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Patrick Peters

Agrees with the Tomatometer 79% of the time.

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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
3/5 25%

Botched (2008)

"Hugely derivative, but highly entertaining." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 17, 2008
3/5 86%

Beaufort (2008)

"This Oscar-nominated drama makes excellent use of its location and ensemble cast." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 17, 2008
3/5 100%

Along the Ridge (Anche libero va bene) (2007)

"Over-melodramatic in places but an impressive central performance from the young lead." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 23, 2008
3/5 91%

The Italian (2007)

"Despite channeling Dickensian melodrama, first-time director Andrei Kravchuk skilfully avoids wallowing in sentimentality." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 23, 2008
3/5 84%

Back to Normandy (2008)

"A typically detailed profile of people creating something remarkable together." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 17, 2008
2/5 43%

Infinite Justice (2006)

"This attempt to understand the radicalisation of Muslims means well. But it feels more like a TV-movie with its dumbed down discussion of conflitcing idealogies and the melodramatic humanity of the relationship between the prisoner and his gaoler." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 27, 2007
3/5 86%

4:30 (2006)

"A melancholic treatise on isolation and our failure to connect with those closest to us." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 21, 2007
4/5 79%

A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash (2007)

"Slick, striking and sobering." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 8, 2007
3/5 88%

The Witnesses (2007)

"Téchiné captures the changing attitudes of the times but some characters feel too peripheral." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 18, 2007
3/5 90%

Witnesses (2004)

"Téchiné captures the changing attitudes of the times but some characters feel too peripheral." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 18, 2007
4/5 94%

The Singer (Quand j'etais chanteur) (2006)

"Constantly confounding expectations, this is a film of heart and humour." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 27, 2007
3/5 91%

Knallhart (Tough Enough) (2006)

"Director Detlev Buck may be well versed in comedies but he manages to pull off a neat little drama thanks to some credible performances." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 20, 2007
3/5 56%

The Legacy (L'Héritage) (2006)

"A Hitchcockian atmosphere conjures up some genuine suspense but it loses points for falling into the realms of melodrama in the final moments." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 13, 2007
3/5 44%

A Few Days in September (Quelques jours en septembre) (2007)

"An inventive idea is let down by a weak script." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 10, 2007
3/5 86%

Small Engine Repair (2007)

"By keeping the mood downbeat, director Niall Heery squeezes some extra mileage out of a cliche-ridden idea." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 6, 2007
2/5 28%

Copying Beethoven, (Klang der Stille) (2006)

"Brief bursts of passion aside, this is a lifeless facsimile of the great artist's last days." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 16, 2007
4/5 100%

I For India (2007)

"A deeply moving portrait of a family trying to retain their indigenous identity." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 2, 2007
4/5 79%

Coeurs (2007)

"An insightful reflection on relationships and solitude." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 19, 2007
3/5 81%

Taxidermia (2006)

"Keeping it surreal has never been so nauseating and, at times, hilarious." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 12, 2007
3/5 81%

Sketches of Frank Gehry (2006)

"A fond and always accessible portrait, but the lack of objectivity and drooling images of Gehry's work deprives this documentary of any objectivity." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 28, 2007
3/5 69%

Close to Home (2007)

"A slyly subversive insight into the role of women in the Israeli military, this is a surprisingly compassionate satire that makes its political points without resorting to caricature." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted May 6, 2007
3/5 92%

Prick Up Your Ears (1987)

"A decent snapshot of pre-Beatle Britain, this is much more a fact-based gay melodrama than a trenchant portrait of Joe Orton's life, loves and art." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 5, 2007
4/5 89%

Beyond Hatred (Au-dela de la haine) (2007)

"This deeply moving account of a French family's response to a needless tragedy is all the more effective as it eschews the sensationalism of so much modern reportage." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 26, 2007
3/5 No Score Yet

Sound Of Rio: Brasileirinho (2007)

"The music on show is superb - but the lack of an historical context deprives viewers of a full cultural appreciation of the Brazilian charo." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 23, 2007
3/5 82%

L' Amico di Famiglia (The Family Friend) (Friend of the Family) (2006)

"Artistically, this scathing assault on human frailty couldn't be more accomplished. But there's something mechanical about the central characters' cynicism and their ultimate abasement." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 12, 2007
3/5 88%

Efter brylluppet (After the Wedding) (2006)

"The storyline is a highly melodramatic, but some solid performances and the relentless intimacy of the camerawork give this a Dogme sense of significance." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 7, 2007
5/5 100%

