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3.5/5 49% The Losers (2010) It builds slowly and rhythmically, and leaves audiences with a lot of fuss-free fun that holds its own, and then some, in the face of the blockbuster season. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted May 24, 2010
1.5/5 30% The Kings of Mykonos (2010) A messy comedy, Wog Boy 2 pitches itself at a demographic that, incredibly, it also alienates with cultural insensitivities and stupidity. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted May 20, 2010
2/5 15% A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) It's not a good film, but if you're feeling jaded and just want to watch a demonic killer pound his fist through the chest of some hapless, cardboard teenager, then this might just scratch that itch. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted May 20, 2010
3/5 43% Robin Hood (2010) Robin Hood merely dots the lines in a tale that, despite wanting to add new dimensions to a worn character, and perhaps kick-start a franchise, still feels like a retread. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted May 11, 2010
5/5 95% Animal Kingdom (2010) This is restrained, powerful filmmaking on all fronts. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted May 3, 2010
4/5 72% Iron Man 2 (2010) Like Tony Stark himself, Iron Man 2 is a sleek and cheeky number that almost certainly trumps the fun-factor of Jon Favreau's 2008's surprise hit. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Apr 27, 2010
1.5/5 28% Clash of the Titans (2010) A constant stream of computer animation that flies at you so quickly and heavy-handedly that you'll eventually tune it out, intentionally or otherwise. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Apr 1, 2010
4/5 63% Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) It's not high brow stuff, but Hot Tub Time Machine is a comedy with genuine laughs and surprising personality. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Mar 18, 2010
4/5 52% Alice in Wonderland (2010) Alice in Wonderland is a lovingly filmed and meticulously crafted interpretation of Lewis Carroll's treasured tale, rife with fantasy, coated in gothic iconography and presented by a superb cast who nail their characters' portraits. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Feb 25, 2010
4/5 76% Kick-Ass (2010) Can this genre make fresh inroads? 'Kick-Ass' proposes an answer of sorts through a marriage of Disney Channel wholesomeness and the kind of foul-mouth dialogue and bloodletting that would make Tarantino proud. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Feb 23, 2010
2/5 68% Shutter Island (2010) You'll enjoy it casually -- as a career curio, maybe -- but as it stands, it's a far cry from his best. Put simply, Scorsese missed the mark on this one. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Feb 15, 2010
4/5 91% Up in the Air (2009) Up in the Air is mostly honest and sometimes raw. There is power in that kind of storytelling. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Jan 11, 2010
3.5/5 89% Zombieland (2009) The one-liners and rapid-fire jokes pull Zombieland back in line when the love hearts begin to fill the screen. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Nov 30, 2009
3/5 58% The Invention of Lying (2009) It's a shame that the air gets let out of this one so suddenly, as if The Invention of Lying's backbone gets ripped out of the film as the final act kicks into gear. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Nov 17, 2009
4.5/5 89% A Serious Man (2009) It's also a dark, sometimes profound film that almost certainly sits amongst the best of this year and it's yet another badge on the decorated jackets of Hollywood's most accomplished filmmaking duo. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Nov 15, 2009
1/5 39% 2012 (2009) Terrible; wonderfully terrible. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Nov 2, 2009
4/5 83% Paranormal Activity (2009) The suspense that's missing from so many horror films is there. It's a genuinely scary film -- and that's a rare thing to accomplish in front of today's blase, switched-off audiences. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Oct 27, 2009
3.5/5 45% The Box (2009) It may fall short of Donnie Darko's clever storytelling, but for his third feature film, Kelly plays confidently with suspense and lays down the right hooks at the right time to keep you drawn into his creepy world. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Oct 21, 2009
1.5/5 64% The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) Doctor Parnassus parallels Terry Gilliam and his most recent work: many complex ideas, grand intentions and miserable luck leading him down a path to nowhere, forcing him to start over with nothing one more time. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Sep 28, 2009
3.5/5 68% Funny People (2009) While not Judd Apatow's finest hour, Funny People still strikes the same rich vein of well-produced drama-comedy as previous efforts. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Sep 8, 2009
4/5 89% Moon (2009) In an era when grey-shaded Hollywood drudge can cost hundreds of millions and deliver nothing, Moon stands out -- and it does so with dignity. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Sep 2, 2009
4/5 90% District 9 (2009) Completely absorbing and intense. As audiences are compelled early in the film to "learn from what has happened", Blomkamp uses District 9 to quietly remind us that it's too late for some. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Aug 10, 2009
3/5 50% Observe and Report (2009) It's not consistently on-the-money, but Observe and Report's subversive humour should be applauded - even if it isn't as witty as it thinks it is. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted May 11, 2009
3/5 38% X-Men Origins - Wolverine (2009) Hugh Jackman is this film's biggest redeemer - a truly likeable lead actor with screen presence and menace. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Apr 27, 2009
5/5 65% Watchmen (2009) It's the Watchmen movie you always wanted to see but never expected to get. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Feb 23, 2009
5/5 94% The Dark Knight (2008) Heath Ledger's Joker is, in many ways, symbolic of Nolan's overall success with The Dark Knight; subtle and restrained, but always two shakes shy of bloody holocaust and a masterpiece of cinema that time will verify. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Jul 17, 2008
2.5/5 67% The Incredible Hulk (2008) It's a step in the right direction with some top-notch moments, and hardcore fans will still walk away with a giddy smile - but it's not in the same sort of league as Spider-Man 2, Iron Man or Batman Begins. ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted Jun 13, 2008
3.5/5 77% Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) When Indy swings a punch or delivers a biting retort, audiences sit up and listen with looks of adoration and reverence. It's all one big spectacle, after all - so why begrudge the old guy one last adventure? ‐ IGN Movies AU
Posted May 19, 2008