 2016
4/5 95% Remainder (2015) Remainder is one sci-fi thriller audiences with struggle to forget.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Jun 22, 2016
4/5 82% Tale of Tales (Il racconto dei racconti) (2016) A phantasmagoria of magic and wonder, Tale of Tales casts a strange yet seductive spell that audiences will be powerless to resist.‐ The Skinny
Read More | Posted Jun 8, 2016
4/5 73% Stuff and Dough (Marfa si banii) (2008) Its austerity masks a finely tuned script about the difficulties of navigating between corruption and survival when individual aspiration is put above all else.‐ The Skinny
Read More | Posted Jun 1, 2016
3/5 45% Knight of Cups (2016) A visual symphony for the melancholy of modern life, [Malick's] latest poetically externalises the internal trauma of a secular society left rudderless.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted May 4, 2016
2/5 45% Knight of Cups (2016) More often than not Malick's pursuit of beauty feels like self-parody, culminating in a frustrating experience where meaning is as elusive as plot.‐ The Skinny
Read More | Posted May 4, 2016
4/5 75% Sworn Virgin (Vergine giurata) (2016) Bispuri's empathetic depiction of rural Albanian traditions explores the globally translatable significance of a woman's right to her own body.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Apr 19, 2016
2/5 64% Iona (2015) A spiritual search for forgiveness in an increasingly secular world ends up a disjointed and frustratingly incoherent film.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Apr 7, 2016
4/5 100% I Am Belfast (2015) A refreshingly hopeful depiction of a place habitually represented in cinema as a battleground of sectarian violence.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Apr 7, 2016
3/5 88% Cialo (Body) (2015) Thankfully, this quirky drama's erratic tone is realigned with its inquiry of bereavement by a beautifully simple final shot that somehow manages to fuses everything together -- revealing that Szumowska's latest has given itself to you, body and soul.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Mar 1, 2016
4/5 71% Kosmos (2010) If you enjoy films that push past the boundaries of conventional cinema, then Kosmos is a fascinating Smörgåsbord board of convoluted themes and ideas exhibited through some of the most profoundly beautiful visuals you'll see all year.‐ CineVue
Read More | Posted Feb 29, 2016