The Wages of Fear (1953)

"A nail-biting drama that's a must-see." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 1, 2007
1/5 67%

The Bridge (2006)

"If harrowing footage of deeply disturbed people contemplating a hideous suicide cross-cut with interviews with grieving loved ones who often blame themselves for failing to prevent the tragedy strike you as art - help yourself." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 13, 2007
4/5 73%

Climates (Iklimler) (The Climate) (2006)

"Making masterly use of sound and image, this is a desperately sad study of the difficulty people have to communicate and commit in an increasingly insular world." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 6, 2007
3/5 91%

Iraq in Fragments (2006)

"Shot over three years, this is one of the more considered and insightful Iraqi documentaries - although some may find its stylistic contrasts a little self-conscious and distracting." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 14, 2007
4/5 84%

George Washington (2000)

"Poetic, patient and beautiful, it's an astoundingly mature film from 25 year old debutant director Green." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 30, 2006
2/5 86%

The Heart of the Game (2005)

"It shifts focus too often to hang together as an in-depth portrait of either the unconventional coach or his headstrong star player." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 29, 2006
4/5 92%

Bigger Than Life (1956) (1956)

"Jean-Luc Godard ranked this among the finest US films ever made. Recommendation enough." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 29, 2006
3/5 65%

Antikörper (Antibodies) (2007)

"A tangible sense of evil lingers over this German serial killer shocker, but the introduction of religious symbolism tips the action into self-conscious melodrama." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 29, 2006
3/5 85%

Va, Vis et Deviens (Live and Become) (Go, See, and Become) (2005)

"A wholly worthwhile enterprise loses its initial impetus and insight and becomes increasingly meandering and melodramatic." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 29, 2006
5/5 97%

Spirited Away (2001)

"Despite a dip midway through, this is a captivating fantasy that sets a new benchmark for animation." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 29, 2006
2/5 87%

Metropolis (2002)

"One of the most beautiful animated films ever produced." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 29, 2006
4/5 96%

Kirikou and the Sorceress (1998)

"A welcome antidote to anodyne Hollywood cartooning." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 29, 2006
4/5 63%

Zidane, un Portrait du 21e Siècle (Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait) (2006)

"This 17-camera portrait of the artist as an ageing star still captures the magnetism and balletic genius of a player whose reputation will surely survive the naysaying of holier-than-thou commentators following his World Cup 2006 dismissal." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 27, 2006
3/5 63%

Johanna (2006)

"A laudably bold idea to update Joan of Arc's story as a medical opera ultimately over-reaches." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 27, 2006
2/5 68%

Brothers of the Head (2006)

"Despite the odd moment of visual bravura, this mockumentary is too aware of its own satirical daring. Consequently, it's never as dark, dangerous or amusing as it thinks." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 5, 2006
4/5 85%

Unconscious (2006)

"Played to the hilt by an inspired cast, this may not be the most subtle comedy ever made, but it has an impudence and an energy that atones for its occasional resort to contrivance and cheap gags." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 30, 2006
3/5 17%

Destricted (2006)

"The graphic content guarantees that this will attract sensationalist attention. But, beneath the provocation and pretention, there are some interesting ideas here -- even though they're not always subtly expressed." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 22, 2006
4/5 96%

Oklahoma! (1955)

"A brilliant musical that still looks fresh today." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 24, 2006
3/5 89%

Little Fish (2006)

"Strong performances and meticulous direction make this consistently disconcerting, but the subplot distracts from the moving human drama." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 21, 2006
3/5 60%

Favela Rising (2005)

"An uplifting story that's well worth telling, but the directors rather lose sight of the wider sociological ramifications to iconise a figurehead whose courage is couched in almost miraculous terms." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted May 26, 2006
3/5 95%

U-Carmen (2005)

"Bizet's music is superb, the township setting ambitious and the performances boldly vibrant. But the action doesn't always escape its stage origins and occasionally feels static and self-conscious." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted May 5, 2006
2/5 44%

The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes (2006)

"Ingenious use of colour and light, but dramatic inertia makes this an infuriating experience." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 31, 2006
5/5 87%

Dracula: Pages From a Virgin's Diary (2003)

"A fevered, sexy take on the material, it plays up the desires of the female players, the repression of the men and Dracula's status as all-purpose object of dread and desire." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 31, 2006
3/5 90%

Duck Season (Temporada de patos) (2006)

"Eimbcke makes the most of his enclosed space and eager cast to string together a series of droll vignettes that eventually add up to a satisfying and touching story." ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 31, 2006